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Last season, I wrote an article claiming Harry Kane was not the next best thing, but as I write this article of…..apology if you like, I am starting to believe Kane could be a key player for Tottenham Hotspur not just in the future, but now too.

The Englishmen rose to prominence scoring several goals towards the end of last season, yet this season has seen him rise further still, and so become our top scorer in all competitions so far this season. In my defence, over the summer Kane has transformed his body into a machine, yielding a more powerful, robustness. A transformation not too dissimilar to Bale’s physical growth a few summer’s back. Kane though, has done things I never imagined he could do this season, he alongside Mason, have arguably been our two best players in a tumultuous start to Pochettino’s reign.

So what’s changed, I hear you cry! Well, the goals are still coming, but assists are too. Kane perhaps looks the most suited of all our players to play in behind the main striker. I do not think he’s an out and out frontman as of yet. He doesn’t just have an infectious attitude, huge work rate and a clear eye for goal but an intelligence too that the likes of Lamela, Chadli and Townsend lack. Both offensively and defensively he picks up wise positions; in between the oppositions midfield and defence when we’re in possession, whilst impressively occupying the opponents’ deep lying midfielders when out of possession.

Perhaps most significantly however, it’s what he does when he gets the ball now that’s won me, and many others, over. There is a quality; an eye for goal, a driving, purposeful, forceful run- the like of which we haven’t seen since Bale tore along the left side- an intelligence in position, and most delightfully for us fans- a downright passion and will to succeed.

He’s not Bale though, and probably never will be, he can be a 15 goal a season man, perhaps more. He, like Mason and Bentaleb, proved their worth in gold against Everton, with a hunger and desire that we have seldom seen from this Tottenham squad. They can all be key players for Spurs moving forward, with plenty of room to improve yet still. There’s a fantastic warmth in seeing academy graduates get their chance, and prove their worth. Stick with them Poch, they’ve shown qualities many costly acquisitions haven’t. It is after all, worth remembering one of our greatest recent players Ledley King, was likewise, ‘one of our own’.

Through these young Spurs graduates, we may have just stumbled across our best XI against Everton. Tougher tests are imminent, don’t expect much from Stamford Bridge. Nevertheless following is a real chance to gain some momentum through Palace, Swansea, Burnley and Leicester. Let’s hope our side, with this young spine, have turned the corner and continue, like Harry Kane, growing with every match.


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