I just can’t take ‘Spursiness’ anymore

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

I just don’t know what to say. At least to my knowledge no one got hurt. I never want to see Juan Foyth in a Spurs shirt again. I am angry beyond belief at Heung-Min Son for threatening so much of what Pochettino and this team have built over the past several seasons in a single moment of furious stupidity. The fact that Jefferson Lerma might loom as the most important individual of the ending of this season boggles the mind. But, regardless of what happens Wednesday– and be serious—no one expects us to advance and if somehow we did Messi will destroy us in the final—Everton could destroy everything next Sunday.

Mark Travers is 19 years old and was making his debut. So, of course, Lucas tests him early as the keeper had moved off his line and just barely misses a 50 yard strike. Then in progression he thwarts Dele with a hard shot upper left, Lucas on the type of play he scored v Huddersfield (remember that day—when we still felt good), Lucas again on an over the top ball that he controlled to perfection and missed the opening by about six inches, and Dele again on a header. Spurs were easily the better side, halftime was approaching, Son had won a free kick, Lerma does what many do in trying to kick the ball away from him and somehow the red mist comes over the Korean and the world changes.

So Poch figures at half time that I need to get a result. Aldeweireld is on a yellow and Eric Dier has been miserable—could easily have been sent off earlier but Craig Pawson couldn’t tell that he had missed the ball on his challenge, and then got tangled up with Callum Wilson near Lloris and could easily have been hit with a penalty—so bring on Wanyama and Foyth. Well, he got one of them right. Two minutes in and Foyth decides to take matters into his own hands and is rushing toward midfield but loses control and then in an even worse moment of madness he wrecks into Simpson studs up and while there are times when a referee might not see red, this wasn’t one of them.

Give the nine remaining credit for all they did for nearly 45 minutes—it appeared as if Bournemouth had run out of ideas and Moura, Dele, Eriksen and Sissoko almost produced a couple of chances for us. But corners were always the big risk and eventually someone would get free and it was Nathan Ake and that was that.

I don’t know what to say. The losses to Southampton, Burnley and West Ham have exposed this team in the final two months as being weaker than any other side in the past three seasons. Injuries, lack of depth, fatigue, and some erratic play up front. But I never dreamed we would capitulate in this fashion. There is no way our rivals won’t seize on this and force us to win next Sunday. I’m not sure which is worse—a miracle Ajax result that presents at least a slight hope of a trophy but is accompanied by a failure against the Toffees that sends us to Europa League—or two miserable failures to close out the season of such promise in the worst possible fashion.

I do know this. Pochettino—should he stay—has a lot of work to do. He has to decide just who he can count on going forward. Eric Dier is a mess. Lamela appears shot. Eriksen seems to be heading to Spain. Tripper has regressed. And two players who, before today, one would have counted on for certain, just let their teammates, manager and fans down at the worst possible time.

Nobody could have written this script. But it’s not funny or entertaining anymore. This is hell. I cringe at having to watch this week. After today…after Kane’s injury, Son’s suspension, the terror and joy of the Etihad, the meek play vs the Hammers, and the stupidity of this game… what is left? Where is our Arya Stark? She had better show up soon, or the Long Night might be upon us.

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  1. I blame all these on Kane’s unnecessary rash challenge on the sideline and getting himself hurt. Players with his injury should know how to protect themselves.

  2. Goodbye yank. You, and too many Jonny-come-lately long distance Spurs ‘fans’ are far more ‘Spursy’ Then the team, or the players, will ever be. Time you chose a more non-Spursy team, like Barcelona, who will fulfill your American dream.For us long-term lifers who support our team through thick and thin, you are not welcome.

  3. Spurs, after 35 years of my full support, the gift that keeps on giving. Strangely though, I think this absurd performance could see us lift and get past Ajax. Then with Kane and Winks back on a one off we might just beat Barca. Who am I kidding… it’s the hope that gets you.

  4. If you had said at the start of the season that Spurs would have a crack at the Champions League semi final and need a home win against Everton on the last day of the season, to secure a top 4 finish, having played for 18 months away from home, having not signed a single player and having lost key players for large chunks of the season, would you not have taken that?

    If not then you are looking at this all wrong. What Pochettino has achieved at Spurs this season, and the previous 3 seasons, has been a miracle. If We get to the CL Final and beat Everton next weekend it could be made into a movie. COYS; we need supporters not ‘fans’.

  5. Embarrassed? BHA draw with Gooners. Even if we lose next week, which we won’t, we will finish Top 4. Your editorial is as bad as Sonny’s reaction to being stamped.

  6. Hey, the Yank ain’t ever gonna leave. i signed up for life. It was a veritable you-know-what show but then again, we had United and Arsenal working for us. Of course Poch has been terrific– and given the stadium, the penurious policy it forced, and the injuries, Poch did wonders this season. but let’s all be honest– there are holes in this squad and they must be filled or the gap between us and the Top Two will not shrink any time soon.


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