It turns out Spurs did have an Arya Stark

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I called for it out of a moment of a little despair last week. At half-time I have to be honest—I did NOT see it coming. But just as with the first part of the game last night, when Liverpool announced their intentions and one could see Barca visibly start to shake, from the moment the second half began it was on. A great run by Dele paired with an even better by Lucas and there was the stirring.

The second seemingly was in from Llorente (and what an absolute beast he was all second half. Route One never looked so good) and then it popped loose, and how did Lucas do that with his weaker foot?

Whatever the result in Madrid—and the Scousers must be as afraid of us as we are of them—the final goal will live in Spurs infamy. Three times Ziyech had a chance to kill the game, missing a wide open net on the first, seeing Lloris brilliantly repel the ball on the second, and then watching the post intervene on the last… Despite the fact that Ajax had finally figured out that sitting back was getting them nowhere, from that point on the dream sequence seemed possible. Despite the chippiness, Vertonghen hitting the bar, Ajax starting to regain possession.. Just give us one chance. And then they foolishly hit the ball out. Lloris advanced it toward our human vacuum cleaner in the middle—I think the ball might have gone out but it was still ours—then one more ball to the Spaniard—he wrestled it to Dele—and then the pretties little layoff you will ever see and….. mirable dictu.. what are the Portuguese words for “he will live forever in our hearts” Lucas did what he did. He’s not much bigger than Arya Stark, but just as deadly.

Ajax are an amazing team. On a different night, in a different year, it could, perhaps should have been them to go through. What do Spurs say to death? Not today.

Will Poch walk away if we win, as he said yesterday he might? Can Liverpool handle a double dose of heartbreak? How mental is it that 4 English sides might be playing for both European honours, and not one of them is named Manchester City? What just happened, anyway?
I complained about Spursiness after the Bournemouth shocker. Bin it. The term does not exist anymore. Dele and Hugo and Lucas and Fernando and all the rest of our “heroes”, as Poch correctly called them, have consigned it to the history books. We’re different. Forever and ever.

Lads, It’s Tottenham, and don’t you ever forget it. Life, and football is for moments like these. Savour them. Treasure them. And by God, don’t anyone think we’re done!

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