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Well a lot has happened since my last end of season fixture update. Spurs did not put the Arse to the sword. Bad thinking Poch – once we got the lead we should have marked Ozil and Sanchez out of the game with Mason and Dier and not been so gung ho ! Inexperience. Also Leicester have forgotten how to lose which is unfortunate.

The Arse have begun to look sharp after we let them look good at the Lane. Their remaining fixtures include trips to West Ham and City. Games which I fancy them to lose. I also expect them to draw one of the rest – their maximum point total would in that case be 71 – a total Leicester will beat with one win and Spurs with 3 wins (and better goal difference). The Gooners home fixtures look very winable but I would respectfully point out that the Arse have only scored one more goal at home than Newcastle !! So perhaps those home fixtures aren’t that solid.

home : Palace, WBA, Norwich, Villa away : West Ham, Sunderland, Man City

Man City lost at home to Man Ure & dropped points with a draw at Norwich but won the two easy games at Villa and Bournemouth. With only 1 game in hand and 15 points behind – they are out of the race.

We must hope that they do us a favour and beat the Arse

home : WBA, Stoke, Arse away : Newcastle, Chelsea, Soton, Swansea

Spurs: Harry is no longer struggling but in truth we are not putting games away – which has been our biggest problem all season. Think of our dominance – then think of all the draws ! Alli looked tired against Liverpool – the international break really took it’s toll on him. With 6 games left we MUST win the rest and then hope Leicester will drop points. If Leicester lose two and draw one, we have to win the rest of our games…if Leicester lose three we have to win 5 and draw one.

home : United, WBA, Southampton away : Stoke, Chelsea, Newcastle

Leicester City: Win 4 games and they win !! They do have hard games. All of their upcoming opponents (except Everton) have found a little form – West Ham, United and Chelsea are all very very difficult games. Having said that, what happens if there is a miracle and Spurs are in touching distance on the last day of the season. Do you really expect Chelsea to beat Leicester and see the EPL go elsewhere in London – I think not !

home : West Ham, Swansea, Everton away : Sunderland, Man United, Chelsea

Leicester are now the “in form” team and they should win it – they show no sign of capitulation. I however support Spurs and I believe that Leicester’s luck/good play/confidence can’t last or will it matter. Just beating United at home and Chelsea away is a big challenge for us.

If we had bought a striker last Summer or in the window we might have been crowned already !! I seem to remember another season or two like that !


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    • No it’s most definitely not nonsense. The only nonsense is that Tottenham Hotspur refused to address a problem that every man and his dog could see. A little more investment could indeed have seen us sitting top. The only nonsense is that some fans cannot see the bleedin obvious

  1. Just wondering who this top striker was, who was available in January, and willing to come on the understanding that be sitting on bench.

    • There are plenty of players gracing the bench of different teams around Europe. Are you trying to tell me that there are none ! If we had stopped arsing around with Berahino he would have fit in nicely. Even Swansea or even Villa have two strikers. We needed a plan B.

  2. If we had been offered second in the league at the start of the season and finishing above Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Man United then I think we would have taken it?
    I also agree about the striker, but also agree that we should not settle for second best and should make sure whoever we sign is the right person, and I think Berahino has displayed by his behaviour that he is not the right guy. We need players who will battle for their place, and give 100%, and we don't need players who will sulk if they don't get their own way.
    If we can't win the league then I can't think of any better option than Leicester.
    Having said that COYS!!! It's not over yet.

    • "we don't need players who will sulk…" like Vertonghen last 2 seasons !!

      I think Berahino would fit in well. Football was not his problem – being refused a transfer was.

      Great result today…. I think we are closing the gap on Leicester ! We beat and played our last top 6 team – Leicester beat a bottom 3 team and they still have 2 top 6 teams to play plus the current EPL Champions. A good weekend for us ! COYS


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