Let’s Hope They Were Saving It For United

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

​Brighton got what they wanted. Did we? I guess the answer comes on Saturday, but one had the sinking feeling that maybe City had ripped all the heart and some of the soul out of Spurs—they seemed so lethargic tonight.

​Let’s do this quickly.

​Kane’s not right. It certainly seems as if he was either rushed back or did it to himself. Slow, awkward, pushed off the ball, lacking any real energy or pizazz that he usually has in spades. The goal was fortunate and really the product of a Brighton miscue and great effort from Son. I can’t imagine we’ll see much better on Saturday and Mourinho will have watched this performance very closely.

​Eriksen had his worst game f the year. Bad judgements, bad passes, bad with or without the ball. A sequence near the end summed it up when he had the ball in the box in a threatening position and passed back to… no one— then decided to go all cowboy a minute later and simply was bullied off the ball with at least three teammates in scoring position.

​Son was the only legitimate threat for most of the game—and he came closest in the strangely extended first half (Thank you, Kevin “we’ve got a” Friend) and his Salah-like action along the byline got us the goal.

​Wanyama and Sissoko as our creative midfielders? Enough said. They played hard, but to little effect. Lucas was active but, off the evidence we’ve seen the past three months, Lucas can’t finish. Lamela had one nice attempt off his weaker foot after coming on. Dembele was more active as well.

​Serge Aurier. Oh God. Well, it wasn’t just him t blame for the goal—the whole team fell asleep for those twenty seconds after scoring. But he gave the ref the power by wrongsidinghimself, and then for the umpteenth time did something rash and we paid for it.  The rest of the back four were fine—Toby looked good but hardly spectacular. Nobody was. Hugo had one nearly-spilled it moment but recovered.

​Is the point enough? Not really. Chelsea may lose to Burnley tomorrow and then we are very close to secure for fourth. But it may still come down to the home fixtures against the likes of Newcastle and Watford with an away game at the Baggies, and ask Man United about what can happen there.

​Saturday is all that really matters— I can’t say I’m optimistic but there is no real basis to expect defeat either other Jose usually gets the best of others in these situations. But that was ugly tonight—no other way to say it. They played like they had something better to do—hopefully it is to prepare for the biggest game of the year.

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  1. Full backs are god damn bang average , midfield bloody toothless. Lack of speed in this team and squad stands out when u compare city and Liverpool they go full throttle

  2. We haven’t been right since the Chelsea game (and that was, dare we say, without Harry).
    Stoke was a struggle but we got away with the result. City zipped around with spark and energy
    while you’d think it was US that had lost to L’pool in the CL over two hard legs, plus a lost game at home
    to Man U ..we were that pale and drained in comparison! Against Brighton tonight, again we were poor. Harry is obviously off form, but he appears undroppable (or unsubbable until it’s too late).
    I love him, as all Spurs fans do, but he ain’t right. He was invisible against Stoke and Man City and mediocre tonight. Sod the Golden Boot. I just want to see him looking dangerous in the final third and holding the ball up better. If he’s recovered from his ankle injury, then he’s recovered, but to be fair to our talisman, form is temporary while class is permanent. So I just hope he’s ‘back’ ready for United, and
    for the rest of the season.
    As for the others, I agree about Eriksen ..it was almost like he was ‘trying’ to play badly! Rarely seen him so poor. Aurier ..well the joke (on us) goes on. Up to the last 15 months, whenever Rose and/or Walker were replaced by Davis/Trippier, I wasn’t concerned. With Aurier, since August, I’ve always been concerned! And now his crossing has gone south too (to go with his lack of positioning sense, the ability to stay on his feet and to shepherd opponents away from danger areas, instead of making rash tackles from which he never learns, his inability to get back after going forward, or to make any real opponent-beating run, as Walker did, and when found in space further forward, his option is only the easy back or side pass). He’s a liability and I don’t know why Poch can’t see it. I could see it in his first game for us, when most Spurs fans were welcoming this third choice PSG right back as some sort of upgrade on Walker (ha ha ..I don’t think). But as for the rest tonight. Can’t ANYONE step forward and do something spectacular when our main players are not functioning?? Moura’s cameos in games have been encouraging, but given his chance tonight, he resembled (apart from a few moments in the first half) the skilful but light Lamela ..floats like a butterfly, and er, stings like one. I’ll give him the lack of match fitness excuse, and he deserves to start again before the end of the season. Sissoko owes us big-time, but still can’t deliver, or rescue us occasionally. I hope he and Aurier go in the summer. Wanyama was OK. And not fair to call him a so called creative player. He isn’t ..he’s a defensive midfielder, although his distribution and calmness on the ball could be better. Dier’s normally far better regarding that, but even HE has not been at his distributional best this season. Alderweireld was OK too, as was Lloris, Davis and Verts. No, it was in the final third where we fell apart, and showed the distinct lack of imagination, along with no proper link up, that’s dogged us since the Chelsea game. Even with Son’s efforts, he is not at the level he was about 6 weeks ago.
    So many wrong choices made on the pitch by players who simply don’t do that!
    When Kane, Alli, Eriksen and Son (or Lamela) are buzzing and in tune with each other, then we’re as good as anyone ..but I’m now very worried about Saturday, because we don’t look like the ‘team’ that turned them over (and Liverpool, Arsenal too) a few months back, and were unlucky to lose to Juve. And if Chelsea keep winning their remaining games, then will our young squad falter (as we did in 2011/12 as we were reeled in by Arsenal, and 2015/16 when we stumbled over the final four games to hand 2nd to Arsenal)? The consequences of that are too horrible to contemplate as we go into our new stadium.

  3. Great assessment.

    Would still luv to be Son on left and Lucas on right again. It’ll be dynamic if it clicks.

    Our side backs need to practice on those crosses and our attackers need better positioning.
    We’re not much of a threat from all the free kicks and corners.

    Concerned with defensive positioning with Aurier and Sanchez, especially against a counter.
    Remember Juventus, and more recently City. I don’t think other teams believe our defense is solid.

    My humble opinion.


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