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I have no doubt that there are Club Chairmen the length and breadth of Great Britain and most of Europe, who have a big ‘X’ marked on their office calendar to signify the twice yearly end of the Transfer Window . Many will have be happy in the knowledge they have avoided the fate worse than death commonly known as being ‘Levy’d’.

Its easy to spot those who have not been so lucky . They are the ones with the glazed look in their eyes and the inability to stop drooling uncontrollably when the name Daniel Levy is mentioned.

But Levyism passes. A week after undergoing the Soccer equivalent of being Hung, Drawn and Quartered, the cheque has cleared and the player just sold now has the increasingly difficult task of impressing those somewhat fickle people who inhabit White Hart Lane on match days .

Quite a few have tried over the past couple of years. Some , like Hugo Lloris and Nacer Chadli, have done very well. The jury is still out on some, like Erik Lamela and DeAndre Yedlin, while its a definite thumbs down for Roberto Soldado (albeit reluctantly), Paulinho, Stambouli and Capoue who have all left the building.

The really new guys are still under the microscope but its the fact that Levy has, up to now, not bought an out and out striker to support Harry Kane that is giving the Spurs faithful sleepless nights. To not have a striker on the bench on Saturday against Stoke was quite unbelievable, especially with what happened after Harry Kane went off. To me, its false economy to wait for the Bargains at the end of the window. Late arrivals take time to bed in, we drop points as a result and we are playing catch up the rest of the season.

I do admire Levy for the way he has turned Spurs into a very viable proposition. Remember 1991 when we nearly folded. . The cost of the new stadium is in everyones thoughts but we need to be in the Champions League or seriously banging on its door when the new ground opens. Our net spend on players recently is virtually nil, so like all Spurs fans, I’m asking Daniel Levy to splash the cash over the next two weeks. Berahino and another defensive midfielder are the absolute minimum we require to compete.

You never know, he might actually end up paying the asking price for a player.

But somehow, I doubt it…….

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  1. Levys plan here is quite clear, we have to tred water until the new stadium is here. Without knowing about the clubs finances none of us can say if this is the right or wrong plan.
    So it looks like we are just going to have to put up with it and several 5th – 8th place finishes. Dull yes but it might just be nesscesary.

    • Understood to a point, that point being – we only have one striker. That's not brinkmanship or financial prudence, it's barking.

  2. At last someone with the common sense to see the whole picture and not jumping on Levy's back like quite a few of the Levy haters! Yes we need reinforcing but at what cost? I for one although slighty worried about our inadequate squad am keeping the faith in what's going on behind the scenes i.e training facilities and the new ground being built,once this happens i'm sure that will put us on a far more even footing with the big guns,we've been punching above our weight in recent seasons and done well,a new ground and support of the team,chairman and owners should propel us to greater things!! Coys!!!

  3. Trouble is we always wait to get players in,,i'm sick and tired of the excuses this Levy has,he is not a man of football but yes in business like new stadiums fine,well whats the use in a big building if you can't get the team to improve in their position.We need to crack on now not settle for less! otherwise we'll be a laughing stock same old Spurs.i've supported Spurs since 1957-58 season.

  4. Why are the Spurs even entertaining signing this guy, especially for 20 plus million dollars? In 17 INT’L games he has 4 goals. At Crystal Palace he’s played 65 games – 4 goals 15 assists. CP manager Pardew is just trying to beef up the transfer fee. WHY ARE WE IN COLUMBIA SIGNING SOMEONE WHO’LL BE LOANED TO BENEFICA? YES YES LONG TERM BUT WE NEED HELP NOW! So why are we meeting EVERTON sign ANDRIY YARMOLENKO for HALF ($10.6 million) of what Yannick is costing? Andriy Yarmolenko*AY has 3 goals and 2 assist in the first 5 games in the Premier Liga. Last 5 years double digits in goals (Career 267 games – 98 goals- 66 assists) DOMESTIC CUPS/SUPER CUPS- 26 games 12 goals 3 assist. UKRAINE NATIONAL TEAM- 49 games 19 goals 14 assist. Yes he’s only 25 years old! Yannick, whose 26, has played 17 games for DR with 4 goals. SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN!


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