Liverpool vs Bottlejob Hotspur FC

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy
I don’t want to be writing this article any more than you don’t want to be reading it.
We all knew the script. We all knew it would happen. <insert team here> on an abysmal run. We play <insert team here>. <insert team here> ends abysmal run.
Anfield is not a Fortress. 
It’s a f*cking sh*thole.
Hard to dissect what went wrong because nothing went right. 
Too easy to blame missing Rose and Vertonghen, but I blame missing them.
Ben Davies. Enough said. Eric Dier is a top DM but an inept CB, even if he loves me. Moussa Sissoko can barely change direction let alone change a game. 
Eric Dier
Too simplistic to say Mane was the difference, but Mane was the difference.
In hindsight it probably should’ve been three at the back, but whatever formation you play, repeatedly passing from Lloris to Toby to Lloris, to Davies, to Wanyama, to Dier, back to Lloris, who, under pressure, puts it into touch, only serves to kill valuable time.
Going on a training camp to Barcelona doesn’t mean you can play like Barcelona. 
Toby’s long range passing is an under-utilised weapon. Waiting until the 68th minute to make a sub is unfathomable.
When your anonymous players are the standout performers because the rest are so woeful it’s useful to have a viable Plan B in terms of personnel and style of play.
We have neither.
Winks the only real glimmer of non-atrocity. Wants the ball. Wants to pass the ball forwards.
Would you swap Janssen, Sissoko and N’Koudou for Defoe, Sigurdsson and Chadli?
Is it pointless asking hypothetical questions such as this and “What would it be like to not support a team who constantly bottle it regardless of who the players are and who the manager is?” 
25 Games. 50 points. 2 points per game. Keep that up and we end up with 76, comfortably our best ever Prem total.
It’s not our God given right to win every game. 
But we, as fans that Arsene Wenger this week admitted he wished he had, presumably to re-cast the hit UK comedy series Arsenal Fan TV, do want our players to show what they’re made of.
Is this what we are made of? Is this Tottenham’s DNA?
It’s: “To Dare is To Do”
Not: “To Dare is to be afraid To Do”
Difficult to care about the upcoming Europa/FA Cup/Europa sandwich when you’ve just hindered your chances of having the opportunity to finish 3rd in a 2-horse race for the second consecutive season.
Still, would you swap Poch for any other manager in the world?

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  1. Not the fault of Poch but we do have some serious rubbish on the bench and in the team. Hope that the summer will see the exit of Sissoko – worst player in our history, plus Davies, Lamela and Erikson – get some good money in and buy some fast, creative attacking players. Erikson only turns up in one match out of every five, Lamela has a mental weakness, I would even consider a good offer for Kane if we could buy a proven nippy goalscorer.

    • Lamela? You’re blaming Lamela when he hasnt played for months? So you’ve forgotten when he set up the goal for Eriksen (yes Eriksen) to beat Man City away last season? So called fans like you always come out of the woodwork when we lose a match.

      • Read what I said before engaging your mouth. I have been a fan for 55 years, but Lamela has a history of injuries that are a mystery – in his head not his body. I didn’t blame him for yesterday, just pointing out that he’s expendable and we should cash in while we can. Same with Erikson who is not as good as he thinks he is. Probably Kane too. Overall we have the basis of a great team, best defence I have seen in all my years, apart from Mike England, a legend. But up front we lack pace, vision and power – apart from Dele. And as for subs – are you happy with Sissoko? N’koudou? Jannsen? I would like to see a Hazard or Willian instead of Erikson, Rashford for Kane and someone like Mane for Lamela. Why not? Because we can’t afford quality players – can we? Would you have Sissoko or Zaha?

        • You really are living in cloud cuckoo land. You’d ‘like to see a Hazard or a Willian’? How many of these players are out there that we can afford? We’ve got the best 12-13 players for a very long time (agree the bench isn’t good enough) but why not support the team we’ve got instead of wishing for the kind of mercenaries we can’t afford anyway?

      • Kane scores when he gets the service from the wings or midfield. Is he a Costa or Sanchez, or Jesus, Aguero or even Sturridge? Does he burn defences with his pace or take on and beat three players? Is he as good as Greaves? More like Chivers – who was good but not great/

  2. Anfield is a shit hole,lmfao,you actually go the lane?!
    You were monstered,should have been 4 or 5,so stop making pathetic excuses,we had a mf at centre half and at lb btw,be thankful you got a jammy point at the lane soft lad

  3. Could be the Chi at Enfield. We must find a way to counter this and regain the energy that seems to evaporate and not talk big before game.

  4. Agree with everything except that Poch has to take some blame for not playing 3 at the back and playing so high up and so open. This unwillingness to compromise his ‘philosophy’ has cost us before. Individuals made mistakes but he got the tactics wrong.

  5. This result has been coming. Last 4 games we haven’t been at the races. We got away with it at city. We never looked like threatening and poch almost looks scared to use our bench because of its weakness

  6. This sort of article really pisses me off. We get beaten and everyone starts slating us, moaning about this and that. We win 3 or 4 – nil and hardly anyone says a word. STOP MOANING AND GET BEHIND THIS TEAM THAT WE LOVE.

  7. That article needed to be written, particularly by a dedicated Spurs supporter. There are problems. We don’t have strength in depth, for example. That’s the bottom line. Chairman loves Poch because he believes his coach can bring young players the fore. Not a complete recipe for success at top level. Just think of the Man U ‘legendary’ youth system that does produce jewels, but a large number (too many) duds as well. Mr Levy and his board need to invest heavily every year, and need to be a lot more careful about avoiding catastrophes such as Sissoko, Soldado, et al.


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