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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tomorrow is the big one, but to be fair anybody challenging for trophies will find all matches, no matter who their opponents are; whether high in the league, mid-table swimmers or those struggling with the minnows, they will all be difficult. But this season should be more significant than previous seasons. This is Pochettino’s 5th season in charge. And from his first season, where Spurs finished 5th, it has been upward ever since. We’ve finished continuously in the top four. A great achievement, considering no manager, while in the Premier League has managed to get close (that is for Spurs). But now we are there we can’t rest on our laurels. We might have to fight off those that also want their fourth spot back; Arsenal and Chelsea. Granted, we won’t mind – ok, maybe we will – if they replace either City, United or Liverpool, so long as we embed ourselves even deeper into the fabric of the fourth dimension.

Some say that this season is a make or break one for the players, manager and club. That is amongst all the upheaval of moving (new stadium), having different “home” matches etc. A tall order for the best of teams. When the great God in the sky looked down upon us (that is Spurs and not me personally) He said (mustn’t be sexist) or She, or whatever sexuality or ethnicity one is, “I will make your club stand out, but I ain’t going to make it easy for you…” Apparently, the high power in the sky is trying to keep to his/ her word.

Our first game this season was against Newcastle and our lethargic team (as they seemed at times) managed to beat off the home side with a 2-1 win. Then we went back to Wembley to face newly-promoted Fulham. A 3-1 victory… Then the dream started to get a bit more meat on the bone. Next up was Manchester United, where we were told that we will fall down. That didn’t happen, even though away, we taught the United boys a lesson. All good so far, then we faced Watford with superiority on our faces, and run into a brick wall.

So, that is the story so far. Now we face undefeated Liverpool (that should have been the clash of two undefeated teams, but alas, it isn’t to be). A game that should also have been played at our new stadium – alas, that as well, wasn’t to be – but instead will be played at Wembley. Wembley being like a long-lost sister you didn’t know you had and wished you never had,but now you have got as a nonrefundable.

What are our prospects for Saturday? Well, the weather looks kind for us (no, no, our chances for the match, sod the bloody weather!). Lloris won’t be playing because of an injury, not because of his drinking conviction (we are told), but I do know that there will be some concerns over how this has all affected him mentally. Alli will miss the game because of a hamstring injury, but I don’t think this is a significant loss (I know some will disagree). He has been struggling of late and hasn’t been as prolific as he was a few seasons back. I think we’ve got plenty of good cover. If we haven’t then that would tell us a lot about our chances for the rest of the season. Son will be back, so that is good news. Then there is Kane. There havebeen some question marks over his tiredness/physical being. But he is an all-roundworker, and there are plenty of others that have done well in the goal department and who can step up to the mark and score. My only concern is with Vorm in goal. But if the others do their job; defence, scoring then he should be covered andwe should get the winning goal. Plenty of “ifs” but I believe we can do it and should do it. Need to do it.

I am an optimist (and you have to be when supporting a club with great potential, on the other hand, if you supported a club like West Ham or Arsenal then the weather is always cloudy, dull and painful), and I think we can do over Liverpool. We were unlucky against Watford (that was because they wanted it more than our players, it seemed) and therefore stole the show. A few crap managerial decisions (substitutions) and hey presto Watford walked away with the spoils (sh*t happens). Now the question is, have we learnt from that embarrassment? I haveno doubt that Watford will eventually fall from their lofty perch into the quagmire that surrounds them. We, on the other hand, must pick ourselves up, brush ourselves down and show that we are of title-chasing quality (as the script says)… once we’ve amazed the critics then a few days later we can do it all over again, but this time we dip our toes into the boiling water of the Champions League competition. This will be in Italy and against Inter Milan. What an exciting few days ahead of us. Come out of that smiling, and we will indeed be back on track. Come out of it crying, then the Grim Reaper will be looking over our shoulders while the swamp gradually pulls us downwards.

It is a frantic life being a Tottenham supporter, but with all the possibilities that surround the name Tottenham Hotspur, it is well worth it, and the rewards that are on the horizon will sparkle even brighter once we get nearer to those gems.

As for the scores of both matches; I am going for either a 2-1 or 3-1 win, but a win they will be. Be sanguine, it is far better than being depressed or even a West Ham/ Arsenal supporter (especially these days).

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