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Dom Le Roy

Tottenham have largely been known as a nearly team and Mousa Dembele has mostly been a nearly man in his stint with us so far. Against a spirited Sheffield United, Dembele was the heart beat of everything that went through our midfield. Eriksen’s virtuoso display was always going to earn him the headlines but that should not overlook the contribution the Belgian made. It’s no wonder his departure in the second half coincided with our midfield debilitated and the team conceding two soft goals shortly after.

The popular narrative has been to label Adebayor as the enigma but Dembele is also in the category if we are to be honest. For a man bestowed with so much ability it’s been hard to fathom why he has not kicked on to become a game changer and a mainstay in the side. No doubt injuries have been a major factor in Mousa’s career at the lane and if he can stay injury free, there’s no telling how far this powerhouse can go.

The pessimist will bemoan it was only against Sheffield United! But this is a team that has put five premiership teams to the sword already. The fact Dembele dazzled against the so called minnows should not take the shine away from his glowing performance. He is the perfect blend of strength, engineer and artistry.

The question now is whether he can continue to boss our midfield and become a creative outlet in the final third. Playing him in the hole was a great plan that paid dividends. His versatility becomes an inevitable downfall to his own talent when he gets played as a defensive midfielder. Yes he can do that job because there’s a lot of flexibility in his game. But surely we need to play this man further up the pitch where he can create the kind of space that the likes of Chadli, Eriksen and Kane will thrive off? An offensive Dembele will always be more of an asset to us then a defensively deployed one.

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  1. I’ve been saying this for 2 years (through the AVB and TS eras) and only finally now MoPo can see this strategy, albeit too late in my opinion, wasted talent…

  2. I think Eriksen has proved many times that he should take the number 10 role with his goals, creative passing and vision. Dembele is an adequate backup to Eriksen but a defensive inconsistency if playing deeper.
    It is a waste to put Christian out wide, as he is a great weapon and he will drift inside leaving our defence exposed. Not his fault as he is an attacker not a midfield rock or winger. So dembele remains an enigmatic dilemma but good technical player but Spurs have better options in the hole.

  3. No arguments here. I was amazed at the skill and control he displayed against the Blades. At one stage three players had him boxed in at the corner flag. Not only did he get out but he played the ball through defenders and provided a pass that should have set up a chance at goal. I suspect even his team mates were stunned.
    I hope his injury isn't too bad.

  4. At certain aspects of the game Dembele is , on his day , world class and he would always be in my Spurs team but he does lack vision.

  5. Some very positive n encouraging comments.

    Dembelle has – Power, n not easy to put him down,

    More effective, when put upfield, as an Offensive, than a defensive player.

    WHY ? He has them ‘ power ‘ in his shots n at times he is un-shakeble, he wants to win-win.

    Play his strengths, Poch to give him d role, where he can attack n shoot more.

    We have seen it before.

  6. Dembelle is more effective in d final third upfront.
    He has them power in his shots., Not easy to push him down, great determination when with d ball
    Play his strengths, attack when ' Opportunity ' opens up.


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