Why MP Will Be Gone By Xmas

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Two games in and only one point to show, not a good enough return for me. Imagine a loss or a draw away to Leicester on Saturday and the pressure really starts to mount. MP has had three months to put his ‘stamp’ on the team and get in players to compliment this pressing style he loves so much.

Many themes have re-emerged from last season including costly individual errors, cracking under pressure, being over powered in midfield, lack of leadership and not having enough fire power up front. After our 30 minute cave in v Stoke every manager of ‘supposedly’ weaker opposition will be urging their team to have a go at us and we’ll go over like a granny on ice skates.

I’m pretty sure any Spurs fan who knows his stuff would not have tried to close out the game by taking off our talisman and biggest threat with 30 mins left on the clock. We basically invited them to have a real go and to their credit they obliged and had the momentum to go on and win it in the end. To bring on Lamela was like going down to 10 men, the guy is a waste of a shirt, I’m not sure how many more times we need to see him fall over and give away needless fouls. Aaron Lennon is still a Spurs player as far as I know but MP has fallen out with him (great impact player who tracks back and would certainly offer more than Lamela off the bench).

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but MP knew Kane was off for the under 21s BEFORE the end of the season. So why, 3 months on, are we still light on in the striker department? The reason why is that MP is not strong enough to influence Daniel Levy and would much rather toe the company line of ‘we don’t need any more strikers’ roughly translated to ‘we don’t want to splash out again’. Of late his stance has changed because he’s realised first hand what many Spurs fans have been saying ALL transfer window long that it’s not only high risk relying on Kane it’s also unfair on the guy.

We have signed this chap Clinton N’Jie but if this is the sum total of 3 months scouting then I am worried. There is every chance this guy could be another average N’Joe, especially when taking into account the customary 2 years to acclimatise to the Prem. The Berahino deal will rumble on right till the end when Low Ball Levy ups his offer from £15, 000, 000 to £15,000,001 expecting WBA to cave in. Regardless, the business should have been done earlier for both deals if these were the initial targets so they could be properly integrated. I also don’t believe that Berahino has the right mentality for us but at this stage in the window I’d take him out of desperation. For him to succeed at Spurs we have to be playing 4-4-2 otherwise he just won’t get the service (something MP won’t do).

The issue of central midfield has still not been addressed. I think it was plain to see last season that whilst Bentaleb and Mason have potential they are not ready to anchor the Spurs midfield. Now we are reduced to playing players out of position which could have been avoided if there was some kind of initial strategy or plan. We lack leadership on the park and having a goalkeeper as captain (as good as Hugo is) is clearly not working. How come other teams seem to find these midfield generals so easily yet we struggle (again it comes down to poor scouting and lack of planning).

I’ve not seen anything from MP to suggest he’s going to take us forward and any talk from him around us challenging for 4th spot is just naive. Yes we run around a bit more these days but if this doesn’t translate to points on the board then he is nothing more than a fitness coach to me. I look at the passion and desire of other managers, the win at all costs mentality, the fire in the belly and all I see is Levy’s pocket dog Pooch. There is no plan B, no tactical awareness, just the predictable rigid system with no width or pace he plays week in week out which is very easy to combat. He is quite clearly out of his depth and a couple of bad results away from the Spurs faithful turning on him.

Having been a fan for 35 plus years I want us to do well as much as the next man. We’ve had all summer to address our weaknesses and to make improvements but it’s only now that Pooch is realising what the every day fan has been saying all summer long.

Sadly for him I think it’s going to be too little too late.

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    • But it’s not just 2 games is it? We were absolute shite to watch the whole of last season and we are exactly the same this season.

      Since Bale left we have wasted millions on absolute wasters and from the look of things we are still scratching our heads bit having a clue who to buy!

      It is laughable that every one of our signings over the past 2 years are either sold off at a loss or they are still playing so poorly nobody would want to buy them for anything near the price paid.

      Yet again we have gone out and bought players in Wimmer, Trippier and Ali who we have no intention of making our first choice in the team so how can we expect see any improvement?

      Watching us play is like sitting down to have an afternoon nap we are that boring to watch.

      I would love to say we will improve and that it’s only 2 games into the new season but it’s not just 2 games is it? We were shite last season were shite in pre season and we’re shite now.

      The manager is not good enough to manage this club,the system he plays is boring and one we can’t play and he has no clue!

      Poch out!

      Ancelotti in!

    • Using ur own words; as a fan of 35yrs surely you’ve seen enough trigger happiness sacking of managers to last a lifetime? “I want him to succeed as much as the next” well that’s not true or you wouldn’t be fuelling the anti MP voices. Seriously write some positive posts about the MASSIVE progress we have made as a club in the last 35 yrs. In Pochettino we trust COYS.

  1. Urgh, wow, two games in and we get drivel like this. Recruitment issues can't possibly be attributed to Pochettino. It doesn't matter who the manager is, they're not going to change Levy's stance on budget control and the transfers themselves fall to Paul Mitchell and Franco Baldini rather than the manager.

    Saturday was disappointing but there were promising signs for 65 minutes, where we dominated a Stoke team that are a lot better than many realise. The icing around Kane's ankle suggested that substitution was necessary, and with Lamela the most offensive player on our bench, what other choice did he have? Please let's not harp on about Lennon, his misdemeanors have been racking up behind closed doors and on nightclub doors. If a player won't adapt to his managers wishes, he can't be used.

    There are many thing wrong with Tottenham Hotspur right now, but Poch is nowhere near the top of that list.

  2. we have played well enough to have 4 points, players will still arrive. If Pochettino is not backed then he may well be gone by xmas, but Levy can't afford that, from a crediblity point of view. all will be revealed by 6pm sept 1st.

    • The problem with spurs fans is highlighted in this article. So fickle. And they blame poch for not having a striker? Spurs fans don’t deserve poch……and once results go our way I’ll remember the fickle ones who had no belief or faith. Poch is a great manager but this is modern football and you also need the right support above you to bring the players you want in.

      • fickle ? spurs fans …don't deserve poch ? what ,are you going out with his daughter or something.. his claim to fame is getting a big club like Southampton to prem, and keeping espanyol out of relegation…now not wanting to jump all over the man (yet)..but he gets payed large sums of money to manage my beloved spurs…(.doubt he was ever a spurs fan himself) .everyone thinks they know football dose nt take an alex ferguson football brain to see we need a striker and central midfielder…

  3. Surely you are blaming the wrong person, Levy /ENIC are the ones who buy and sell the players, I remember at the end of last season Pochettino said he wanted his new recruits in early to give them a chance to bed in to the squad, he also said he wanted a pre season close to home there we are playing in the Audi cup three days before the season begins. If you were even at the game, which I doubt you would have seem Kane had given his all and had taken a knock, Levy has sold as many of the players he ALLOWED Baldini to buy with out replacing them, What is Mitchell doing !!!! we seem to be paying a lot of money to Baldini and Mitchell to do nothing, how have ENIC allowed us to get to this stage of the season with only one striker, Don't even start me on the Ade situation

    • Totally agree. Tottenham managers have little or no real influence on who they get and when they get them and this has been the case for many years now. Yes I suppose Poch could start throwing his toys out the pram and piss Levy & Co. off and tell everyone who cares to listen. Or he can be professional, make his point quietly and clearly on the understanding that what's said in the boardroom stays in the boardroom and then go out and do his job. I think he's a good young manager and well suited to Spurs. This article was well written and did make some good points but I can't agree with the negativity. Levy's style is frustrating but Spurs are moving forward, not as fast as I'd like but forward non-the-less.

  4. Spot On mate!! Like you I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands who have the same opinion and good arguements. But how come Levy and co do not see the light, this has been going on season after season. We can attract the right players. Poch is over rated. I´m afraid it´s gonna be just another one of those seasons again. Aiming high and diving low.

    • You don’t deserve poch Alan. And when Barcelona go for him and you ask for loyalty I’ll ask why….you never gave him a chance. It’s his 2nd season for crying out loud and his first proper window. Chill

  5. This article is what is wrong with Spurs supporters . Always want to jump of the cliff if anything goes wrong slightly. Have some faith Spurs will turn this around .This is the team that finished 5th last year but now with a better defence .

  6. i only agree with your levy comments.



  7. We are level on points with Chelsea for gods sake. He is completely rebuilding and that takes time. Like the Australian Cricket team in the 80's sometimes you need to lose a few to actually make improvements long term. Changing manager every year will never give us a good team. Lets have some faith for a change and see where it takes us.

  8. Way too fickle for me. Will you celebrate if we beat Leicester? Should you be allowed to? The fact your crumbling after 2 games shows your mentally weak. Yes we need a striker. …..poch isn’t responsible for that levy and Co are. If your gonna blame someone blame levy. Kane had to go off he was injured and needs a rest. We will get support for him but for you to show such negativity after 2 games is disappointing. Bringing on lamela didn’t help and I’m sure poch will note that down but it was a sensible idea at the time bearing in mind we have no striker. ..chadli is the closest thing we had to a striker once Kane had gone. The problem was we didn’t close down in cm and allowed Ireland to control the game. If anything we need a intelligent strong defensive mid. Our cb’s look susceptible to being overpowered by crosses which means we need to stop delivery into the box. If well sell fazio then a lot of team will look to hit us with long balls and crosses

  9. Spot on in my opinion. Because you are talking facts and most people season after season work on dreams until the reality kicks in again. I have been saying for most of last season about Lamela's performances and being shot down time after time as naive etc by Spurs forums. It came to a head against Hull City last season when in front of us on the shelf he set off with no Hull players anywhere near and did three stepovers. I looked at my mate and we burst out laughing. He never ever goes to the byeline to cross constantly turning into the congestion, beating two players and running out of steam to pass to the opposition. In my opinion the reason Soldado didn't work was simply the lack of wing play getting the ball into the penalty area. As far as defence mids are concerned we had Stambouli who was never given game time. When he did he looked effective and would look even more so with more time. Seems he is good enough for PSG but not Tottenham. Much of Spurs was shaped a season ago when from the list of new managers we opted for my last choice in Poch. No matter what van Gaal said we should have offered a king's ransom to get him or Rafa who seemed to be keen.The truth is as fans we will continue to be peddled a fantasy of top four, whilst the board know the reality is at best 7th and while we swallow the Emperors new clothes scenario, paying up the regular dosh, everything will be hunky dory.

    • Are you being serious? Man United are playing the most boring football iv ever seen and you want lvg as your manager? Stop being so fickle. We need to back our manager even if we disagree with the transfer policy levy imposes. He has done well so far and to be brutally honest we have improved on last season. We got 0 points from United away and Stoke home last season and this time we have 1 point and should of had at least 2 . That’s improvement

    • If seventh is the best we can ever achieve, why is it we've been sixth or better 8 out of the last 10 years? If Spurs are such shite why don't you go bandwagon with Chelsea or better yet Arse?

  10. 2 games in FFS!!!…….if we do well in the next 6 or 7 games and are in the top 4 or 5 I guarantee these same people will be on here posting about what a great young side we have with loads of potential!

    And those with venomous comments about Levy / Lewis / Poch…just stop and think for a minute about the alternatives if they weren`t there. If the club changes ownership, would we necessarily get a mega rich individual to buy and instantly become like City or Chelsea (and would we want that?) and if we do get rid of Poch, realistically would we attract a world class manager?

    Get a grip folks, stop ranting and raving after 2 games, without any proper thought put into it, and put some perspective into the situation

  11. Seriously?? Two games in and you're talking sacking already? Another pointless rant from a headless chicken. BTW, the score was 2-2, we didn't lose! Did you even watch the game? pathetic. COYS!

  12. Sorry don’t mean to be fickle but as far as I understand we are looking for a certain level o player eg bender, illaramendi etc. champions league level players. For those players Tottenham (a non champions league club) is not a first option. So we make a bid agree a contract in principle and then have to wait. Because the player is waiting to see if they can get better options…. To be fair to levy he’s just making sure we get the bet players possible and not buys crap like capoue etc. Our main problem last season was defense. Be “fixed” that so theoretically we should have improved an I you judge our performance compared to the same fixtures last season were one point and many goals better…. Just my two cents

  13. I agree with most of this article. I was there on Saturday and Spurs are still spending far too long passing the ball across the back four, often backwards. So predictable and gives the opposition so much time to organise. That's Poch's fault as he is responsible for tactics. It's hateful to watch and achieves sweet FA.

    Making a keeper captain has never made any sense – even at under 12 level when all the players huddle around the ball, so why do it in the Premiership? How I long for a captain like Mabbutt, Perryman or King.

    Poch's pressing the opposition is all well and good but you have to keep it up for 90 minutes and that's why Stoke got back into the game in the 2nd half – we simply started giving them time on the ball.

    Yes – we need another striker and another playmaker but most of all we need a shrink/sports psychologist – someone like Paul McKenna who can get the players into the right frame of mind. A new owner and chairman would be nice too!

    • That’s funny but true. I’ve been saying it for years! The Spurs players need a shrink or a voodoo curse lifted! Those Woolwich gypsies hexed us in the early 90’s.

  14. If Berahino comes in I'd like to see us play 3-5-2 with Wimmer and the 2 Belgians at the back, Rose and Trippier as wing-backs Eriksen, N'Jie and Mason/Bentaleb in the middle with Kane and Berahino upfront. I'd start introducing Delle Alli and Pritchard from the bench (as soon as he's fully fit). This will mitigate the lack of defensive midfielder to a certain extent and give us plenty of pace up front.

  15. Berahino's goalscoring record is poor. At least Soldado had a proud one when Spurs signed him.

    We know in advance that Berahino is a non-prolific striker, yet still the club seem determined to waste its meagre transfer kitty on him.

    Charlie Austin has scored almost five times as many goals as Berahino since 2011.

    Wtf is going on at the Lane (again)!!!!???

  16. Once again you have all fallen into Daniel Levy's trap of blaming the manager and not him. We gave Man U the goal via Bentaleb's error so manager takes him off as he is out of sorts, too much celebrating new contract. Toby gives away an unnecessary penalty, new to WHL, too much pressure! The recruiter of the Magnificent Seven still in post even though they are a busted flush! Pochi has got the right idea and needs to be given time. Anyone who gets shot of Adebayor needs praise not sacking. Be patient one bad result but not that bad and they look good . Patience Patience Patience Patience Patience

  17. If Daniel Levy bows down to the retarded sector of our fan base again and gets rid of Pochettino by cheistmas, then I’ll give up on this club.

    Im fed up with this club being held back by trigger happy idiots having their way all the time.

    Everytime you change manager its back to square one. If Pochettino doesnt get results once hes got something resembling a team then fair enough. But the fact remains that he is building something awesome for the future at spurs and bearing in mind that we now mostly have all kids, who will come in and do a better job?

    People need to wise up and think about the consequences of their deafening stupidity…

  18. Even in previous seasons – with our 'hire em, fire em' policy – I'd still disagree with you; he is nowhere near getting the push. That is the kind of behaviour woolwich wanderers fans have laughed at us for years: one bad run = sack the boss … the club has set MP up with his own people & finally appear to be looking beyond the next 5 minutes towards a long term future – I'd love to hear your reasoning as to why they'd pull all that apart after no time at all – or is this just another hackneyed piece of TalkSport level 'journalism'?

  19. I have supported Spurs since the sixties but never have I seen such little passion from our players than in recent years. I think we have the quality but we don't have the stomach to fight. How many times have we thrown away 3 points. We need a fighting spirit from the very top. Yes, including Levy who quite clearly has more import things on his mind like making money. A total clear out is needed unfortunately.

  20. I can completely understand the frustrations, our club is our passion, but I do worry that we load the failings of previous managers onto the shoulders of new ones before giving them a chance, creating a vicious circle. I am going to put my faith in a long term strategy for sustained success because I believe Poch has one, but it is not going to happen overnight. And that is the biggest compliment I give for Poch he is offering a vision and direction for the club, that is a brave approach showing he is not afraid of making the big decisions and accept it may mean short term pain. ('What you mean like taking our best player off and costing us the game?' NO I am talking longer term strategic decisions).

  21. To the gent who said about progress in 35 years. Dont want to be rude, in the early 80s we were winning trophies & we needed a couple of centre backs & would have been close to the title. Mr Burkinshaw has since said he was just happy to see all the flare on pitch. As much as i was happy wiyh cups , that attitude was criminal. I think this spurs ‘ way’ business is stopping us getting the steel we need in midfield. Yet all our best teams had steel. Since 80s we have 3 cups in 30 years. Progress???????

  22. And if he´s not gone by christmas – I`ll never hear this negative SHIT again ! OKAY ??? You`re both wrong and stupid : 3 months to bla bla – he`s had N`Jie for 3days !! Our talisman- I saw him with ice on : you say he should`ve kept him playing??-of course MoPo knew that both Pamela and Benta would be total rubbish ! Sure ! Kane going to the U21s : Well – MoPo didn`t want him to go – but it`s a free country – isn`t it ! Nothing to do with "company line" !! U Z notn going forward – open your eyes ! Talk about deadwood-exodus for how many years?? happens right before your eyes man ! All summer to adress weakness-BUT that`s what we`re doing! OH MY GOD !! you had a point regarding individ. errors and leadership – though !!!

  23. Who knows, Poch might even decide to walk through lack of support. It is starting to look like another AVB situation. Wasn't supported to get the players he knew could make his style of play work and none of us will ever really know what could have happened. AVB Wanted three specialists, got seven journeymen who couldn't gel. Last year and this, Poch obviously wanted specific players, but has barely been half supported. Wanted all players early to get them training together with the sqaud, but has barely been half supported. Listening and reading lately I think Poch is now starting to suffer AVB pains.

  24. On various occasions Poch has made made odd substitution choices. That's what worries me, that he loses the game against his opposite number. Why he hasn't tried an adapted 442 with Kane and Lamela up front baffles me. Lamela can't tackle or take on but the lad is strong, defenders would bounce off of him. Think different if things aren't working.

  25. Always good reading a year on. Makes the author look foolish. Dire emerged into a player converted by Bayern. Alli has become England's most exciting player. A draw or loss to Leicester and Poch will be under pressure. We drew and Leicester became champions. Shows a lack of knowledge from the author.


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