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Dom Le Roy

The writing was on the wall for David Moyes on Monday as the rumour mill built up such a head of steam that he was seeking employment by Tuesday morning.

I have to admit surprise that Man Utd decided to rid themselves of the dour Scot before the season was out, but obviously they didn’t trust him with the talked of £150m war chest available next season.

My biggest fear on learning the news is that Spurs may end up employing Moyes, and until we do find a new manager, I’ll be praying every day that doesn’t happen.

Aside from bringing Preston up a division, the consistently slow starts Everton made every season and the dour nature of Everton’s play would see us take yet another step in the wrong direction.

It is widely thought that Everton are playing more fluid football under Roberto Martinez. It wouldn’t make sense to end up with Moyes, as Daniel Levy is aiming for the stars with us, and for all he knows British football, Moyes’s record suggests he isn’t the man to take us to the next level of consistently achieving Champions League qualification.

However, looking at the latest betting Moyes is as low as 4-1 to get the hotseat at the Lane.

Massimiliano Allegri just shades Louis Van Gaal as 7-2 favourite. Assuming Van Gaal, who is now warm favourite for the Old Trafford job, goes to United, where do we go now? Or has Levy already got a signature on a contract believing Moyes was on his way out this term?

Only a select few will know the truth on that front. Assuming Van Gaal is now out of our reach, where do we look now? Assuming of course there isn’t an about turn with Tim Sherwood (Ye Gods!)

Personally, looking at the potential names available, not one name stands out for me. I’d love to see Klinsmann manage us one day, but would he just be another Ardiles, Hoddle?

Rafa Benitez has the pedigree, but has his quirks and I could see a major blow up between him and Levy. Roberto Mancini never convinced me, and with his hot temper I could see him alienating the players.

Mauricio Pochettino and Frank de Boer have shown promise but perhaps I’d take a punt on Michael Laudrup, who is as low as 25-1 and as big as 40-1. It turned sour very quickly for him at Swansea, but his style of play would suit many at the Lane and he did achieve silverware with the Swans.

You’re the Chairman, so tell us who you would sign up for next season?


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  1. Has to be between Pochettino and De Boer.

    Both attacking, high press managers who have improved the individual ability of their players.

    Pochettino has proved he can cut it in the PL, but De Boer has actually built something more tangible at Ajax. I’d be happy with either man.

    A Big fat no to – Laudrup (not organised enough), Klinsmann (Van Gaal was hired to clean up his considerable mess at Bayern), Moyes (no style in his football or personality), Allegri (the one Italian to get out thought by Redknapp!!!).

  2. I would,nt worry about Moyes being the next manager. I have it on very good authority that Levy had a meeting with Moyes and Steve Round at the time we were last looking for a manager (which ended up being AVB). As I understand it Moyes thought Levy was an utter tool and wouldn't work for him, however he was already in a job at the time and was possibly holding out for the United job then. I would still hope Cappello is still in the frame, I don't judge on the England job, look what he had to work with.

  3. Surely Frank De Boer is the way forward for us? He's been a player at the highest level, has been in charge of a big club that is world renowned for bringing wonderful talents through the ranks, knows how to win trophies and has Champions League experience. Almost as important, he seems to be level headed and sensible too. The hot seat at WHL is a tough one. I and all of the Spurs supporters demand success with attractive football. I just hope we don't end up with Moyes, because he had 11 years of working on a shoestring and was comparatively successful without winning any kind of pot.

    • BUT at Spurs you don't sign your own players, you don't have the funds to pay top wages so why would De Boer come to us.. you have clearly got a tick box in your own mind with the way you worded that, why can't you see what our club is to fit it ?

    • I think Frank de Boer should be our top choice. I believe if he came to Spurs, that might allow players like Vertongen and Eriksen to want to play another year with their old coach. I think it could help us get a few more of those young players from Ajax over to Spurs as well. He would cost less as a manager and could save us from losing two, maybe three spots, and we can use the money for a solid defense and maybe a winger.

  4. Mr J Lohw the present manager of Germany is my first choice as he is available after world cup.But,would any manager with ambition and self belief work for a footalling genius like Levy.We will be lumbered with Moyes or another that our chairman can bully then cast aside when he fails again.

  5. If Moyes becomes Spurs manager I'd seriously think about supporting Arsenal next season – I've been a fan for over 50 years and I would rather have a) no one b) the tea lady or c) T Sherwood in preference to Moyes!

  6. Ideally for me Man Utd decide van Gaal is too hot-headed and controversial and we get him determined to prove Utd wrong. But if he's given the option he'll choose Utd with al the funds available, so if we can't get him I'd prefer de Boer. Pochettino's Southampton play some lovely football but they're inconsistent and they have a worrying tendency to start matches well but fade and end up losing as they did against Spurs this season.

  7. Too often we go for a manager that sees us as a stepping stone to soething better. i want a manager who wants to be ar Spurs, not one that will jump ship as soon as he has a good season and there are better offers. I don't want them to have one eye on other jobs – i want a good manager committed to us.

    The only person i think fits this bill is Hoddle, i would hire him in an instant. Not sure that will ever havppen with Levy there.

    I would be happy with Pochettino but whatever success he brings would be shortlived once the big boys come knocking with regular CL.
    De boer would be good but he would be giving up CL with Ajax so i don't see it. He doesn't need to. There are CL clubs out there who would have him.
    Laudrup – maybe

  8. We have done, old young foreign british, the one thing for sure is I need a lift, I cannot remember being so disillusioned
    I want to watch good football with players that excite me.
    I know it wont be everyone`s idea but for me get Hoddle in with Steve Clark as coach Ossie as director of football and give Stefan Freund a chance, I look forward to seeing the minus ticks LOL

  9. Here we go again, when will our fans stop putting stupid names forward ? let's put it this way if you are a name that is associated with being World Class then you won't be at Spurs as Manager. why ? because noone with a world class name or the ability and reputation to manage a decent club will have some muppet upstairs telling him who to buy and anyone who has a decent CV will not want to jeopardise it by being sacked within 8 months because they have no control of their own destiny, here are some facts at Spurs… you cannot sign top quality because top quality earn far more than we pay, .. you cannot sign your own players… you have to play in a certain way or the fans turn on you … you have 2 more succesful clubs in the current era only minutes up the road,.. now I dare say there are a lot more obstacles we as fans don't know about regarding chairman agreements and bonuses.. please stop talking nonsense and look at who we have had thus far who is Luis Van Gaals or De Boers Category ? ENIC won't change and I don't think there is a man with any common sense who would come to the lane.. at best we can hope for Allegri or Pochettino, one world class name who may be tempted and would suit Levy and his tight arse pocket is Laudrup.. nobody else would touch our club in a milllion years and certainly not someone who likes to be in charge of his own destiny.

  10. Pochetino,why Sherwoods record is better ,Moyes noooooooooooooo or I become a Gooner,the rest well we have no idea how they will perform,stick with Sherwood for the time being.

  11. I would hope we get Benitez, quirks and all. Actually has very solid experience in the PL and Champions League. Has more attacking mindset than a Mancini and certainly Moyes. Has more organized/disciplined defense than a Pochetini. Wants to come back to the PL. Has enough gravitas to counter Levy and Baldini when it comes to signings/transfers and at least have a say in who comes and goes. If LVG somehow does not get chosen by Man U and we can get him then great.

  12. I'm off as a Spurs fan if we get Moyes. Levy needs to think really seriously abut this. We had one failure/reject in AVB who he sacked, we really don't need another. The players will not play for Moyes on a 'show us your medals' basis. The decent ones will be running away as quick as they can. Yesterday's Evening Standard was reporting Levy wanted someone who's done alright on a limited budget while we build a new stadium. Unfortunately that rings true to me. God help us.

  13. pochettino just not good enough. ROBERTO MANCINI IS BEST FOR SPURS. 2nd choice moyes. 3rd choice micheal loudrup

  14. Low is by far the best of what we can hope for, and even he is probably out of our reach. Moyes did a great honest mans job at a peoples club, but unfortunately we are a fickle bunch that want more than just that. Pochetinno (however it’s spelt), is a very promising prospect but still a gamble that if doesn’t pay off, will leave us another year behind the elite. In the same vein is Laudrup, De Boer, and Klinsmann. A no nonsense character, leader and winner that players will respect and be slightly afraid to fail him is what these high ego’d, good, but not world class players need. The German gets my vote.

  15. Laudrop took Swansea’s attacking style – built by Martinez and Rodgers – ripped it up and turned them into a boring one dimensional team that favoured possession of the ball above all else. Sound familiar? That’s because Laudrup’s style of play is exactly the same as AVB’s. For that reason Laudrop would not suit Spurs at all, and his record is also very patchy.

    If we’re going for an experienced manager then I’d go for Louis Van Gaal or Luciano Spalletti.

    If we’re going for a young manager I’d go for Frank De Boer or Thomas Tuchel.

    If we couldn’t get any of those names then I’d certainly consider Rafa Benitez.

    I wouldn’t touch Moyes with a 20ft bargepole. As for Pochettino I think he’s overrated and yet to really prove himself, let’s not forget that he was sacked by Espanyol prior to joining Southampton.

  16. I would hate to see Moyes at the lane except as an away manager, the person I wouldnt mind seeing as our new manager is Frank Rijkaard.

  17. Look guys, why do you think Levy left Tim in charge. Why would Tim take the job knowing it could ruin his career if he failed. Tim asked for an 18 month contract so it would not look like he was just Interim Tim. LVG is a done deal after the WC and Tim will be his number 2. Tim had been put in to assess the squad and the young talent and I think he has done a great job in doing that. He was also given the task of getting us to play more exciting football. So take what he says with a pinch a salt, he knows the score and it will Tim and LVG at the helm. So dont worry about Moyes.

  18. No way can we accept Moyes as manager,we must have someone with a proven track record. As far as I can see, Daniel Levy thinks differently to others. He appointed AVB, a failure at Chelsea and he failed again. Now he wants to appoint another failure and even worse a failure who has never won anything!
    I never thought I would say this and in the great scheme of things it's not a big deal but my support for Spurs, since 1958 will cease if they appoint David Moyes.
    I say this with a heavy heart!
    Dave Baldwin

  19. In my honest opinion we should give sherwood another season.

    Let him get rid of the dead wood and bring in the players he knows that would fight for the shirt.

    Just leave him alone he’ll come good.

  20. Hoddle is a valid point, England played the best football under him and to be fair first time round he had no funds. If levy gave him cash he could do well 2nd time

    • Once again it is not about Levy giving him the cash it is about if Hoddle is allowed who he wants or if he has to pick who is bought for him.

      • I'd have to agree. Either Hoddle (who has made clear he'd love to come back to Spurs) who is older and hopefully wiser than he was last time or keep going with Sherwood. I think we need a manger who genuinely loves and believes in the club and they both fit the bill (I'd prefer Hoddle personally). Also, I think it's a crime if we don't bring David Ginola onto the coaching staff to work with Erikssen, Townsend, Holtby and Carroll and develop their potential. All have the ability to be great players, Erikssen needs a bit more consistency, Townsend needs to improve his decision making in the final 3rd, Holtby needs to be calmer both in possession and defence. Ginola is doing his coaching badges and I think would be a great potential future manager. A dream team for me would be Hoddle as Director of Football, Sherwood as 1st team coach with Ginola as assistant (sorry Les!) that would be a trio which is spurs through and through!!!

        • Great call dave I'd like to see that combo if not it's got to be de boer or ponchitino moyes is to boring be like having Ramos back

  21. I would prefer Valverde doing a great job at athletic Bilbao plays Spurs type of football,quick counter attacking football moves the ball quickly through midfield to strikers presses hard when his side loses possession and is passionate about the game.The only problem is that Bilbao will qualify for champions leagu next season thanks to him.

  22. I don't care now, happy days the liverpool trash have thrown the title away…. HAPPY DAYS !!!! BIGSY IS AVIN A PARTY !!! .. NO SURRENDER !!!!


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