Nightmare performance throws away great chance of silverware


I can’t for the life of me understand why Mauricio Pochettino didn’t change his tactics, at least by the second half.
Our goal was scored by a quick break and simple football, the rest of the game Spurs resorted to unbelievably slow build-up play after they had scored, and missed chances to go 2-0 up.

I can’t understand why a mature and obviously slower Mousa Dembele, decided it was a good idea, to try and take the ball past one of the best players in the world, just outside his own penalty area, for f… sake !!

Consequently he loses possession and it’s a gift to Utd 1-1, What was Davies doing when the ball comes in for Sanchez to head home, unchallenged ? !

As much as I appreciate all that Pochettino has done for Spurs, I am really disappointed at the tactics he adopted to play today, it played right into United’s hands. We were dire, and I cannot name one single Spurs player who had a good game.

Moura should have played from the start, as I suggested yesterday, Son was hopeless, Eriksen had an awful day, and Harry Kane just went missing.

We were dispossessed so many times, we lost nearly every 50/50 ball, and there was obviously no Plan B, it was the same old boring shit, from the time we scored the opening goal !

I am seriously concerned that if Spurs finish the rest of their EPL games in this mode, we will NOT hold onto 4th spot

I was anticipating that we would probably lose today, but I expected us to put in a much better performance, Utd were average, but we were terrible !

I can’t take a single positive thing out of this game, and if Mauricio Pochettino can, I will be absolutely amazed !

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  1. It’s time Poch left spurs he is not what we need as a manager he has no idea regarding tack ticks under him we will not win trophies

  2. My earlier post has come true.All you Levy Luvvies are to blame for this dire end to the season,and believe me it has no yet finished.West Brom and Watford will beat us.Liverpool against Chelsea could be interesting,but if the pool are in the CL final they will rest the team so will we have the balls to finish 4th.

  3. I’ve said it a hundred times , to win trophies you have to have someone in charge who knows how to. Managing a Southampton side to a best ever 8th in the Prem and being 13 pts behind us when having a poor season does not constitute a winning mentality. Utd had all week to prepare to play THAT Spurs team. So why didn’t MP change the shape and personnel, if only to confuse JM. Toby should have started in a back 3, no arguments. Two ‘advanced’ fullbacks, 3 solid CM’s and Kane and Alli up top. And after that 1st half performance from Kane, anyone from Lamela, Son or Lucas to replace him. Element of surprise, but Im afraid MP hasn’t the bottle. Toby was immense in a poor performance at Brighton and deserved a place but through the managers pig headedness, we lost a chance to win this match. I, for one, wouldn’t shed a tear if he buggered off.

  4. If you play with your reserve keeper and leave the best center back on the bench you’re asking for trouble, at times we were unlucky with Dier hitting the post and Christian just hitting the side net let’s hope we can finish in the top4!

    • with you there Dandan Poch just does not understand winning the F.A cup is so important to us fans he needs to get on board with this i have not gone to any of our cup-ties for two years now because he puts out a reserve side nearly every time so will not pay for that why was Toby and Loris on the bench ? MADNESS

  5. I’m believing now that Pochettino’s arrogance, though affable and lowkey, has put Spurs into a deadend where failing at the final hurdle is almost inevitable. He has alienated some of the best players from Walker — well out of it now — to his fullback partner (who is played so little these days his name won’t come to me) and now Alderweireld — just that I know of, there may be others that can’t conform to his self-inflated “philosophy”. (Power corrupts and absolute power…) Are there others on the verge of being pushed aside because of spurious factors like salary that should be of no concern to and no business of Pochettino? This overworks his remaining pool of key players — Kane, Erikson, Dembele — and confuses others: Son, Moura…

  6. Well gosh did you actually watch the first half? Eriksen was on alone from 15 yards– a shot he converts what? 80 percent of time? And missed everything…. Dier hit the post with DeGea flatfooted.. I’m not sure we dominated as much as Dele and Poch said, but clearly we were the better side and should have been ahead… In the second half up until their goal the problem wasn’t tactics it was execution. Too many forwards too slow, and Dembele had a rough night.. After the goal (and let’s not take Tripper off the hook– or Davies) United were always going to park the bus and we don’t have the pace down the wings anymore to get around them.

  7. When Utd players looked for guidance from the touchline, Mourinho gives it because he knows how to, he’s a winner. When our players do the same, they are greeted with a guy that might as well shrug his shoulders. Hasn’t a clue how to win the big game or pick the right team for that game. Allegri tore him apart in 10mins of substitutions in the CL. Guardiola showed him how to motive a team last week and played us off the park. And now JM. This is a poor Utd side yet they were far too good for us in the 2nd half without having to bust a gut. MP is out of his depth when it comes to the nitty gritty. The premiership has so many poor teams, we look good. Its not all MP’s fault, he didn’t employ himself. After all,his claim to fame was guiding Southampton to 8th in a season when we finished a bad season in 6th , 13 points in front of them. To win trophies , you have to have a manager at the helm who knows how to and that’s where we lose out I’m afraid. Its a fact. Every knock out competition has proved the players AND manager have no idea how to close a game down to win it. Lge Cup 2 up against West Ham. That’s enough, just win to go through but no . We think there are more goals to be had and they were right. only 3 went in our net. CL and 30mins to go. 3-2 up v Juve with 2 away goals . So tighten up, make it hard for them and play on break. Oh no, too sensible by far. We’re as open as a toms legs at the back and outdone again. And now this ! Why couldn’t Dembele just run the bloody ball down the line instead of cutting infield ? Because he cant touch a ball with his RIGHT FOOT ! That’s why. Pathetic.3 years this ‘PROJECT’ has been going on. How much longer for Christ sake do we have to take more ridicule from those around us.


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