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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The good news is that we are back on winning ways and because Arsenal drew (with United) and Chelsea lost to Wolves we’ve gone back to third spot.

But I wasn’t impressed with Spurs performance. And Southampton was bad. We should be winning such games 5-0 or more. I have a feeling that the top three spots (under 1st place) will be decided on goal difference. We (as in the people I was sitting with) had a suspicion that they would score. They had hit the crossbar many times, and only luck (for us) prevented them from getting more than the one goal. We need to buck our ideas up.

The day started with the heavens opening up. I got to Wembley at about 4.15 pm. Made my way to the Spurs shop as I wanted to get the new book out (exclusive to Tottenham) on Spurs shirts (it was called “The Spurs Shirt: The Official History of the Tottenham Hotspur Jersey). A bargain at £30. I’ve just had a quick look through it, and it looks excellent. Anybody who is interested in Spurs or its history then this is a book to get. I’ll try to review it sometime.

The purchase was put in a see-through bag so that you could get past their bag policy. I already had an A4 size bag, but also on my person was a large rucksack (a foldable purse size one). When I got through security, I opened my purse/backpack up and put my programmes and book and sweatshirt in it. Other supporters did come up to me and ask how I managed to get such a large rucksack through security (I told them). What do you expect with such stupid rules?

Went through the usual ritual: drinks, dinner, chat etc. We did have a fascinating conversation with John Pratt and Mark Falco, the ex-Spurs players. We gave our opinion, they gave theirs and also added some of their own journeys when they were playing with Spurs. Got my photo taken with Paul Miller. Even though I’ve been regularly photographed with the others, Paul has escaped such joys. I’ve known Paul for many years, and he is another one that comes to our table to discuss Spurs quite a lot.

Even though I am there for two and a half hours before kick off, the time does go fast. Anyway, the clock hands reached 7.30, and we were off to our seats. Martin and his dad sat behind us, while Steven and myself were in the front. Why they keep changing us around, I don’t know. The others, from our table (Terry, Ian, Jeff and Jerome) also got put in all different seats (not near us, even at times to different lounges (there are many hospitality lounges at Wembley).

I must say, with such a small crowd (33,012), in a 90,000 capacity stadium, it felt and looked dead (hardly any atmosphere). It would be an excellent location for the rise of the walking dead.
To the match: we took advantage of defensive frailties to win and move into third spot in the Premier League. Harry Kane had tapped in the opener in the ninth minute. Lucas Moura made it 2-0 in the 51st minute when he fired home from eight yards before Son Heung-min notched his fourth goal of the season with a close-range finish from Kane’s ball.

Southampton created several chances but were twice thwarted by the woodwork and by goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. They finally found a way past our keeper in stoppage time when Charlie Austin fired home.

Our victory sees us leapfrog Chelsea and Arsenal into third, with 33 points, while Southampton remains in the relegation zone with nine points.

After the match, a quick cup of tea, and then to the station. Martin had an early flight in the morning and wanted to get off. Luckily for us, and because of a small capacity, by the time we got to the station, the crowds were very sparse. Martin’s dad went to a different platform (he went straight home), while Martin and myself made our way to Platform 2, the Metropolitan Line; we parted at Rayners Lane, I went on to Ruislip Manor.

Got on the motorway and low-and-behold, there was a diversion because of roadworks. So I had to follow the signs to where I could reconnect back to the Motor Way, which was miles away. Got home at 12.30 and to bed. I am getting really annoyed and stressed with all those roadworks throughout the country. The train isn’t an option (and you don’t have to ask why).

Now I must dust myself down, brush up and be ready for my next trip, which is Leicester City away. This will be followed by a trip to Barcelona. It is going to be a hectic month for me; not only going to matches but writing them up, with so little time. I also have to go to my mums, with my daughter before Christmas, see Father Christmas with my granddaughters (and their mum), village meeting (and drinks), pop-up-pub, Village Panto etc. On top of that, a visit to the new stadium and maybe – according to the rumours – a Test match in the same month.

Oh, didn’t I mention Christmas Eve, Christmas day, Boxing day (football again)… and, oh, sod it. Very busy.

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