Opinion: A frosty day and game

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Manchester United 2 Spurs 1

Well, I got the right result; unfortunately, I got it the wrong way around. Or in the style of Morecombe & Wise, I got the correct result, but not necessarily in the right order… I’ll give you that!

It was a dismal result, but to be fair on Mourinho, it was the hand he was dealt with. There were spells where we did well, and we had most of the possession, but it was the result that did it for us (which is bleeding bloody obvious!). So, it is back to the drawing board for our new coach. No need to panic as there are no teams, under Liverpool and City that stand out. We are all in the same pot and hopefully some new signings in January… but saying that, the next couple of games will be telling and we’ve got Chelsea at home, to-boot.

I am an optimist (glass half full and all that crap), but I am expecting us to get back on track on Saturday against Burnley.

I usually drive to away matches, but some games require another mode of transport; either because of parking, or the length of time it takes to get there. In this case, it was for both, ironically, it ended up a much longer journey. The night before I stayed in Goodmayes (I had my dog with me), and then Wednesday morning I made my way to Lee Valley, Edmonton (minus dog) to catch a Spurs coach (only £10). It was a half-hour journey (to get to Lee Valley). We left there at 12 and with one hour stop on the way, we got to United’s ground at 6ish. The trip was a bit boring, but I had my phone to keep me company, and then when we stopped somebody came to sit next to me, so we chatted.

Once at the ground, I saw Beverley & Rick. I must say it was cold and getting colder. Then we went into the away end, and I got something to eat. I ended up chatting with many familiar faces. Finally getting to my seat 20 minutes before kick-off. Usually, I can stand/ sit at away games, unfortunately, not this time so I had to stand throughout the game. Only sitting at half-time. The pains of getting old!

Like always, I was very optimistic, and I went for a 2-1 result. Sadly, things never turn out the way you want them to. Marcus Rashford scored twice as Manchester United condemned their former manager Jose Mourinho to defeat on his return to Old Trafford and ended our three-match winning streak. Rashford beat our keeper Gazzaniga at his near post after six minutes after the ball had broken off Davinson Sanchez.

Then, after a long wait for a VAR check, Rashford kept his nerve to convert a penalty four minutes after the break, once it had been ruled the striker had been fouled by Moussa Sissoko.

In form Dele Alli had equalised with a brilliant goal at the end of the first half, but United created several excellent chances that failed to take. Saying that I didn’t think they were that special. We just didn’t take our chances. And that is what the game came down to; opportunities.

Rashford was unable to become the first United player to score a league hat-trick since Robin van Persie’s great effort against Aston Villa in 2013, but he now has 12 goals in 13 games for club and country. So, I suppose some good came out of a very cold evening.

So, there you have it. A cold night resulted in a cold game. After the game, we made our way back to the coach, waited until 10pm (making sure everybody was on board) and then we were off. I managed to get some kip on the coach. Arriving – after a 15 minute stop – just after 3am. My car was frosted over, and I spend about 15 minutes defrosting it. I then ended up helping a young lady defrosting her car as well, as she had no deicer. Then back to Goodmayes to pick up my dog (waking everybody up), then I got home at 5am.  Had four hours of sleep, got up, and my daughter (with granddaughter) picked me up to go Christmas shopping. No rest for the wicked. I was totally knackered, that was a very long day with nothing to show for it (results-wise).

Now we move on to our next match this Saturday, and we must quickly get back on track.

I do believe that Mourinho is the right man for the job, but it isn’t going to be a quick fix. He has inherited an exhausted and probably disillusioned team. On top of that, we’ve lacked new blood (at least in some departments) for a while, and a few contract disputes also need sorting out.

With Christmas coming up, home, away and abroad matches as well, plus dealing with festive shenanigans, it is going to be a long exhausting month. And then there are rumours that this year is going to be hit by some very freezing temperatures. So… plenty to look forward to and keep one upbeat!

Until next time; COYS!

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