Opinion: A typical Mourinho Spursy night

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Michel Vorm bottled a goal. Check. Jose parked the bus with a one-goal lead. Check. We weren’t good enough to keep that one-goal lead. Check. Various midfielders and forwards had no clue what to do with the ball or how to mount an attack. Check. Tim Krul spooked our kids in a penalty shootout. Check. Dele waved his arms complaining about a pass not coming his way, then stopped hustling for his final 15 minutes. Check.

What did you expect? This is who we are. Sure if the defender doesn’t jump in front of Aurier’s shot to a wide open net, we score a winner. But seriously, they were every bit as deserving as us, maybe more.

Only for a brief while after the Vertonghen goal, and then again near the end of regular time, and then one more time in extra time, did the rich and powerful Tottenham Hotspur carry the action forward against bottom-dwelling Norwich. Because with this squad, under this manager, that’s all we do. Occasionally force the action—when we feel like it. But though the Argentines buzzed around the box, the quality of a good pass, an accurate shot, a game-winning exertion was simply not there.

So I’ll stop there. We were never winning any silverware this year anyway. Leipzig will probably end all hopes in six days. And our Champions League hopes won’t last much longer than that. Behind closed doors—as seems increasingly likely within a month’s time—would probably be a tonic for this club. Save 60,000 poor souls the misery of watching this particular team. We can start again in the summer.

(I have to add the following. I just saw the video of Dier. It is so sad. This club is unraveling. Be careful what you wish for is the message here. The new stadium is a haunted place. Nobody loves the manager. The team is underperforming. These are difficult days, indeed)

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  1. Some of this article I agree with, but other parts are hyperbolic nonsense.

    We lost the game last night due to the inability of our forwards to score and the inability of our GK to catch/palm away a shot straight at him.

    We created many good chances (more than Norwich IMO) though some nice creative play but squandered most of them. Some of our penalties were abject, in part no doubt due to Krul’s effective antics in goal.

    We defended well at times but mostly our forwards lost us this match, not Mourinho.

    Norwich certainly played well, with no fear, safely away from their Premier league issues. Fair play to them, some nice players.

    However, If Lucas just squares that ball to Dele then our stand-in CF taps in for 2-0 before half-time. He gets some reward for his efforts playing clearly out of position and can start to put his off-field issues behind him. From 2-0 up we (probably) win the match.

    Jose brought on 4 subs – Gedson, Lamela, NDombele and Parrot – all of which are definitely attacking substitutions so hardly parking the bus in this match.

    We found Jan attacking in the CF position at one point, and Aurier getting forward all night – again hardly indicating that there were excessive defensive restrictions on the players.

    Some of our players were just crap last night at the big moments.

    The stadium is not cursed, or haunted or jinxed. There is an edgy atmosphere because the team isn’t playing well generally and is rarely/never sitting on a comfortable lead.

    However, the previous spine of the team has gone for all/most of the season – either through long-term injuries or transfers. That is not Mourinho’s fault. We are in a transitional period and clearly need to rebuild and develop in the summer – as do other clubs too.

    We were never winning anything under Poch this season and were playing awful football. Give Mourinho some time.


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