Opinion: Daniel Levy has sold Spurs’ soul to the devil – and there is no going back

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I wrote this at 00:44, on Monday 19th April – the day I truly believe Tottenham Hotspur have sold their soul, forever.

This club means everything to me. My favourite childhood memories have been watching this glorious club do glorious things, and my saddest moments have been watching this glorious club do sad things.

The European Super League is an absolute disgrace and has tarnished everything the club and the sport stand for.

I sacrifice everything for this club. Time, effort, and a whole load of money. Hell, I want to be a football journalist because of my connection with this sport, and specifically Tottenham. So shame on you Daniel Levy. I’ve never felt the disconnect for my club that I currently do. And that you can’t buy back, even with the £300 million pounds going directly in your bank.

Levy, and every owner that has joined this new format, are so indulged in their own greedy intentions that they are blind to the fact that they are pushing self-destruction on a sport which touches millions.

Tottenham have sold themselves to the devil, and there is no going back. Even if the league doesn’t formulate, for whatever reason, we know. We know the intentions of him and ENIC.

There is no going back, Daniel Levy. Tottenham will forever be scum now, one of fifteen clubs that will be frowned upon for the rest of its existence.

Have you now got what you’ve wanted this whole time? A shiny new stadium for NFL and concerts, the tenth richest club in the world, and now you’ve squirmed your way into the ‘Europe’s elite’ list. ENIC have finally done it: they’ve got their cash machine in full flow with absolutely zero risk.

Profit over glory, profit over integrity, profit over everything. We’re merely a transaction on a screen for you. We’re a 137-year-old institution with history, values, and meaning.

What would Bill Nicholson think? I’ll tell you: he’d be absolutely ashamed of what the club has become. I’m sorry Bill, I really am — your deep-rooted legacy in this club is being ripped apart for the sole intention of more money.

Sickening, it truly is.

Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United,Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Porto, RB Leipzig, and Bayern Munich: hang your heads in absolute shame.

Why on earth do Spurs have an untouchable right to be in the elite European competition every year without earning it.

We got knocked out of the Europa League by Dynamo Zagreb this year. We’ve never won the Champions League. My god, this absolutely stinks.

We used to be the underdog club. The club trying to break the mold, fight against the elite — we had an identity. But look at us now, we’re consumed in trying to be elite we’ve sold ourselves out.

We’re not a big club, no one is in that pathetic money grab is. A true big club would stand up for what is right and lead by example.

The future of football is in tatters. And for the club I love, I worry greatly.

But Levy, I hope you’re happy — you’ve got what you always wanted.

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