Opinion: Five Spurs players who should be ashamed of the their performance last night

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I could almost name every single player out on the pitch last night in this list, but that would not be fair. While some at least started the game well and faded, others didn’t do enough for the full 90 minutes.

Here are the five Spurs players who should feel ashamed after that 7-2 display.

Serge Aurier 

By far the biggest culprit. The Ivorian right-back gave the ball away all game, dived into stupid challenges, and failed to offer anything in possession. The man can’t defend and looks out of ideas when he goes forward too. If I could only replace one player in the squad, it would be him by a country mile.

Toby Alderweireld 

While I don’t like singling Toby out, in a 7-2 defeat, the central defenders have to stand up. Alderweireld wasn’t his normal composed self on the ball and couldn’t quite hit the mark at times with his long raking crosses. Definitely Spurs’ best defender on the night, but that isn’t saying much.

Jan Vertonghen

Toby’s partner in crime, Jan also has to take some stick for the performance last night. Errors in closing down and winning the ball led to Bayern goal after Bayern goal, and Jan and Toby should have been organising that Spurs defence.

Danny Rose 

Got forward well and won a penalty but was caught out in some questionable positions. Lucky not to give away a penalty in the second half too. Again, he wasn’t the worst defender and Spurs were chasing the game, but Rose can and must do better.


I am lumping these two together for one key reason. While their performances were not too bad on the pitch, their leadership was. Lloris couldn’t get near any of the shots and Kane was feeding on scraps for most of the night. However, Spurs needed their two captain/leader figures to stand up and lead that lost team last night. Especially at 5-2, it should have been about taking our medicine and shutting them out, rather than having the footballing world talk about how embarrassing we are.

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  1. I am surprise you didn’t include Poch in the list. Why he started with Aurier at right back is beyond me. Sissoko should have started in that position, having played in that poistion on Saturday for much of the game. Also his decision to replace Ndombele & Winks with attacking midfield players left our defense with no protection for the last 20 minutes. BM ran riot after these subsitutions were made.

  2. That was basically a 4-2 defeat to a very clinical performance from Bayern. It happens. The extra 3 goals in the last 15 were directly due to poch throwing the dice to go for the win. The score looks bad to the rest of the world… but would you rather we just lay down and settle for a nice loss? Or grow nuts and go for the win? I back poch’s attitude on this even if it didn’t work out this time.


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