Opinion: Five ways Jose Mourinho is better than Mauricio Pochettino as Spurs boss

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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The appointment of Jose Mourinho as Spurs boss back in November 2019 was a moment which shocked the world of football, and one that not only Spurs fans were surprised by.

Mauricio Pochettino was without a doubt one of the best managers we have seen in N17, but it was a good time for the club to seek some much-needed change and with a manager of Mourinho’s pedigree available it was a huge statement from the board to bring him to the club.

Despite the unforgettable memories that Pochettino was able to provide the Spurs faithful, here are five reasons why The Special One is the better man to have in the dugout.

The Winning Formula

Everyone in football will have many different things to say about Mourinho, the man is definitely one of the biggest characters in the game today and certainly one that divides opinions. However one thing that everyone must admit, love him, or hate him, he is a winner. The no-nonsense winning style of play is something which has avoided the club for so long, leaving the club emptyhanded since 2008. But if anyone can take Spurs to glory it is Jose.

He has managed to win a trophy at every club he has stepped up to helm of, and that incredible record is something he will not want to go to waste in North London.

Pochettino was so close to writing history with the club many times over his tenure as gaffer, but the struggle to clear the final hurdle was something which needed to come to an end and no man in football is more equipped to win a final than Mourinho.

Fearless of making controversial decisions

Under Pochettino one thing that was infuriating to see was the refusal to make a change when things were clearly not going to plan, something Mourinho’s philosophy was quick to change around at the club.

A substitution has the ability to completely turn around a team fortunes especially if done not only to the appropriate players but at the right times, and Mourinho has impressed with the swaps he has made.

One clear example of this was the taking off of Eric Dier in just 29 minutes when Spurs found themselves two goals down when Olympiakos came to town in the Champions League group stage. This bold move was something that caught everyone’s eye as it was something not seen under our previous Argentine boss, but the change ultimately turned the game on its head and saw us walk away with all three crucial points.

Transfer pulling power

Due to his immense record of success as a manager, Mourinho has been blessed with opportunities to coach some of the best players to ever grace a football pitch, and he is a main reason why players will be open to joining a club he is in charge at, something huge for Spurs.

His ability to attract players from around the globe should not be underestimated and it has been on display all throughout his short tenure at the club. Players such as Steven Berwijn, Gareth Bale, Sergio Reguilon, and many more have all joined during the Jose era and he is without a fact a driving factor in their decision.

Mean streak

Another thing which finds a way to split the Mourinho opinion is the fact he is a no-nonsense gaffer. He is known for setting up his side to do whatever it takes to win the match and that nasty side is something the club had been crying out for throughout Pochettino’s reign.

Being able to make the fouls, take the yellow cards, time waste, get players booked is what any great squad needs to be able to do as it creates a winning formula within the modern game. A nice team might play attractive football but will lack a winning edge and that is a massive bonus of brining The Special One into the first team set up.

Not scared to make players accountable

Now more than ever we see managers taking all the blame for the teams poor performances but sometimes responsibility needs to fall on those who make the costly errors, and Jose is not shy when it comes to letting players know their wrongs.

Despite only being boss for under a year at the club, Mourinho has made some big statements when it comes to team selections, an occurrence us Spurs fans were not used to seeing under Pochettino.

Freezing some of our top players, who are underperforming, out of the matchday line up might take many by surprise but if it proves to be beneficial for the club then the correct decision has been made.

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