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Last week I was peed off (and many weeks before that), this week I am apoplectic. For Christ sake, we were facing a very deficient Everton team.

As I walked around their stadium (before doing what I am paid to do) and saw all the pictures of their past glories displayed on their outside walls, I could only ponder at what these greats could be thinking on their clubs demise. But then again, why am I thinking about their past players when our past players must be doing cartwheels. They would be thinking, of Spurs predicament, “Great stadium, great support, but a shit squad and a manager that is in decline”.

As I said in my previous article, the rot started to set in last season. Therefore they (that is Pochettino and Levy) had time to sort it out in the summer months. Instead, they purchased players they don’t want to fully blood (yet), while others (who should have left) continue to stay, going through the motions while taking the clubs money.

It is pretty evident to any simpletons that there are huge problems at the club. Fisty-cuffs at dawn, one half not talking to the other half, drinks galore and a manager who is stuck in a barrel (with a dilemma) looking for the corner to have a Jimmy Riddle.

Liverpool, Manchester City, add Leicester City and Chelsea, all pulling away from those under them. We, on the other hand, are possibly staring at the relegation zone. We are only five points behind Southampton, who are in third from the bottom.

This season we’ve been humiliated by Brighton, Watford, Newcastle and Everton. In cup competitions, we’ve been embarrassed by Colchester United and received our worst ever home defeat (7-2) by Bayern Munich (in the Champions League). We’ve only beaten Southampton, Aston Villa and Palace. That is poor by anybody’s standards, let alone by a team that has aspirations (that is a joke!).

How long can we continue to be humiliated and turned into a laughing stock before somebody takes hold and does something?

I get a close-up look, and even that close, I can’t say anything positive.

The atmosphere around Goodison Park of late is a gloomy place because of where they are, but it was darkened even more as the football became secondary to Gomes’ plight, until the mood was lifted (for them) by substitute Cenk Tosun heading in from close range. Yes, they were lifted (momentarily) while our shoulders dipped even more as we, the players and fans sunk into despair.

Earlier, our hopes were lifted when Dele Alli’s clinical finish had livened up our dull existence, and game, with a goal (Oh, we jumped for joy, high fives all around and a few inappropriate huggings).  We’ve been without a league win on the road since January, but that goal going in seemed to have changed all that. We seemed to be taking all three points (at that point) when Alli punished a loose pass from Everton’s Alex Iwobi to fire in.

Moments later, Alli looked to have handled in the Everton box but, after a three-minute delay peppered with boos from supporters, a penalty was not given by VAR.

Then it all changed; Everton eventually equalised deep into the 12th minute of stoppage time following Gomes’ injury. With that draw, it moved Marco Silva’s side three points clear of the relegation zone. We could have gone eighth with a rare away win, but instead, we are 11th in the middle of a pack of 13 teams separated by just six points.

As for Son; he initially looked set to be given a yellow card for the challenge before referee Atkinson changed his mind and reduced us to 10 men for the rest of the match. The omens were changing – or maybe not – and the clouds darkened even more. We felt it in our bones that they were going to equalise, and could even win it. They sensed a killing, which never materialised. A better side would have put such pressure on us that we probably would have eventually capitulated.Thank God for Micky Mouse, Walcott and all the other boy wonderers playing for Everton.

Pochettino said, after the match, it was “not important” whether Son should have been sent off or not, although added he did think his player was given a red card because of the “consequence” of the challenge. Whether it was the “consequences” or not he will miss three games (but still be available for the trip to Red Star Belgrade) (Beanyman Sports).

A poor performance all around. Tottenham’s fall from Grace is even worse than Everton’s, as they’ve been a mediocre team for some time. We were Champions League Finalist last season and a top-four finisher for a number of years. How the mighty (?) fall!

Our problem started a few years back when we didn’t freshen when we should have. Allowing old stale dross to affect the team. Now we have derision and conflict, where we should have stability, harmony and strength.

Of course, the buck stops with the manager. Daniel Levy needs top four income otherwise, his whole project could sink into a black hole. The question is; how long will he continue to watch from the sidelines, thus allowing his manager to run around like a headless chicken. The other problem is; how long will the fans continue paying good money to see a team in turmoil? Some of us are loyal, but in the modern game of football, others just want kudos for supporting a successful team. Some are so fickle that a falling team will mean moving to a more successful club. Some may say, who cares, but money matters in the global world of football (just ask Everton, Southampton, Watford and Norwich, to name but four).

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  1. Good article Don echoing the sentiments of the majority I am sure. Levy created this mess and had plenty of warning but ignored everything to continue pinching pennies. I warned last season that this was coming. Where is the common sense of Levy or Pochettino?? To continue playing Eriksen and Aurier is sheer madness. One, a player going through the motions, the other, a ticking time bomb who will lose us more games than win them. Frustration at this madness is eating away at our support by the week. We have the players to correct the mess yet we refuse to use them ( Foyth, Lamela, Sessegnon) for reasons none of us can fathom. If Pochettino will jnot change we need to show him the door promptly. This travesty cannot be allowed to continue. We buy players in August yet are waiting until November to give them full games, with one exception. Levy, take charge or face the consequences of half empty stadiums and inability to sign top players who will only go to Champions League teams. I am a Spurs fan since 1960. Seen it all, but this is the worst.


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