Opinion: Merci beaucoup, Hugo

Image: SpursWeb

For giving us something to talk about after this dreary affair. As for the game, they were crap, so were we, but ours was just a tad better than theirs.

Moussa Sissoko made a nice run which turned yet another desultory Spurs possession into something a bit more threatening and when the ball finally came to Lo Celso, he did what comes naturally: turn, fire and so what if it was headed five feet wide. Michael Keane’s arm was in the way and that was that.

The defence was much improved because Toby actually settled things but Dier had a particularly strong game. In the second half Son appeared to be on a bit of an understandable mission and could have doubled the lead twice. Other than that, it was blah going forward as it usually is with us these days.

As for the “incident”, I would assume it didn’t just spring up in this game, but might have been a bit of detritus from the Blades and then when Richarlison managed to somehow break free after Spurs had numerous chances to clear the ball and reverse the field and put a genuine goalscoring threat on the captain, someone was going to hear about it. But maybe a bigger message got sent—there are consequences and everything, even for such a seeming happy-go-lucky character as Son, isn’t all cherries and cream.

Funny that perhaps the two most memorable incidents other than the wonder run against Burnley in this past year have been against the Toffees—the red card (undeserved) which led to the horrific injury for Andre Gomes—and the little contretemps with his captain yesterday.

Someone still cares. Someone is telling his team that 8th place with little hope of much above 6th or 7th isn’t good enough. But let’s face it—this mediocrity has been the rule, not the exception, since a rather glorious win against this same Toffee side on New Year’s last season under Poch. Since then Spurs have lost almost as much as they have won—and been essentially a mid-table or even slightly below mid-table side. So maybe Hugo’s outburst will be a turning point. I can’t imagine either of these players will be anywhere else in two months when it all starts again. Perhaps a bond will get forged that might spill over.

We can only hope. The virus that has afflicted a formerly dynamic and impressive bunch has been circulating for much longer in North London than the actual life-threatening one that has crippled the world. Maybe we can fight it off better than most countries appear able to handle the other.

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