Opinion: The anointed one arrived, and we took home the spoils

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West Ham United 2 Spurs 3 (or should that be the Spammers 2, Mourinho’s Spurs 3!)

What an exhilarating game. My concern for this match was how the fans would react to Mourinho, where in fact they were, in the majority, supportive and sung his name. As for the game itself, there was more life in the team than before, and they were up for it. Granted, near the end, we sagged, but overall, 9 out of 10. Those that were there (plus those that were watching from afar) were excited and could now see a better future for us.

I must say, before Pochettino was sacked and Mourinho was anointed I was apprehensive about this match, in fact, that is putting it mildly. I expected us at best to get a draw. As you will probably know, I am a very optimistic person, but that optimism was starting to drain out of me where performances were concerned. Now; where I saw only darkness, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are nine points between us and fourth place (Chelsea), that is only three wins, with the hope that those above us will drop points. We are not even halfway through the season yet, so all to play for. On top of that; where Pochettino would dismiss the FA Cup as an irrelevance, there is now positiveness towards the competition, and we are still in the Champions League. Don’t you feel elated? I do. Granted, Pochetino built the base/ foundations, now Mourinho will start putting the structure together to create a winning trophy team.

I had stayed the night before in London and left early on Saturday morning; went by train to Stratford from Goodmayes. Once at the ground, I started to chat with fellow supporters. What was on my mind was what the others thought (on Mourinho). The first person I met didn’t like Mourinho, but, from there on it was all uphill. Chatted to the Spurs Stewards (who all agreed with his appointment), met some friends (who also approved), and then they said they would buy me a pint and we all went in to the stadium. More chats, more positive enthusiasms and then to our seats. There I met Terry and Mark (who sits in the East Stand) and chatted. Sitting next to me were two young ladies called Sue and Gill. Again the talk was enthusiastic for Mourinho. Terry then twigged that he had met the two young ladies at an away European game. Away supporters frequently cross each other’s paths but don’t always recognise each other, so their faces are just filed away in the back of one’s mind until something triggers recognition and then a conversation follows.

As per usual, when a new manager arrives, but more so in this case, being a high profile manager, the press were out in force. The camera’s clicked away as the anointed one entered the arena, shook hands with his opponents and then took his seat. Finally, when everything quietened down, the players were out, and we settled down (or stood) for the game to get underway.

Jose Mourinho enjoyed a winning start for us as coach, with a 3-2 London derby triumph over West Ham at London Stadium.

First-half goals from Son and Lucas Moura and a third from Harry Kane four minutes after the break gave us our first Premier League away win since 20 January (and that was against Fulham).

It was about as a comfortable win as Mourinho could have hoped for after a turbulent week, in which he replaced Pochettino (but thanks for what he had done for us).

Late goals from substitute Michail Antonio and Angelo Ogbonna gave the final scoreline a flattering look, but the result made a mockery of an ill-advised post from West Ham’s social media team following Mourinho’s appointment, highlighting previous difficulties the 56-year-old has endured at London Stadium. But that was more to do with jealousy and trying to rattle us. We stood firm and took home three points.

The final whistle came, and we stood and applauded the team and Mourinho. Long before all that the Hammers supporters had started to slink away with their heads between their knees, and I must say, a lot of them dropped them in the process splattering egg yolk all over the floor, what a shit cleanup! Never mind, I presume they are used to it.

One thing I must say about away matches; when one goes regularly, you meet some wonderful Tottenham supporters (which you don’t usually see when at the Tottenham stadium unless they sit near you). They become like a family away from home. It is not just about the match, but beforehand, the game and the afterwards. Great people, great supporters… what joy!

Just a matter of interest, Sue, who I told you about earlier, got a text from her daughter, who was watching the game at home on sky, and when they showed the fans chatting away (before the match) we were captured; her daughter sent a photo shot and a small video (didn’t Andy Warhol say that we all would be famous for fifteen minutes? That’s it! I’ve had mine, now back to mediocrity).

After the game, I had to go with Hanna to another part of London to wet a baby’s head and then back to her house to pick my car up and finally getting home at 11pm. What a day!

Now we move on to Tuesday where we face Olympiacos FC at home where we need either a win or a draw to go through to the next round.

Before and after the game the fans were buoyant and happy. They now see a brighter future than they did a few weeks ago, and that future will be with silverware. We are back!!!!!! Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur!


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