Opinion: The disgrace that is VAR

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I really don’t care about the Europa League, and that’s all we’re really playing for at best. So the outcome of this match doesn’t really matter in the larger scheme of things. Our counterattack was utterly wasteful for the first half-hour, with nearly every midfielder or attackers playing a role in the mistakes that prevented what could have been three or four excellent goal-scoring opportunities. And then to their credit, the Blades took advantage of the first real chance they got. And twice again after diabolical defending in the second half. Such is football.

But the disgraceful cowardly incompetent decision by VAR to rule out Kane’s quick equaliser simply makes me lose all trust in this sport and most of my interest in watching it. The decision was horrific in several ways. First; Lucas went to ground because he was the victim of a clear foul. Where was the referee, the incompetent Chris Kavanagh, with that happening right before his eyes? Second, if the ball did touch his arm, it was because of the foul and then it was clattered forward by a Sheffield United player. That was the action that led to Kane getting possession with a chance to score. In no way did the handball, if it even occurred, a product of a glaring foul, lead directly to Kane’s goal. I simply do not understand how the rules can be bent to deny one team who did nothing wrong a goal when it was the other team that fouled, the other team that squandered possession, and the other team which then allowed Kane to find the back of the net.

Disgraceful. Incompetent. Foolish, Possibly corrupt. I can’t take it any more. VAR is ruining this game far more than COVID could ever hope to. They need to banish it forever—and yes, we benefitted twice against City from this technology. I don’t care. It’s an abomination that values the wrong things and destroys the pace and flow of a game.

The fact that Norwood should have been sent off before halftime is further proof that something about this refereeing crew was very suspicious. Those who wonder if what are fairly low paid officials compared to the players they are judging are always impeccably forthright and honest have a right to wonder. And if it was technically the “right” call, then the rules are wrong. And why can’t VAR also say that the foul by a Sheffield United player preceded everything, so all bets are off concerning what then occurs.

It’s rotten. Pure and simple. And deep down we all know this technology will never make things right or be used properly. Let the human beings on the pitch make the mistakes.

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