Opinion: Three players who let Tottenham down today against Southampton

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Tottenham Hotspur are back to winning ways in the Premier League with a hard-fought win over Southampton.

Unfortunately, despite going 1-0 up in the first half, Spurs shot themselves in the foot twice to let the Saints back in.

Let’s take a look at the three players who let the side down today:

Serge Aurier 

I could put Aurier on the list three times, to be honest. The right-back was out of position time and time again in the first half an hour, before disaster struck. One slide challenge from behind and one tug back, Aurier earned himself a rather predictable red card. I still think that this guy is a liability and will do this kind of thing over and over. He is not the answer to Spurs’ right-back issues.

Hugo Lloris 

Whilst I do feel that Hugo made up for his mistake with a number of top saves and calm cross collections, it is impossible to leave him off this list. Lloris decided that, at 1-0, he would attempt to chop past the striker rather than clearing the ball down field. Unsurprisingly, the ball ended up in the back of the net, with Hugo left blushing and cursing his decision. At least he won’t do that again.

Christian Eriksen 

While there was no huge blunder from Eriksen as there was with Hugo and Aurier, his performance was just as disappointing for me. As the chief playmaker, he is supposed to make chances and keep the ball well. He gave it away time and time again, got bullied off the ball, and didn’t seem to put in the same level of defensive effort as a lot of others. I no longer see him as a starter for Spurs.

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  1. Where are Poch’s brains? Persisting in using Eriksen who put in yet another shoddy performance. If Madrid, Barcelona or
    some other BIG (!!!) club sign this guy they needs their brains tested. Sorry, I think he is dreaming if he thinks these performances are going to earn himself the golden ticket. Couldn’t even do the business against Colchester.
    He is a major liability to our team at present. Aurier is also another we should not be using. Red Cards and him are close friends. Any other day this could have been costly. Lucky it was Southampton. Foyth must be close by now. We must now be questioning Poch’s every decision. Why are we not using Moura?? Harry was tired the second half so we stupidly just let him stay out there. Sunday league coaches would not make these juvenile errors in team selection and substitution.

  2. Are you stupid? Eriksen was crucial again today! The hate towards him by butt hurt fans who don’t understand football is unreal.
    First goal, who created the chance? Eriksen with his absoluty perfect cross.
    Second goal? Who set up Son, got the ball back and assisted Kane? Eriksen

    • Couldn’t agree more. And he was still running hard at the end in an effort to shut them down. I wish we had more like him. Yes, he’s decided he wants to go but he certainly hasn’t downed tools.

  3. You might be a chief writer at Spurs Web or whatever but brah it looks like football is not something you can write about. Your knowledge of the game is terrible. Better write fictions and play online games homie.


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