Opinion: Why I would lose any respect for Spurs pair if they sign new deals

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Tottenham Hotspur have three first-team stars inching towards the ends of their careers in North London. Toby Alderweireld, Christian Eriksen, and Jan Vertonghen are all in the final year of their contracts at Spurs.
This means that all three could leave at the end of this season, a huge blow to the club and a mark of the end of the Pochettino era. They will each also be able to talk to non-English clubs in the January window about pre-contract agreements ahead of free summer moves.
However, I get the impression that Vertonghen would sign a new deal at Spurs immediately if one was offered to him. Eriksen, I would say is determined to leave. And Alderweireld, I get the idea is also looking for a change.
The dark cloud of expiring contracts was thick above the head of Pochettino this season, heaping pressure on the Argentine to find results and a solution.
I couldn’t help but feel that he was being let down by the very players he had developed into world class stars. While the players have every right to run their contracts down, I feel as if they were no longer putting in full effort and playing for the manager towards the end. Ultimately, they let him down and they got him sacked.
So, if Alderweireld and Eriksen now change their minds due to the appointment of Jose Mourinho and sign new deals, I would be fuming.
This would show a huge lack of respect for Pochettino, meaning that it was an active decision not to sign and play under him. In turn, my respect for this duo would also vanish.
They made their choices under Poch, and they should stick to them. Sell them in January and bring in replacements.
Either way, they let Poch down. Don’t now rub it in his face after he has gone.

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  1. Sadly it’s the way of things in football now. Player power is king. Like Ex Madrid president Calderon said…”its easier to sack the coach rather than 25 players”. Poch deserved time to sort this mess out. Most of it wasn’t even his doing! The buck stops in the boardroom for contract rebels. I’d have happily seen us finish mid table as long as Poch stayed. After all he’s done for us he deserved a season of mediocrity with his job safe. 5 and half years of constant improvement and at the first bump in the road he’s gone!?! Levy is an idiot as far as this situation is concerned. He’s thought short term only. Eriksen shouldn’t play for us ever again. He’s all but downed tools anyway. I feel sorry for Verts as I don’t think he’s ever wanted to leave….he just wants a better contract than one year and why not? If you worked somewhere who said ok you can keep working here but we’ll only let you sign a 1 year contract, you’d be concerned about your future. Toby has made all the right noises, he’s never once disrespected the club in anyway but has refused any and all offers. To be honest I’d prefer the two CB’s to stay, at least until the end of this season. Unless we bring in a seriously good replacement in January they’ll be needed to salvage anything from this episode.

  2. I agree 100% about Eriksen. For Alderweireld I think it is different. He has continued to put in a consistent level even after being dropped at times. I think he really just wanted a change and if Mourinho coming has done that for him then I have no problem with him staying. Eriksen was disrespectful in so openly wanting a move to a bigger club and he can do one!!!


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