Patience With The Summer Signings Could Really Pay Off

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Dom Le Roy

Yesterday I watched Nacer Chadli build on what was a decent performance against Arsenal with two great goals and a generally threatening performance. This got me thinking about our seven signings and how much time they should be given. I’ve always been an advocate of allowing them time to adjust to the league and I have tried to refrain from judging the signings much at all unless they’ve had an adequate run of games to show what they can do. Chadli’s performance did nothing but reinforce that view and I think people have been too quick to want to get rid.

Our use of the Bale money has been the subject of heavy criticism from many people, fans and ex-pros alike (such as Hoddle recently), but I feel like people are being too critical of players who I believe can come good and prove their worth to the club. Someone like Chadli, who hasn’t really had many chances in the league to really show us the player who we know can be a significant goal threat, is being touted for the exit door already. If we act rashly, we will just end up doing the same as last summer and the revolving doors of Tottenham Hotspur will continue to impact our team.

I saw that we are being linked to Yevhen Konoplyanka and whilst he certainly seems like a good player, I can’t be alone in wanting to stick with Chadli and Lamela and giving them a chance to prove themselves. Looking at each of our signings individually, how many have actually had the chance to play consistently and been a failure?

Roberto Soldado has probably been the most disappointing of the signings, having spurned quite a few good chances and the argument of lack of service certainly holds very little credence now but we’ve seen what lack of confidence can do to a striker and I’d even back him to turn it around.

The other players we signed, I would say definitely have a good chance of turning around any disappointments of this season. Eriksen is arguably our best player and has certainly not been a failure. In fact, it wouldn’t be farfetched to suggest he is the future of our team and we should build it around him.

Paulinho has shown glimpses of what he can do and we saw at the Confederations Cup that he is a great player. The same can be said for Chiriches and Capoue, both of whom have impressed in their performances but have had their seasons impacted by injury (as has Paulinho thanks to Charlie Adam). Chadli (who I actually thought was the least necessary of our summer signings) is beginning to impress now he has settled.

The big enigma is that of Erik Lamela. Probably the most exciting of the seven, he’s also had the smallest impact. Having been injured for most of Sherwoods tenure and poorly managed by AVB (especially after the Sheriff game), it has been difficult for Lamela to showcase his talents but we all know how talented the boy is and although he has been a failure this season, he has not had the chances to prove he can be a success. Also, just because he hasn’t contributed this season, it doesn’t mean he cant be a success next season under, well, whoever is our manager then. The kid is only 22 and plenty of young players have difficulties adapting in their first season in a new league.

Although our signings haven’t been a great success this season, nothing really has been has it? Our existing experienced players have hardly produced and this season has generally been a fairly mundane one. However, with a bit of patience in our new boys I believe (and hope) that next season will be a bit more exciting and we will all have a different outlook on the summers business.

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  1. This article is a deluded fantasy. Spurs bought the wrong players. Most of them are average. Paulinho is hopeless and the worst of the lot.

    • Yeah…..totally useless…..almost certainly one of the central midfield players for the World Cup favourites but clearly not good enough for Spurs. Chadli? A regular

      for Europes most exciting international

      squad at present but

      not good enough for

      Spurs. Lamela? Total

      flop but if not injured he would be playing for the third-favourite team at the world cup. Not good enough for Spurs though. Good job our supporters know better than three international managers. Its why we are bus drivers or unemployed or students or IT consultants and not managing international teams. We are clearly much better judges of players.

  2. Totally agree. I haven’t seen enough of many of the new players to comment. Eriksen is very good. Soldado is a big confidence thing. Scores against Cardiff then doesn’t get a look in! Chadli again not seen enough but against benfica he was vey good. Lamela. I can’t comment as not seen enough at all. Chiriches is very good on the ball. Capoue. Again not played enough to offer any comment. I don’t think anyone can judge how good the new players are on ltd viewing. Time isn’t a word used often at spurs but we can’t keep deciding on a new outfit every time a posh do comes up. That costs money and it never gets used enough!!! Tottenham till I die!!

  3. i think the main problem is the choice of managers chadli has goals in him always though he could be a winner give these players time next season first get your first eleven sorted neither manager has done this has been difficult with the number of injurys i honestly think im sorry to say timmy is anenbarrasment keep him away from interviews sounds like a bloody retard

  4. All of our summer signing have not been managed well , sadly injuries played a major role in team selection, but the bottom line is that we do not have a manager that is capable to to complete an unbiased squad sheet , capoue vs bentaleb its a no brainer , neither lennon or townsend is able to cross a ball when is matters and it no fault of theirs, this is a training issue and its been apparent for years nw , as fot timmy what’s does not kill will only matter u stronger , get ur uefa badges , if anything you will take a more educated approach to management …

  5. I'd personally keep Chadli in the No.10 slot and put Eriksen in the middle with Sandro. Even in the 15mins Eriksen had on Thursday he looked amazing in that position, and I haven't seen someone capable of pulling the strings in midfield like that since Modric.

    So I still think we should buy Konoplyanka, as Townsend looked so ineffective, and as said above persevere with Lamela. Then I think we could line up like this next season.

    Konoplyanka – Chadli – Lamela
    Sandro – Eriksen

  6. I can't believe you are all banging on about "THE NEW SIGNING" Let's take a closer look at home and the players that have been part of the team before we signed anybody i.e. Aaron Lennon, Andros Townsend, Kyle Naughton, Danny Rose. Are these players excempt from blame???????? From what I have seen this season they are very average Championship players. That is my personal opinion . And as for Bentaleb well least said easiest mended!!!!!! Another pass to the opposion on Thursday night resulting in a penalty and yet another goal, need I say anymore!!! Question for all you fans out there. Why is it that a manager is the only one that can't see what's going wrong on the field of play and yet all the fans can?? Surely if you play footballers out of position you are on a looser straight away. Can a dentist do the same job as a heart surgeon???? I don't think so. Football is a very simple game what a pity men complicate it.

  7. I have to say I agree with most of what you have written. I think we need to build a team that integrates the new signings better and plays to the strengths of the individuals.

    I would hope next season we see Christian Erikson in the no 10 role, dictating play and giving that killer pass. He has certainty been the best summer signing and will only get better and more confident in his natural position.

    As for the wings I personally believe Townsend can make the left wing his own, he can provide natural width, beat a man and counter well. He needs to work on his crossing to provide our forwards with a chance and work on interplay with midfield to give him some opportunities to unleash a shot. I also think Lamela should make the right wing his own, with trickery and good link up play he can get on the score sheet a lot and make chances for others.

    As Soldado i'm not sure he can lead the line solo in the premier league. I don't think he has the physical presence or pace to do so. That being said playing alongside a big centre forward allows in to use his cunning and guile to find the chances he would need.


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