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A bumpy start to the new season? Oh yes it is. There is little or no hope for some of the panicking fans. People are already boo’ing or #LevyOut, #PochOut ‘ing within the first three games. The performances have been alright but the fans reaction is surprising and gooner like, which makes it all the more, worse. Let’s break it down to a few “simple” questions.

Are we in trouble? Maybe, but there is still time to fix it.

Do we have anymore unwanted players? No, which is a big relief.

Will our big players be staying for another year? Yes, we have had a successful summer in terms of recouping our best players by getting them to sign long term contracts.

Do we have chances for finish in top six? Yes, I don’t see why not.

Why is everyone panicking? Because Harry Kane hasn’t kicked off yet, we haven’t managed to keep a lead in a single game provided we’ve played well in all and we haven’t got a backup striker.


While it’s easy to say “WE NEED CHANGE”, we have no guarantee what’s going to happen so the best is let’s wait and see how this season goes. Mid-season change is ALWAYS the worst. We are in transition and we were always going to be with the new stadium developments coming in. It’s surprising to see a lot of people forget that and want us to spend recklessly on possibly another set of unwanted players. We have sold five of our last thirteen signings from the last two seasons which shows just how significant it is to have players of the right fit for the right manager. Let’s say Pochettino gets fired tomorrow. There are less than a handful of managers who will be willing to work with such a young set of players who have recently adopted a fairly new philosophy. We hit restart and could end up anywhere. At least now, we have an idea that he has the capability to get the best out of this squad but it is their duty to get things right. If you are to tell me it’s Pochettino’s fault for giving away the lead against Leicester and Stoke, I’d say you’re right. But, the players are equally responsible for it. We have done this in seasons before he arrived and it’s the same thing over and over again, the team has to be more focused and get aggressive. If you ask me what my favorite bit from the game against Leicester was, I would say it was Dier getting that yellow card. We need players going pushing their limits for the team.

Our squad is young and they will learn overtime. Our midfield will click, hopefully, sooner rather than later. Harry Kane will get his first goal in time. This will all happen but we as fans need to be patient and support the team through thick and thin. I agree, Levy has let it late again but didn’t we have a bid rejected for Berahino last week? While we are complaining about our own team and management we fail to see others have their own intentions as well. I am more than glad to not be a club overpaying for players unlike most others do nowadays. Yes, we need to get players fast but how do we know that we are being stalled? We are unlucky to be in the shadows of the big four clubs and hence players might just stall us to see if they get interested and signed up by one of them. In simple words, Willian. I wouldn’t want to pay high wages for a player and then see him not perform to his best and eat up our money scrolling through Twitter or Instagram and LOLing our fans, and we know this is more than possible to happen because it has in the past. As a club, we have been unlucky with all our big signings (Soldado, Paulinho, Bentley) and this shows we have tried but it just never works out.

We do have the funds to sign top class players but the question is do they fit the profile? Is it what the manager wants? We have an idea of a style, he has another. He has more experience than probably all of us sitting behind a computer or a phone and directing him on what to do. We don’t have the funds the chairman has. We are talking about millions here, not a couple of pounds. A couple could easily by us a highly potential player. At the end of the day, it all depends on the type of player the management team are looking for.

As fans, we need to be patient. Yes, panic during the November-December period if it hasn’t worked out. Us moaning about the team isn’t going to help anyone, the club or the fan base, from getting anything. Personally, our performances have been an 8.0, 7.0 and a 7.5 out of 10. We have been playing good football but our team it is just not happening at the moment. When it does, it could do wonders. We have a young squad with some who are yet to break into our starting XI. I don’t think the eleven we have seen in the last few games is going to be come end of the season. There is still time for progress and I believe it will happen. Like Pochettino said, you can’t judge a team this early on, you should after ten games. I think we will be comfortable by then.

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  1. An article that yet again has its head in the sand.

    ‘Can we finish 6 th’. Of course we won’t.

    Can the author please tell me how we have improved since Pochetino’s arrival?

    We are still so slow, we still create very few true goal chances. We have bought to strengthen our defence but don’t bother to play them. Slow, ponderous, boring … The Poch way.

  2. I don’t think it’s panic, it’s frustration. Frustration that the chairman is waiting so long to bring in some offensive players to give the manager options to win games.
    For anyone calling for Poch or Levy to go is moronic. Poch still hasn’t had a window where he’s acquired the players he wants. So far, we’ve signed just one player for the first team, Alderwerield. Alli, N’Jie, Wimmer & Trippier may get into the team but suspect they are squad players at this time.

    Let’s judge Poch once he’s had a fair shake, not juggling a previous failed squad of another managers assembling.

    As for Levy, I appreciate how much progress has been made under Enic since they took over. However, in the short term his transfer policy is incredibly frustrating. It costs us points year after year leaving us to play catch up with others.

    Another year of transition I fear, but I’ll still be behind the team. COYS

  3. For us to break into the top 4 we need the new stadium up and running so this means we will struggle to buy the best players or compete with the top four at the moment with wages. Expectations from tottenham fans is crazy. Poch will build a team to challenge for Champs league spot but like he said from the beginning 3 year plan… then judge him

    • YES! This is what alot of fans fail to understand. They want initial success which is not possible unless we do another surprise season like we did under Harry

  4. There is no need to panic yet I agree but saying we have not got any unwanted players? Lamela is one of the worst players I have seen in a long time. Bentaleb goes sideways, backwards, anyways but forwards. Oh, and we are still paying Adebayor 100k a week.
    Pochettino says judge us after ten games. Surely we are judging him after a full season. A season in which, apart from 3 games the players simply did not buy into his philosophy and I am yet to be convinced of his tactics. If indeed he has any.
    Against Leicester, we looked much better when Alli came on because he got forward. Prior to that there was always ten yards between Kane up front and the midfielders behind.
    Levy leaves signings to the last minute and that is poor. Even with the new stadium, can anyone really be confident that we will suddenly become a top four team?
    When Arsenal moved they were already in the champions league. It is unlikely we will be by the time we move into the new stadium. It will take a couple of years before the extra income can be spent so realistically we are looking at another 5 or 6 years before we possibly become a top four mainstay. That will mean it has taken levy 20 years to to the top four on a regular basis.

    • While I agree with you on Lamela, he surprisingly is also one of our most creative players. The game against Leicester, he created five chances. He was also our leading player in terms of assists last season. How? I have no idea. His performances are terrifying but he does create and is probably one player who we can not read.
      Adebayor is totally blocked out of the club and will (hopefully) leave soon. Again, HIS personal terms broke down with two clubs, Aston Villa and West Ham. You can't blame the club for that.
      Yes, Alli is a blessing to us tbh. But as I said, Pochettino still doesn't know the best XI and he won't for another couple of weeks because not everyone is in top form. Give it time.
      It's not our fault that the Berahino bid got rejected. We did offer 18m for a player worth 15m. The other clubs have a say as well. Maybe the same happened with players who signed contract extentions (Martial, Mirallas, etc.)? Their clubs could just increase their wage bill, a bit more than what we would offer.

      It will take time but I don't see why not we could compete with the top five. They all are BIG clubs but we are getting there.


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