Paulinho Sale: A blessing in disguise?

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Quite recently, it has been reported through various sources that Paulinho is Juventus’ number one target for replacing Arturo Vidal, who is likely to end up at Manchester United.

Having only joined last season, Paulinho has had a shaky start at the Premier League. He has appeared in 30 games, scoring 6 goals over the period of the season, which is a decent number considering his first time around in England. Although, he was introduced to the world at the Confederations Cup, his performances for Brazil there were outstanding and ever since then, started taking a downfall. Inconsistency and lack of adaptation saw him being dropped a couple of times and the more recent World Cup, makes you think otherwise.

Through the reports, it can be noticed that Juventus are willing to bid around the range of £20 million, which for me is the best price we could get for him considering his current performances. (Remember, we only bough him for £17.5 million so the sale will be a profit!). Other than that, here are the top three reasons why I think selling Paulinho will be the best option.

Money in is always good

The sale will give us more funds to invest in and target on players we were unable to with an earlier budget for this window. The likes of Lukaku, Bony, Ricardo Rodriguez or Lovren are now a possibility if we bid for one of them. It helps us get better quality players and since we have a sufficient number of central midfielders, we could invest it in other key areas.

A change in the formation and style

A number of times last season, it seemed as if things weren’t working out and we were forcing them to happen. It resulted in poor performances, home and away and there was a much needed change of formation. This could help that happen. I believe we need to change our style of play a bit as well since we have lacked creativity, goal scoring opportunities and in winning the midfield battle on several occasions.

A boost for the younger players

I honestly think that one of our home grown talents should take over this position. We have players like Holtby, Carroll, Sigurdsson and Bentaleb who should be stepping up for this opportunity. We know how talented they are and what all they can offer.

I think we can live without Paulinho and it will be better if we sold him, for us and for him as well. He is a player that suits a different style of team, which is not us. If we want us to sign top players, this sale could let us do so!

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  1. I would love if Siggy were given the opportunity to fill the void left by a potential sale of Paulinho. He has all the tools to really excel in the deep lying playmaker roll we've struggled to fill since Modric left. That being said Holtby and Carroll deserve to be given a look too.

    • Siggy has been given many chances and has not grasped them. He's not a game changer inside and he's certainly not one on the left wing. In my opinion, he's not even the player Kranks was ..and the latter was given fewer chances than Sig to make a playmaking position his own. Holtby, for all his enthusiasm and running, has not got the guile to open up the toughest teams, while Carroll is cleverer but still too lightweight to be of any real influence. Modric's place in the team is a vast hole and desperately needs to be filled, but not by any of that lot (despite their personal likeability and efforts for the cause). As for Paulinho (who puts in no effort and has no likeability), what is the void (?) exactly that would be left by this luxury 'box to box stroller'? Some thought, generously, it was just that Spurs didn't fit his type of play ..but he seemed just as ineffectual for Brazil. So how has this man (who looked 'cool' when he first came, but we learned later it was because he hardly seemed to break sweat) convinced Spurs and Brazil that he's a top player??? Before the World Cup I was hoping Chelsea, or whoever, would buy him for £25m ..but now his stock has fallen, and I'm nervous it will soon dip below the stupidly high amount we paid for him!

    • Completely agree,and would like to see a more aggressive 3-5-2 attacking formation.We have the tools to do it,and an attack minded manager now,just wish he could speak better English,but hopefully that will come in time.

      Maybe Pochettino will surprise us all this season.

      Lets hope so.


  2. Why are you hell bent on beating down the Spurs' players?

    Your worthless conjecture only serves to have the Paulinho wonder if the Spurs fans don't want him.

    Considering what an aweful job management did last season, Paulinho was one of our better players.

    I hope that we don't ship many, if any, players out. We finally have a manager that has strategic capabilities along with people management skills.

    Give the team this year to play like a team – then – we'll know who should leave or stay.

    Why don't you spend your time writing about more interesting topics, like, how we match up to the other EPL teams this year –

  3. Paulinho is head and shoulders above the players you mentioned to step up. We would be weaker if we sold him and went with any of those "options"

  4. I can tell you now he isn't going anywhere, that's not my opinion it's FAcT!

    He done ok last year but he looks like he needs a total rest away from football for a month, then come back fresh for the season ahead.

  5. Paulinho Is a really good player I just don't think he fits at spurs and it would be nice to give the other players a little boost, still he is a great player and we dont know everything about him so maybe a year more would make sense

  6. I like Paulinho even if he doesn’t start great to have as a sub and European games. I would love to see Christian cabellos given a chance this year he is a player with real quality again even if it was just cup and European games see how he plays.

  7. I think that everyone is forgetting that when he joined Spurs , he had just finished the Brazilian season and came straight into the squad to play a second season back to back. At the end of last season he played in the WC. The poor mucker must be bloody exhausted. He needs to have some rest… Once he's recuperated he'll be a great player.

  8. You seem to have forgotten that Paulinho has played an incredible amount of football for the last two years. Two full seasons completed by both the confed cup and the World Cup. The guy needs a proper rest, give him a break.

  9. Paulinho is an absolutely useless footballer who is clueless on how to play the game. Spurs lost 17 million and need to find a way to recoup the money asap.

  10. I would definitely love to give him a true rest, bring him back fresh and then see what he can do. I saw him play in the concafed final and he was absolutely brilliant. That was at the end of almost 18months straight football and then he walked straight into Spurs and it has continued. The guys needs a rest. He can score and find a pass. Just let him have that rest, let us see when he comes back and then we are in a better position to see what he can do.


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