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Uninterested? Lethargic? Poor man’s Lampard?

I have heard all of the above in regards to our supposed next big thing from Brazil, Jose Paulo Bezerra Maciel Junior, or as we know him, Paulinho. I have tended to agree for the most part, but is there more to this player than we realize?

Let’s start at the beginning, a fairly tidy Brazilian is signed for £17m. Take out the word Brazilian and there is not much to be excited about, in a year where Mr Gareth Bale was heading out, we as fans were craving big, very big in fact, money signings to make us feel just that little bit better about our talisman departing. But the fact this player was Brazilian just gave that little tingle in the stomach of a potential new star at the Lane.

Life at Tottenham started quite well for the newly crowned Confederations Cup winner, nicking a few goals and always seeming to be involved in anything that was happening on the pitch, a trait some would have expected if they had watched him during that fantastic confederations cup run with Brazil, but as the season grew older, you just had this little feeling that he wasn’t quite performing to the level that we as fans expect, don’t get me wrong he gets in fantastic positions, then almost Dider Zokora-esk, manages to miss the target most times.

Frustrating is one way of describing Paulinho, another is quite frankly just not good enough, not my opinion, but that of many others I have spoken to. For me he has all the attributes to succeed at Tottenham, he is strong, fairly quick for a big man, has a good energy about him, but the one thing I felt he lacked was true passion, I felt he never cared whether we won, lost or drew, his face almost never changing, he seemed like he was just along for the ride, with no wonder for the eventual destination.

That was until I saw this man giving the team talk during Brazil’s torturous yet victorious battle with Mexico, the passion that oozed from him, barking out like a true leader, the rest of the Brazil team, players like Neymar, Thiago Silva and David Luiz, hanging on his every word, feeling his passion and letting it transfuse unto them, this is the man I want at the heart of Tottenham’s midfield, you can argue this was for Brazil at a home World Cup, but to me what I saw was a passion for football, and a desire to win, both of which can be transferred to Tottenham.

In short I hope Paulinho is here to stay, and spearhead our next charge.

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  1. I saw him in the huddle as well, hopefully he shows that same spirit for Spurs this season. I never once saw anything like that from him last season.

  2. What I find hard to understand is how no one seems to understand how difficult it must be coming from Brazil to England not only to play football but to live, Give him time he might not be a great player but he`s not as poor as some are suggesting, I think he scored 8 goals last season and that is not to be sniffed at, we have had strikers who don`t score 8 goals
    this boys movement from back to front is excellent but he lacks the silky skills we sometimes expect from a Brazilian
    Just look at De-Santos for mexico if that don`t make you realise then nothing will

  3. Quick for a big man ? are you joking ? he runs in treacle, slow as arse holes, and that is why he was dropped against a very hard working pressing Chile team because he would have been bypassed in the game, now transfer everything I have just said to the prem and we have a slow as arse holes player in the fastest league in the world.

    The reason passion was shown is because he was playing for his nation you can stand there all day long trying to get people like Dembele, Lennon, Vertonghen, Ade, Kaboul, passionate and they won't give a shit, if you saw him with Dawson, Walker, Lloris and Sandro you might have a different view point, there in a nutshell is the problem with spurs, too many not good enough or don't care enough. sadly those that care are shit ! apart from lloris, and those that turn up 1 week in every 4 are who Tim Sherwood was referring to after the chelsea game.

    • Box to Box midfielders do not need to be quick, this boy can run all day long, and he was dropped from the Brazil team because he is not playing well, you make some really good points in your post and I agree with a lot of what you say but with Paulinho your wrong,
      At Spurs we make player judgements so quickly its hard when we are playing such a poor brand of football lets see if this new manager can change that and also what we feel about some of these new players

      • Well he has lost any passion he once had. He was not box to box as advertised. I hope what we saw is not really him but I get the feeling we were duped again. He reminded me of another over hyped player Bentley. Slow,chicken,no passion, and a waste of time. If we can get anything north of 5 million we take it now!!! or like David we will get 0. You cannot teach desire. Agree with Ben sometimes we have to accept that we we are seeing is really happening. He is a joke, and will be out of the game entirely like Bentley within three tears max. Does not care any more. I hope other clubs do not agree with me and I want to be wrong.

      • I agree box to box players do not need to be quick, but when they are up against the likes of Ramires, Toure, etc, and then in years gone by Lampard , Gerrard, etc you need to be able to match them all the way for 90 minutes and he will never do that, he is most definitely a top player but he is not the top 4 we need to get us to the next level, Fabregas would have run him into the ground, until we can match these teams in that department we will never get there, you have to adapt the team to what you are up against and in the main Paulinho will look good against Cardiff away, but he won't at Stamford Bridge ! he won't at Anfield, he won't at City, and he won't at Arsenal.
        This is precisely why Man United are looking for that type of player in their midfield and a large reason why they didn't make the top 4 last year, Carrick and Cleverley is not the answer is it… I would like to see us sell him and buy a Couthino type player.. we are desperate for that type of man.. Modric has never been replaced and it shows !

        Take your point but I disagree where Paulinho is concerned, even Robbie Savage would have Murdered him over 90 minutes.

  4. Paulinho is a joke of a player. He must be the worst Brazilian midfielder of all time.

    Get rid of him as soon as possible.

  5. It is interesting to see mixed responses in regards to Paulinho, which is to be honest what is to be expected after the season he has had, but I was talking about the potential there to become a quality player, most players struggle with their first season in the premier league, it seems Paulinho is no different, but the ability is clearly there, he just needs more time, and a settled team to play in, thank for the responses guys!

  6. Paulinho was poor last year but then again I can count on 2 fingers the players that had a good season. Add to that the fact we had 2 managers and lost our star player levy screwed up last year it was disatrous. All the new signings deserve at lest 1 more year lets see if poch can release the potential in these players and get behind them next year COYS!!!

  7. I hope i am not wrong here, but i do believe in paulinho, he was great at the conf cup, and he looked to have a very diffrent confidence then then now. You dont play for brazil if you are a shir player. Yes he got dropped cause A. Feenadinho who subbed for him was fantastic. B. Still i dont see the same confidence yet in him. Who knows maybe the guy never really had a set-back before and then he comes to england and after 3 games some says he is great and many says he is crap, maybe the guy now doubts himself. Think we should get behind him, support him as he are a great player. Its not his fault we havent replaced modric, and what to say we cant play in a diffrent formation and bring in a modric type aswell? What spurs needs to do is to learn who to at the best way possible use a player like that.

    But then again i could be wrong and yes we are all experts.


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