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I haven’t written anything this season because it’s all the same, over and over again. I do see glimpse of positives but they have never been consistent. To bring it all down to one reason? An inconsistent starting XI. I believe Pochettino is doing the same mistake David Moyes did when he went on to join Manchester United, experiment. Week in, week out, regardless of a Europa League fixture, we have been changing our team, which means we are approaching each game in a unique manner, but that doesn’t provide consistency. A key to success in footballing is to build an understanding with your team mates and I don’t think it will be possible if you keep changing that team every week. This is mainly in terms of centre backs because they are the most important players who can lead a team defensively.

Personally, I believe in Mauricio Pochettino and also that in time he will provide us results but we all know thats not how things work here at Spurs. He needs to understand that he will have to work with the players he gets and not those from his wishlist at all times. So how can he get the most out of what he has? I think the simplest way would be a change in the formation. Bear with me, this is going to be long.


This is a very controversial formation since alot of people won’t agree to a 5-3-2-1 because it’s too ‘defensive’. Yes it is, but a majority of our players are defensive players, in terms of their style of play atleast. And it’s not as if we have the best defensive record over the last few seasons. Three centre backs can and should avoid this. It’ll also give more freedom to the the full backs to make forward runs more often. Each player in this formation will have a key role.


To start off with, the full backs. I believe Davies and especially Walker will be spot on for this role. They both get more freedom to attack and defend. Walker’s pace and strength can provide constant threat to the back line of the opposition. Davies gets the chance to do the same but I believe that he has a great ability to get the ball inside the box. They both will provide width to the attack since this formation moves narrower as we move up ahead. Defensively, they get a chance to make sure that neither the wingers nor full backs get enough chances to provide crosses inside our box.


Next is Capoue (Stambouli/Dembele. Whoever performs good consistently, but Capoue is ideal for this). He will be playing as the only CDM so the circle is the area where he MUST always be alert. His main defensive priority is to slow down the movement of the attacker and intercept any central play.


The back three’s job is to make sure their positioning is always spot on. They need to have constant communication, and DEFENSIVE MINDED! Kaboul remains in the center since his strength can be influential in keeping away the striker and Vertonghen and Dier on either side for obvious reasons. Their attacking duties? Pass the ball to Capoue.

Since we’ve already seen, Capoue has a great ability of long range passing. So let’s make use of it. He becomes the key distributor in the team. He is also the main link between attack and defense, he’s ability helps separate the defensive and attack’s priorities.


The next player to focus on is Mason. I believe he is the most important player to this formation. He will add the other dimension we need and he is only to improve with the more playing time he gets. He has the most movement in this formation and is the main creative source for us. He has to always get into positions which can help the team create. If not, start opening spaces for width.




The next two players are Chadli and Eriksen. Wrong side? Yes! Why? Because it’s bringing out the best of Chadli and give Eriksen the freedom to explore the center. Chadli can get into positions; whereas, Eriksen can always provide the killer pass. They both don’t prefer playing the wider game (already seen since last season and this keeps them more central. The wide duties are taken over by Davies and Walker at these times.


Kane is the most to benefit from this formation. He is getting support from two acting attacking midfielders (because of how high they get to play up the pitch). His timing and movement is brilliant for someone who has just broken out of the youth team. He is the killer striker and with his form, he can make the most out of it.  He has the chances to link up with Chadli and Eriksen, get balls in from Davies and Walker and create on his own.

Yes, this formation looks decent on paper but I want you to look at our whole squad and analyse it yourself. Most of our players are defensive and our attacking players are either not in form or haven’t been able to provide enough. In time, Lamela will adjust to the Premier League and improve on his movement and decision making but until then, he has to be an impact substitute because he is the only one we have. This formation also makes sure that there is constant pressurising from in each position because it is set up ideally for that. I would honestly love to see this formation, it keeps our best players on the pitch and I think it’ll also bring out the best in them.


So which one would you choose?

*This formation is only to work when we have Walker back fit!

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