Can Poch read ?

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What is the point of writing these blogs if Poch doesn’t read them ? I have specifically said “GUARD YOUR FLANKS” ! Is it not clear enough ? I watched in nervous apprehension as I saw a very poor Newcastle side gifted three points at the Lane. The first half we thought we would stroll it but the signs were there. We should have put them to the sword. But if there has been something we have been super consistent at in the last few seasons it is the inability to put the game away.

Lamela what a changed man. No literally, he completely changed from Thursday to Sunday. He tried to do too much going forward yet persisted with avoiding doing too little in trying to go back. So the first half ended with Spurs winning one – nil and dominating the game but not testing the opposing keeper. 69% of the possession but one shot on goal. This is not very productive.

Second half Dier is caught and exposed. He never looked at the races the second half and I have sympathy for him and anger for Pochettino. Dier came to us as a young prospect. He came here to learn to be a centre half of the future. Poor bastard ! Thrown in at right back. He has tried but has ultimately been exposed. His positional sense is poor and he is not quick enough. Consequently he stands off of good wingers so he tries not to let himself look stupid. He is also tired – he never came here expecting to play every game and it has caught up with him. On Thursday Poch should have given him a rest once we had built up a lead. On Sunday he should have come off early in the second half. It was clear that he was struggling with his fitness and confidence. Lamela in front of him doesn’t help. Let one of Davies or Rose or Chiriches play at right back (even though I must say I can’t stand Chiriches). Alas Maurice Poch was caught with his hands in his pockets. Reminds me of my Grandfathers joke WC plaque : “Man with hands in pockets feels cocky all day !”. Just below the one declaring “Once a King always a King but once a knight is enough”.

So the Poch was slow to understand how exposed we were down our right flank. Luckily Rose did not have anyone to push him back and he looked the brightest light in a power shortage. After Lamela came off we looked absolutely no better than before. Soldado added nothing, Kane very little and Lennon is a sprinter with a wooden leg ! Personally I would have preferred to see Dembele.

So Mr Pochetino GUARD YOUR FLANKS – because we are not good enough down them ! That is where Newcastle scored two and should have scored a third. A miserable outing !!

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