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I was keeping a close eye on Twitter yesterday while watching the Leicester v Spurs game.

Even before the game kicked off, I’m sorry to say many Spurs fans were predicting a defeat, most citing the inclusion of Erik Lamela as the prime reason behind their pessimism. Poor Erik it seems , is going to have do something supernatural to win people over to his cause. More about him later.

I actually expected Leicester, after their grandstand finish to last season and impressive start to this one, to pressurise us a lot more than they actually did. Maybe it was the heat. I prefer to think it was a disciplined performance from our defence and holding midfielders that kept the pacy Leicester attack mostly quiet. Lets face it, apart from one Morgan header and the goal, what else did Hugo have to do today ?

In the first half, the player who caught my eye was Mousa Dembele, who in the absence of Christian Eriksen stood out He has not always impressed in his time at Spurs but I think we are now about to see what he can do.

The much publicised lack of strikers was an issue today. Harry Kane was often isolated and it goes without saying he needs support. Over to you, Mr Levy on that one. Do not disappoint us.

Now back to Mr Lamela.Putting on my flame retardant suit, I thought he did well today. It does seem his every move and pass is microscoped like no other player presently at Spurs. Thats what a £30 million price tag brings, I suppose.

To me, Erik is the caterpillar who is taking an eternity turning into a butterfly.When he does, and its coming soon, it will be a thing of beauty worth the long wait.

We have every reason to be excited about Dele Alli. What a prospect, and he is going to be a star.

My main concern today was the lack of pace and the predictability of some of our attacks. Leicester played 11 men in front of us in the first half and without Eriksen, we had no one to pick the lock. Hopefully, Clinton N’Jie will provide some pace when he comes in.

As the game wore on, and the second half became much more open, the Twitter posts were becoming more and more gloomy only to light up on 81 minutes when Alli scored. They quickly returned to normal when Leicester equalised, with many predicting a 2-1 defeat.

Twitter posts are mainly a knee jerk reaction to what is happening at that particular moment and I can understand that emotions do get the better of all of us at times. Maybe I should look at who I follow, but there are way too many negative posts about all things Spurs. We all seem to think we can run the club better than Daniel Levy or manage the team better than Poch. We are all financial whizz kids when it comes to spending the clubs money.

I fully expect our squad to be significantly stronger before the Everton game. Some people will like who is brought in, some will not.

All I ask is that is that everyone unites behind the club. If you are Tweeting during the next game, make it a positive one. It won’t hurt and it will help.

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  1. First piece I have read with a bit of optimism for a while! Well done :)

    I have got all the time in the world for Lamela, let him be, I am more than happy to wait.

    As for the game yesterday, the only real concern or criticism I have is the slow build up play but it is difficult to beat a side that are not looking to win the game themselves. It is a default tactic I have seen played against Spurs for a long, long time now. I remember Man U in the nineties having the same issue and they always seemed to make that breakthrough, a moment of magic from someone or a mistake from the pressure applied got them the goal they needed. The only big difference is, we get caught out on counter attacks when a move breaks down with a poor pass, etc.

    I personally think the only way forward is to use traditional wingers getting chalk on their boots. Maximising the space available in a dogged 11 man vault camped in their own half waiting to take an opportunity to counter. Until then, I think it'll be more of the same.

    I was delighted for Dele Alli with the goal…..then gutted for him! There is a real issue with lapse of concentration at times. The Jackyl and Hyde of some of our squad are quite concerning. I maybe read a little more than I should have in the body language of Verts but I didn't like what I saw. He seems to look defeated before a ball is kicked? But overall, as a group of players, to concede the way they did, so soon after taking the lead is nowhere near good enough and I hope the 'anger' MP mentioned is still ringing in their ears!

    I am not too concerned about the results so far. We haven't been terrible or terrific but it is kind of what I expected, also, let's not forget it is a very tough league. A little more luck here or there and things could have been different in the first 3 fixtures. Regroup and go again!!

  2. There’s no doubt there have been positives from each of the first 3 games. We should have had more than what we’ve got from each in my opinion. However, the simple fact is that Levy’s penny pinching transfer policy is undermining any progress the manager and squad make. I don’t doubt that we will sign fresh attacking players soon but the fact that we’ll have been 4 games down, any many points lost, by that stage is a disgrace. If Poch had a few more attacking options from the bench in each of the first 3 games I think we would be sitting pretty up the top end of the league.

    I appreciate Levy does spectacularly well with his transfer dealings in terms of making us profitable but what is the end game of this policy? With all the money made by him, what do we, the fans, get from it? When was our last genuine marquee signing? (Please don’t say Lamela or Soldado as we had a net profit that season too!).

    The point is what do the fans actually get out of Levy not splashing the clubs money? If the league gave extra pts for financial prudence I would stop my noise but what is happening now is unfair on fans. Despite every other team being active in the market, we still have just one striker in our squad! Are the fans ticket prices being subsidised whilst Levy holds onto he cash for the first 4 games of the season? Of course not. We have to sit and wait for him to play stupid penny pinching games while other teams spend their money freely.

    Believe it or not, I am seriously supportive of the club, never boo our players and generally agree with all that Levy and Enic have done for us. But Lamela, I can’t find any positivity in this player. He looks useless. It really bothers me when our fans defend him saying he played well because stats show he ran a lot, intercepted 3 passes, pass completion was above 70% etc. shouldn’t these be the minimum requirement from any of our players? He’s supposed to be our creative force and was our only ‘flair’ player yesterday in Eriksens absence. Come on, regardless of his transfer fee, we should be entitled to see something creative from him. A goal threat or a threat to the fullback. Nope, he’s a threat to us. When Dier took a booking for the team it was all because Lamela incredibly passed the ball straight to Jamie Vardy under no pressure. That’s a problem and he regularly does this.

    if Townsend, Pritchard or N’Jie are ready for Everton they must play over him. And if we get a serious offer for Lamela before the window closes we need to take it and cut our losses.

    Other than my clear frustration and negativity, im pretty positive about the team Poch is putting together. COYS

  3. Not when in preseason the likes of Trippier and Alli displayed better football than Walker and Lamela. Yet, they still find themselves sitting on the bench. Another note is that we have no experience or a player who is 30+, someone who can have a massive influence on the youngsters. Furthermore, a stadium should not be built without consistent football being displayed week-in-week-out. Oh, and another thing is that nobody has mentioned Baldini and the fact Levy himself said he would let the manager pick player after the dismissal of Camollitoe.

  4. What a joke of an article! You really are desperately clinging onto hope with this one!! Absolutely no positives from yesterday Lamela was awful, no width no pace slow sideways passing created nothing and I was at the match not following Twitter. Utterly embarrassing

  5. I am very angry at Pochittino's team selection. What is going through the his mind? His team selection suggests all other team members be absolutely rubbish in training. There can be no other reasonable explanation. There are many positives within the team but the negatives are so blatantly overwhelming you can't help but react to what's in your face. You expect there to be positives and negatives in each game. What our manager's responsibility is seeing that the positives outweigh the negatives. If I didn't know better I would have said Pochittino doesn't believe in his players. (except for Lamela?????). I will continue to support my team through thick and thin and I will continue to heap praise and positive responses to positive displays but I will also voice my displeasure when I feel anyone is not earning there salary.

  6. "I prefer to think it was a disciplined performance from our defence and holding midfielders that kept the pacy Leicester attack mostly quiet"

    I think you forgot about Mahrez who ran riot all game, we didn't double up on him or nullify his threat and all there threat was down that side which a blind man could see and with the hapless Davies trying to mark him it was always going to end badly, he is totally out of his depth in the prem! Jan should of been tighter to block the shot but i really fear for us at the moment, can't defend or score and play boring possession football with no end product…… we need 4 players at least that will fit Poch's system because we have to many passengers, Lamela, Davies, Dembele not good enough while Eriksen and Chadli are far too inconsistant and blow hot and cold. We are not spending any money only selling players to buy others how is that progressing? our better players will start to have enough soon and want to leave, this is what happens when Levy is so tight it effects the club massively and sets us back time and time again.


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