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Dom Le Roy

An end to what could have been a really low week with a sneaky hat-trick by our main man Kane. And again doing the news rounds are the stories of Spurs back to business. I didn’t write this week. Couldn’t come up with stuff that wasn’t negative or at the least critical of what Spurs did in the first three matches so this article is just 5 highlights of this week…

1) We won 3-0

We won against decent opposition while playing decent football. Eriksen was finding passes and making great runs. Kane was on fire sneaking in his hat-trick which the commentators pointed out was the one thing he had not done in the FA cup and Trips is soo soo underrated that it’s not even funny.

Quarters against Millwall, we are definitely capable of making a hash of this but I’m just going to say this, semi’s here we come.

2) Sissoko out

Well, technically not yet. But considering his play and comments, he is definitely not making Poch a fan. AC Milan is said to be interested and if we do sell him, we won’t pay the £30 mil. Anyone else thinks this is amazing news?

3) Winks El niño maestro…

What a fantastic player. Neat, tidy, great passer, good vision, good at dribbling, this lad has got it all. More than anything else though I love his attitude to improve and see the team through.

4) Still in the race for 3 trophies

While some fans have argued that spurs should concentrate on a single competition before setting their sights on foolish things like trebles. I am definitely not one of them. Play for everything because when at our best; we are capable of winning everything.

FA cup quarters are not that tough for us, only after that, we may face some tough competition but who expected to coast the whole way?

Premier League: 10 points from the top, could be better. Could be a lot worse. Look at Leicester.

Europa League: We were expected to thrash Gent. We lost. But the deficit is only 1-0 and after the Fulham performance with 80,000 fans singing COYS, I expect the right result.

5) Ryan Sessegnon is Sexy

Technically not Spurs and I don’t mean in a sexy good looking way, though he may to you, the way he lifted the whole Fulham team when he came on was magnificent and reminds me more than a little of how a certain Danny Rose impacts our team. I really want him to join Spurs. To have not one but two Roses would be so cool…

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