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As most fans, I’m not very fond of the two weeks gap between games whenever theNational Teams’ games time arrives; a weekend without my favourite teams playing always feels incomplete. But for a team like the ‘Spurs, it feels like an opportunity, or even better, a gift.
What a coach often lacks is time, time not simply to train the team but the time to rethink his own choices and tactics, to rethink about his players abilities; that’s exactly what I hope Pochettino is doing these days.
Despite serving him perfectly at Southampton, the 4231(like any other formation) is not a magic formula, and it’s clearly not paying off in north London: Soldado and lately even Adebayor are struggling as lone strikers,  we cannot afford three offensive players the likes of Lamela, Eriksen and Chadli so high up the pitch, the two-men midfield is constantly at the mercy of our opponents, and the four at the back’s bad performances are too often the result of a bad collective defensive phase by the whole team.
As romantic as an offensive approach can be, this is the time to be practical and, why not, humble. Let’s add a midfielder. Let’s build a rocky defense and develop quick counter-attacking tactics. Let’s try to solve our problems by changing our approach. A 433 formation(with two wingers flanking Adbayor, or with a diamond midfield to put Eriksen or Lamela behingd Soldado and another striker) would allow us to give our back four a better protection while mantaining a considerable offensive  strenght, while sitting deep would give players like Chadli or Lamela(or why not, Townsend or Lennon) more space to take advantage of their velocity, something the current set-up denies them.

I really hope Mauricio is thinking about a change, I would hate to see us make the same mistakes over and over again, until it’s too late to achieve anything. Again.

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