A pressurising April for Chelsea

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

9 points behind, 42 points left

Chelsea are now nine points clear at the top of the Premier League, and by most people’s standards, the title race is over. As we bitterly remember from last season, a title race is painful to watch. But this season, we have a chance to mark the end of our tenure at White Hart Lane with a first league title in 56 years to add to our trophy cabinet – which has been collecting dust over the last nine seasons. No one is tipping us to catch Chelsea up, but the Spurs faithful always believe in the brilliant squad that Poch has put together. 

OK, Chelsea’s next 14 matches do look as though – on paper – they might have the title sewn up within the next ten weeks. But most pundits fail to see any talent in those teams. Chelsea still need to play the likes of Burnley away, Swansea, Sunderland and West Brom, to name a few. These games could be potential banana skins for Antonio Conte’s men. If any month is a test for the Blues, it will be April. They will go head-to-head with Crystal Palace (apart from them), Manchester City, Bournemouth (away), Manchester United (away), Southampton, Everton (away).

Pulling Chelsea back is possible. Ask Kevin Keegan. If we head back to 1995-96, you will find that on Matchweek 24, Newcastle United also held a nine point lead over Manchester United, and a late season collapse saw the latter finish four points ahead of the former. It can be done.

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  1. Of course it can be done, indeed it might be done.

    What needs to be remembered however is that in character and experience Chelsea more closely resemble Man Utd who clawed back those points rather than Newcastle who lost them. After last year Spurs would do well to remember that when you are 2nd in the league that can change . . . . . and it changing to 3rd is alot easier than it changing to 1st

    • Well said i must say Chelsea
      Lets make a few points here about spurts objectively
      I believe they are the ONLY team that have any hope of catching us but :

      1. 5 games you face EXACTLY the same opposition at exactly the same place ( home /away ) including burney away
      2. We may face City and United but you face Arsenal , Liverppol and utd
      3. We have an effectively 10 point lead because of our better goal difference. Although i accept
      Spurts can get a bagful anytime it seems a bit dry for you at the moment -you relied on a penalty to win this week

  2. Correction its actually 6 games exactly the same .
    Furthermore the game against Southampton Chelsea are at home not away.

    I would also like to add i thought The Poch was a good level headed reaosnable guy until this week.
    His latest statements seem extremely arrogant and he is not the humble foreign manager I took him for.
    In fact Klopp was likable and yet shouting at the 4th official showed no clas at all. Even Conte shouting
    at his coach was very uncouth.
    Yes we must allow for drummed up passion for the fans, phsyching out opponents and playing up to the media
    but bring back Pellegrini i say and i am a mad Chelsea fan.


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