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I wasn’t at the game against Liverpool today,  I was watching it from a sofa in Edmonton  –  that’s Edmonton in Alberta, Canada where I am on holiday – not Edmonton, a mile from WHL.  Due to the 7 hour time difference,  I was up at 6.00am to watch the match,  but wish I had stayed in bed.
It was quite an inept performance from a side who basically didn’t seem to have a clue.  “Poch” has a lot of work to do on the training ground,  and as I write this blog,  there are just a few hours left in the transfer window,  and I hope we can still do some business,  as the squad we have is simply not good enough,  as I said in my last Worry, Worry, Worry article,  and if you haven’t read it,  I would suggest you do to get a flavour of what I am trying to say here.
As every ‘genuine’ Spurs fan knew,  there would be a number of supporters who would go ‘overboard’ with the results against West Ham and QPR,  but lets face it,  we played weak teams and should beat them.
But then we come up with our first real task against a decent side,  and we don’t have a clue.  We were outplayed for most of the game, and to be honest, we could have lost by more.  Had Ade (who had a half decent game) scored when his lob hit the top of the net and Chadli scored when he was clean through,  it might have made for a different result,  but saying that,  the better side won and actually could – and should – have scored even more goals.  You could say that the 0-3 scoreline was a little flattering.
As those of you who regularly read my articles know,  I can be a little bit pessimistic – and that goes with supporting the club for over 50 years.  But I would like to think that most of you also believe I am a ‘Realist’,  and as much as it hurts sometimes to say things against our beloved team,  the fact of the matter is the ‘Truth’ hurts.
The fact is,  I still believe,  unfortunately,  that we are simply not good enough to be compared with the so called top 4 – or maybe even top 5 – and after today’s performance no-one could disagree with me.
Yes,  it is still very early days,  “Poch” has not had too long to work with the players – especially those from the World Cup squads – but seeing our performance today,  as i said in my Worry, Worry, Worry article,  doesn’t inspire me to think we will be up there with the best of them come the end of the season.
We must all realise that today was a serious Reality Check.

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