A Repeated Call for Quality

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There was once a Washington D.C. political fixer/lawyer type that had his one moment in the sun back in the 1980s. His name was John Reilly. He described his arc (and maybe that for most of us in life) this way: 1. “Who is Reilly?” 2. “Maybe we should try Reilly” 3. “Get me Reilly” 4. “Get me A Reilly” 5. “Who was Reilly?”

I firmly believe as we stare down yet another dissatisfying but deserved Europa qualification Spurs are in vital need of at least three additions to their squad from Category 4—I will repeat the call for a proper influx of talent I made a couple of months ago.

We need, to be blunt, a Terry in the back, a Keane or a Scholes in central midfield, and a Suarez up front… Three (from four) archetype Premiership players—none of them the type of player who could a) never be recruited to or discovered by Tottenham, b) instantly exceed our wage or transfer capability, or c) fail to commit to playing in North London for at least several years before the siren call of Spain, Italy or a richer English club proved too loud to ignore.

Terry for the clinical and tough-minded defence, with a whole lot of leadership thrown in for good measure. Keane for the box to box proper hard approach, giving no quarter; or maybe Scholes for the attacking control of his precise passing and pitch vision; and Suarez, warts and all, for the sheer brilliant lunacy of his play and goal scoring. Whether those players might be named Wimmer, Schneiderlin or possibly Lavezzi remains to be seen—but it should have been instantly apparent to someone paid to judge football they were not, and never destined to be, named Fazio, Stambouli, Paulinho or Soldado.

I am a realist—I wouldn’t expect all three of these brilliant possibilities to be journeying to N17 anytime soon, and particularly not this summer. I’d just like to see one…. Someone who might whet all of our appetites for a serious Champions League run while the current manager is still in charge.

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Paul is a respected U.S. political pollster (Democrat) based in Madison, Wisconsin and Los Angeles. His love for Spurs began when the Premier League games started appearing regularly in the U.S. and an American lover of football had to choose a side. Bale, Rushdie, Adele, Shakespeare, the Spurs faithful, The Lane, etc. were all irresistible attractions and have made Maslin a Spur for life.


  1. So true. However, we don't need to buy these players, we have some up and coming talents fitting those requirements, given a season or two.

    Bentaleb is a future world class CM in the making. Kane is a future world class ST in the making. Fazio is, given a couple of seasons to improve on the ball, a future world class dominant CB in the making.

    All we need is to sell some of the weaker areas of the squad, and bring in some high quality technique/agility/skill players to improve the variety and average quality of the squad, then we are moving forward, simple as that. I am optimistic we will do that with a new transfer arrangements with the guy from Southampton. Me personally, I would sell Yedlin, Kaboul, Davies, Capoue, Holtby, Lennon, Soldado, Adebayor. I would buy a few world class players e.g. Marcelo, Pedro, Hernandez. And I would bring through the youth Velkjovic, Mcevoy, Ceballos, Pritchard. And leave it at that.

  2. Pja I agree with nearly all those players but yedin? he has only just arrived? Are u crazy? He has a lot of potential and they are easing him in . I think poch will start to use him next season

    • Davies is shit. lol nah I'm being harsh, he's probably a really nice guy, can't play football tho. Yedlin is even shitter.

  3. You lost me at Terry. I`m pretty sure the last thing we need`s an inanely ploddy CB who screws his team-mates wives/ GF`s. The player was successful purely because of the team he plays for. Quality all around him.

  4. Bentaleb is a bit of a crab a the moment ..sideways and back. Hard working but safe. A Ray Wilkins type. When he starts bursting forward with the ball or getting his head up and seeing that cutting 'forward' pass, then he'll have the right to be called potentially CL or world class. I don't think playing with Mason will improve him, although the two could compete for the same DM position alongside an influential deep lying creative playmaker. Because that's what we need. Someone to pull the strings and get the best out of Eriksen and Kane in front, improve the balance of the wings (yes we need a top class left winger as well …no Eriksen, Chadli or anyone else in the squad should be playing there) and boost the DM's confidence alongside him (whether Bents, Mason etc.). Another striker to take the pressure off Kane, and that's the 3 we need! Not sure we need another defender, although I'm hoping an on-field leader will emerge from somewhere in our squad (been missing one for years). I'm sure that if a resurgent midfield (and I'm looking forward to Pritchard's emergence) and the forwards are doing their job, it will make life easier for our current defenders. Fazio will adapt more to the PL, Dior will improve, Walker and Rose will link up well with the wing play ahead of them (new boy on the left, and a revitalised Townsend or even Lennon on the right). Davis can cover, while still improving, and Yedlin needs his chance. Verts and Lloris to hopefully stay, and the following can go – Ade, Kaboul, Paulinho, Soldado (sad), Capoue (still feel there may be a class player in him somewhere, but Poch doesn't agree so..), Holtby and Stambouli. Possibly Chiriches, but he can provide cover in various parts of the back four so that might give him a reprieve. Lennon may go but only if Everton meet our asking price. Otherwise give him a chance on the right again (competing with Townsend) if we can balance the team up with that decent left winger needed. It's worth recalling that when Bale came inside, the season after Modric's departure, Lennon's game went to pieces.. He performs his best on the right when a like minded soul mate is running his heart out on the left. Anyway, that's my take on things. Narrow play, and inverted wingers haven't worked. High pressing only works if we have control of the midfield, and we won't get that control until we find someone (finally) to replace Modric. It's all very well retaining possession, with interminable sideways and backwards passing, but if we can't inflict 'cuts' on the opposition in the final third (because we have no central midfielders with vision) then simple possession is a 'boring' disaster waiting to happen.


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