Return of the good old days!

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There was something quite reassuring about the fact that we left it until pretty much the eleventh hour of deadline day to announce three more signings. That’s more like the Spurs we all know and love!

Obviously the biggest talking point was the signing of Sissoko for what is a ridiculously overpriced £30m. I had been following events on the TV and with three hours of the window left, he was on his way to Everton. I then went out and didn’t get back until just after the close of the window to be met with a picture of him holding up a beloved Spurs shirt. Of all our summer signings Sissoko appears to be the one that has divided fans the most. Is he worth the money? Do we actually need him? Where will he fit into the side? Is he any good? I’m quite happy to admit that I couldn’t begin to answer these questions, only time will tell.

Overall I don’t think it has been a bad transfer window. Wanyama has definitely added to the energy and robustness of our midfield and Janssen looks promising, hopefully he will start scoring soon and that the fans will afford him the same amount of patience they offered Soldado. The three deadline day signings are all intriguing in their own way. N’Koudou appears on the face of it to be almost a carbon copy of N’Jie but I do feel that he probably offers us something that we don’t really have at the moment, a true winger with pace who looks like he can use both feet and is happy playing anywhere across the front. At the moment I’m not sure I see him in the starting line up in the PL but he gives us another option offensively. The loan signing of the young Spanish goalkeeper Lopez is the one that I find slightly more baffling. If all the reports from experienced La Liga commentators is to be believed, this guy is a very good young keeper. On that basis is he coming to Spurs to be 2nd or 3rd choice? How did Pochettino sell the move to him? If he has been signed with a view to becoming Lloris’s understudy where does that leave Vorm who is a decent enough keeper, albeit prone to making the odd mistake.

As for the guys who have left, they were all fringe players and would have struggled to get into the side on a regular basis. Ultimately have we strengthened the squad with the new signings? I think we have and I’m looking forward to the lads kicking on after this international break. There are four competitions to be contested and I think with this squad we should take them all seriously and give it a real go.

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  1. I get the feeling that Poch is expecting Vorm to become increasingly frustrated about his lack of playing time given his excellent play since Hugo went off injured. Maybe he's expecting him to push for a move in order to get regular action, hence the employment of Lopez. As for fitting in the rest of the new players, I'm glad thats Pochs' job not mine.

  2. It doesn't matter how much sissoka cost it's irrelevant wether it's ten pound or 30 million it's just football money. Spurs are crying out for a player with both pace and doesn't matter what pundits say poch knows what we need. We would all be gutted if we didn't match evertons bid saying why didn't we just pay what they want to get the player just watch him make us better.coys

  3. Waynama/Jansen look great, N’Koudou only time will tell , Lopez , Poch is having a look in case Vorm or even worse Loris leaves. As for Sissoko , Jenas comes to mind. Hope i'm wrong but all the Geordies think he is shitte
    which was the general consensus when we bought Jenas. COYS

  4. I,for one,am thrilled that we got Sissoko.It was a statement of intent,and if we get the French international version we may yet have a bargain,COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!


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