Getting the rough end of referees

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Is it any wonder why Refereeing standards are deteriorating at such a fast pace and that the F.A. are full of incompetents.

It has always been known by clubs and supporters alike that where the F.A. and Referee’s are concerned, there is one rule for the so called top clubs and one rule for the rest – of course these clubs are called top clubs due to most things going their way. I do believe we at THFC get a rough end of the deal on many occasions.

Look at the Joe Hart and Vincent Kompany sagas the other week. Kompany gets sent off, spends 2 1/2 minutes standing there arguing with the referee, finally leaves the field, kicks a wall before going to the dressing room, and the F.A. decide to take no further action.

Joe Hart does an Alan Pardew impression with a headbutt, doesn’t get sent off and the F.A. turn a blind eye to any retrospective action. Lets be absolutely clear here, had those incidents not been Manchester City players (one of the Clubs with all the money) and been players from a lesser team or a Championship side, do you honestly think they would have got away with it. The answer is simple, NO.

Now we have the ridiculous situation of referee Andre Marriner. He makes one of the worst mistakes a referee can make by sending of the ‘Wrong’ player – even though he is told at the time he has made a major mistake and got it wrong – but doesn’t change his mind. The following day after all the TV and National Papers hype he issues an apology (which doesn’t help anyone). What does the Referees Association do about it ? Do they ban him for any games – NO.

Do they actually apologise for his incompetence – NO. What they ‘Actually’ do (and with the F.A.’s approval), is they ‘Award him with refereeing an F.A. Cup Semi- Final.

Had a ‘normal’ run of the mill worker made such a major error in his work the chances are he might well get a serious warning and maybe even the Sack. I put it to you that there is ‘No Way’ he would have been awarded a ‘Promotion’ – as in Andre Marriner’s case. I am getting more and more fed up with the F.A. and fed up with these little tin gods called Referees.

It really is time – for footballs sake – that something is done regarding ‘Fairness’ in the whole sphere of the game.

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  1. We cannot blame referees for our poor performances against the 'bigger' clubs this year. They have a difficult job with players from all clubs trying to con them to get penalties, the 'deliberately leave a trailing leg to make contact' being a favourite ruse. Eventually UEFA will cotton on to what international rugby now uses as standard and have referees consulting 4th officials watching video replays where there is doubt, though they are obviously worried about clubs using this to break up the game and waste time to protect leads by insisting refs use it for every challenge – unfortunately that's the problem with football compared to rugby, the overwhelming acceptance of gamesmanship. The only team that I think has benefited from dubious decisions over the years has been Man. Utd, and that's mostly down to the Fergie influence – not much sign of it now Moyes is in charge. Getting back to Spurs, we needs to show more bottle if we get a player sent off and not just use it as an excuse for getting slaughtered.

    • Reading between the lines Tony, you dont seem to understand what Cheeky was saying. I understood it to be the 'Overall Refereeing Standard' and the 'Overall FA', i dont think he ever mentioned about blaming referees for our poor performances. In fact, you should read all his other articles as you will see he certainly does'nt blame referees for things this season, he says it as it is. Read his other articles and leave comments if you feel that strongly.

      Keep up the good work Cockney

  2. I agree totally with what Cheeky said. We have had the rough end of referees for many years – Foy against Stoke, Atkinson against Chelsea (cup semi), Dowd when he sent Keane off – can go on and on. So Cheeky, you have it 100% right. And Yes, the FA are incompetent as you say.

  3. Yes, there does seem to be biased officiating ; maybe the referees are slightly intimated by these large home crowds at Stamford Bridge, Anfield, and Old Traford.

  4. I agree. There is definite biased with referees for certain teams. But i wanted to make the point Cheeky made about the FA. They are a law unto themselves and they are also biased towards the bigger clubs. They need to get their own house in order.

  5. I have to agree totally about Andre Marriner. This referee makes the biggest mistake a referee can make yet gets AWARDED by being given a FA Cup Semi Final. What sort of sign does this give out ? I suggest that all the referees make the biggest cock-ups they can so they can be awarded the biggest games. Howard Webb – one of the worst officials there is – gets the World Cup Final. The whole situation a complete joke.

  6. I have been losing faith in football for a long time. The referees and the FA are spoiling the game, apart from the so called top clubs, but from grass roots upwards, these people are ruining the game. It is not coinsidence that the FA has had so much funding stopped, quite simply there are less and less people playing football. And who is to blame – the FA and the bad refereeing standards.


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