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We have had many critical transfer windows in years past and as usual, most came and went like the wind and Spurs didn’t do anything that justify a top 4 finish. Some will argue this point with me but in recent years we have no had that luxury, our chairman has gotten money hungry (some could say for good reason so Spurs have money for our long awaited stadium) and has held back in spending. Ok yes the money on GB was blown away and it has not shown its fruitful results as Mr. Baldini had hoped.

Everything I have read, seen, heard says that this time Levy is seriously about backing Mauricio. Words are words but as we say here in States, you need to walk the walk and not talk the talk. If Mr. Levy is serious about backing Mauricio when the Transfer Window opens, then he must listen to what MP is asking for and get those players. Levy needs to understand one thing, we are not going to get players like Bale, Messi, Modric caliber, CL players won’t come here, and Spurs have nothing to offer but a possibility of qualifying next season, which is a big IF. This isn’t FIFA 15 people, this isn’t a video game (even though at times it feels like it) players of such caliber won’t take a step down unless they are hurt and need a season or two to get right (Falcao for example). Even if we were to attract them, they will not come cheap and we all know Spurs don’t have money to throw down the river like that.
I want to be positive and hope that we can sign those caliber type players but I am also realistic and try to just settle with reality. Personally I think we need to start getting rid of some office people and then move on to players and structure accordingly. MP does not need Baldini in his face telling him what needs to be done or who he should sign, MP needs to sign the players that fit his style and go from there.

We have some players that are not happy, some want CL football, some that are the face of THFC and cannot afford to lose, NO MATTER WHAT THE COST; Spurs need to focus on the attack and defensive and perhaps bring a true #10 that can work alongside Eriksen.

Many of you may have heard that Chelsea are interested in bringing Falcao simply because they believe (or Jose) that his career can be revived with a champion caliber team, nicely put Jose but let’s be realistic, would you really give him the playing time he is looking for? A player that is trying to make a come back needs minutes and time, not just a game here and there. I am advocate for Falcao, loved watching him on his days with Porto, Atletico and Monaco, he has a lot to offer but unfortunately he hasn’t been given the right opportunities and the expectations of MU didn’t align with the reality that Falcao needed time and more time on the pitch, not just 19 games, most which came off the bench for the last 15 minutes… that’s not time on the pitch Mr. LVG. Recently Falcao expressed his interest in staying in the PL, what most of the papers and other news sources failed to shared about that interest is that Falcao wants to move to London and he is willing to drastically reduce his wages so he can play. He wants a team that is willing to give him the minutes on the pitch. European competition isn’t a concern for him, he just want to show that he still got it… quite frankly he will show that at Copa America and I will be watching closely. Some of you that read my articles may recall one I did back in March (My Own Match Summary) and shared about Falcao’s thoughts and how he wished to stay here and find playing time, he went on to play some friendly games (yes no major opponents) but he did very well, scored 3 times and had 2 assists. If the price is right, I do believe Spurs should make an effort to bring him in, send Soldado packing as well as Adebayor.

Defensively I keep hearing Vertonghen is not happy, he wants to move…I am not sure how true this is. Spurs can’t afford to lose him but as I mentioned before, if he is indeed unhappy then sell him and use that money to sign a defender. We need some strong and tall defenders, agile… if Dier continues his form he’d fit nicely as at CB but someone beside him to guide him and provide some true leadership. I have mixed feelings about Fazio, he can be good but he is very inconsistent and he’s ability to think quick has hurt the team one too many times.

I truly hope and believe that the rumors are true about Levy and his willingness to help Mauricio obtain the right caliber players he needs to succeed and get us to CL football. No matter what I am hoping for the best this summer, while there are other competitions to watch, I will be paying close attention to what my beloved team is doing to fix our needs.


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  1. I don't know what your on, but Falcao has proven that he is useless in this league. With better creative players than we have to supply him the ammo needed to score goals. And tell me where we will find £150k plus a week to pay for his wages. Has Adebeyor written all over it. Tell me, if he wants playing minutes then whT happens to Kane.mwe only ever play one up front. Secondly, where did you hear Vertongen is unhappy and wants to leave. Was he not directly quoted only 2 days agog not sky sports that he is happy at Spurs and has no intention of going anywhere. This is probably the worst researched blog out there, and probably only second worst to harry Hotspur which is a Gooner blog disguised as a spurs blog. Looks like anyone can post rubbish on the internet these days.

  2. And saying we need to focus on attack is naive. Our front four have scored a lot of goals, we need to buy wisely in that area, an attacker who can score goals in this league and back up Kane, Hernandez perhaps we also need one more out and out wide player. But our focus needs to be at the defensive end. We conceded more goals than hull and we all know what happened to them. We need another CB and I think we should do all we can to bring in Alderweireld. We also need a reliable RB as walker is too inconsistent and yedlin needs a loan. Other than that out screen in front of the back four needs work, I love mason but he is not top four quality, bringing in a player to play alongside Bentaleb who he can learn from is going to be huge, jordi Clasie would be my choice. We are only 3-4 players away from a serious challenge but we MUST get it right!

    • You are naive! Our attack is shit!! We play shit football and have Kane it thank for any goals we have scored. Chadli doesn't take part in football matches and Erikson needs footballers around him.

  3. Verts is staying according to Verts, Kane is staying according to Kane, Lloris is staying according to Lloris and Lamela is staying according to Lamela but let's all jump up and down because The Metro say's otherwise?

    • Long time no-speak. How are you?

      So it's all good news until you read that Ade is staying according to Ade.

  4. So many spelling mistakes and Also suggesting we bring in a player who will cost AT LEAST 7 mil just to LOAN (forget about wages). I think you are loco. Also, are you 14?

    • I disagree!!! We finished 5th only a few points off with 1 front man who started playing November time. We need a very good winger, some help upfront for kane and I think we’re there! Yedlin will provide competition to walker so I think that position will improve a lot. Start bloodied in some of the very good youth we have. Those who were under performing are starting to come good and gel but there are quite a few who we need to remove from the team….. we should pay a deposit off and gey rid! Coys

    • we missed out by a mere 7 points to manure who piped us for fourth, i don't think we're all that far off from breaking in for top 4 really…we have a young sguad what we can do here get some much needed experienced quality in defence midfield and attack and we're off and running.

  5. “Levy needs to understand one thing, we are not going to get players like Bale, Messi, Modric caliber, CL players won’t come” ????? Two of those three players played for us… We had them before along with the Berbatovs, VDV, Kings and hopefully Kane’s! We just need our scouting levels to get back to those levels

    • I don't think there is a lot wrong with the scouting, especially when ot comes to spotting young talent.

      Dier, Walker, Rose. Bentaleb, Mason, Townsend and Kane are all either members of the Academy, or were bought young. I think between them, these players cost under £10 mil. Add to this the players who are returning from loan, Carrol, Pritchard, Holtby, Coulthirst and Alli, to name but a few, and you start to think that several of these talents will have to go purely because there are only 11 places on the team.

  6. We finished 7 points from a top four finish. I agree we need to strenghten on certain areas but what we need to sort is loosing at home to bottom half teams eg Stoke, West Brom, Newcastle. Thats 9 points without mentioning away losses to Palace etc.


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