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I’ve been a Spurs fan for 20+ years and with each new season there is always an air of optimism surrounding the club. The usual can we break into the top 4 question is banded about time and time again. After today’s game the answer is no, not yet, I’m hoping Mr Levy and Co were watching and are finally getting ready to spend some money on a defensive midfielder (I’m sorry guys Bentaleb had an absolute mare) and was rightly substituted, wingers or players with some speed namely Bolasie or Shaqiri and finally some proven strikers namely Austin, Berahino or Hernandez. Danny Roses absence was not a good sign, could he be on his way to Chelski, who knows? If he wants to be a bench warmer and only play in the Capital One Cup, good riddance.

After a great 20 min start to the game where we dominated and should have taken the lead after a brilliant bit of play between Kane and Erikson, we sort of petered out after and only started to play with 5-10 mins of the game remaining creating some decent chances. The lack of width was glaringly obvious, Chadli kept drifting away from the left and Dembele was playing out on the right hand side which is not his game at all. Kane was a lone figure up front and did his best. The bench was bare, and the need for more strikers or attacking players was glaringly obvious. We were so desperate I personally would have chucked on Trippier as a right winger and threw caution to the wind.

Poch needs to be more flexible with his formation and have a plan B, C etc. inverted wingers do not work for us, having said that we do not have the right players in the squad to play any other way. There’s still time to make more signings, and we can only look forward. COYS!!!!

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    • Grow up. It is the same old Spurs been a supporter for over 50yrs and it's not happening. yea for Sunday league fine but this crap has to stop and some brain cells applied. Passing back and horizontally does not score goals only losses. This is not the style of football that the Spurs heritage demands. Lacklustre predictable defensive play is not going to win anything. No hope passing, giving the ball to the opposition at £200,000 per week does not cut it and these players should not be at the club. Be proud of the shirt and play to win, not give some mediocre performance which means you just get by – it's unacceptable and we all know it, well some of us do.

    • I’d love to be but all jokes aside I’m just a passionate Spurs fan who after watching the Utd game is just stating the obvious based on what I saw.

      • Totally agree with all your comments. The Chap who wrote ‘grow up’ must have been making a strange attempt at irony. We badly need offensive players with speed. Why didn’t Trippier play? At least he would have fired untold crosses at Kane and Eriksen.

    • You sound a little angry “sybrian” you must have thought we play CL football out there ? Every man is entitled to his two cents…

  1. Its probably just me but I’d out walker in the wing and grippier RB. Swap bentaleb for yedlin and bring in Austin…. The money is there.

  2. You whinging fool. Typical spurs fan and it makes me sick. If you’d have asked me to pick a dozen players to get rid of at the end of last season I would have said: kaboul chiriches Paulinho capoue Lennon soldado adebayor townsend walker lamela holtby and stambouli. 10 out of 12 gone or going, not bad work. In the past they’d be there for years leaving our squad mediocre.

    I don’t agree with our pre season it was dreadfully ill thought out and based on money and marketing. So to go to old Trafford on opening day with an incomplete squad having played twice in the week before and lose 1-0 when we could easily have drawn or indeed win is good going in my book. The team needs to evolve and signings will be made, again I don’t agree with the timings of our transfers I believe get your business done complete in July. But that’s football and more pertinently that’s Tottenham, deal with it. The club is backing the manager for the first time, well, ever, the deadwood goes and signings aren’t made for the sake of it. We learned a lesson splashing obscene amounts of money around buying lamela soldado Paulinho et al and it’s not the answer. We have some excellent young players and to my eyes trippier is going to be the jewel in the crown, walker is a massive mistake waiting to happen and his starting place is soon to end.

    So given the window not being closed yet and the pathetic nature of our pre season, it’s unrealistic to expect us to go to Man Utd and beat then 4-0. So wind it in you whinging little fool and stop pedalling this utter tripe on the Internet, you are offending people’s eyes.

    • Agree re Walker and Trippier (why didn’t he start?). Walker has amazing pace and did well to try and stop Rooney scoring, even though it resulted in an OG. That is about all he has though. Anyway no need to be so rude to the author.

  3. mans right need class midfielder, a quality striker , kane cant play 4 on his own,,bentaleb to bench and, wake to kyle walker cos he needs to shake himself and wake up too.

  4. I agree with the width issue but can be resolved pushing both Walker & Rose further forward. Think, Sadio, Austin would be great additions. Signing Sadio could allow kane to play no 10 role and Erikson deeper as Playmaker. CDM is a problem at the moment but Bentaleb will come good. Yarmelenko/Song realistic targets


    Trippier Verts Alder Davis

    Walker Bentaleb Erikson Rose



  5. Overall the teamwork was ok but for lack of striking force. Unfortunate that Bantaleb had a bad (awful) day in office…so did the defense. DO you really leave Rooney alone at the back – come on! Did you ever see Kane not being marked? That was the challenge and Rooney was nor Walkers man – so don't blame anyone!

    That error could have been easily been overcome had the team attacked immediately we were down but it was not to be. This is because of mindset. Man U wanted to win at all costs whilst we were hoping…

    Hope is there. Next 4 games is when we can rightly assess our route.. bring on next game but a striker before. We have enough in midfield and they will be groomed. Its a striker and wing that we need.. Maybe Townsend would do the job. Lamela runs around aimlessly just fouling the opponents. The team should learn to shoot, shoot and shoot = something will go in – maybe when we have Saido? (if not Banzema)!

  6. There never get anywhere with bentalab/mason no inventiveness,two inverted wingers doesn't work,and I would rather see dire at left back,and tripper in midfeild clever player bring on the winks and Carroll this season would be more like the Spurs we want to see,

  7. How many goals were conceded last season due to defensive!! Errors. Are players held accountable?
    The clear out is good but the manager will go this season as he obviously cannot command respect of overpaid mediocre players. Unlikely to attract names because they will not respect a lower league manager.
    Unfortunately another mediocre season that you die hard supporter won't agree to until October/November

  8. I can't wait for us to spend money on a DM. Like Capoue or Stambouli. They'd be excellent.

    Oh wait, transfers aren't a sure thing like OP wishes. So how about shutting up. Kthxbai

  9. I think it's funny, only one game in and everyone is writing off our season because we didn't beat Man U. We didn't get back from playing 2 games in 2 days until Thursday. That's hardly any time to get ready for a big game like this. We looked tired from the start but you can hardly blame them. Blame the people who made us play the 2 games instead.
    We now have a week until our next game and I'm sure that will be a lot different to this one. We'll win comfortably (I hope) and everyone will be saying how great we are again.


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