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What did Sandro hope to achieve with his ‘I’m not injured’ tweet on Saturday morning? Was it born of anarchy? Mischievousness? A mistaken belief that just because he’d gotten over his latest mishap he was automatically going to make the side? Or maybe he thought that his ‘hope we win today’ would be enough to get his message displayed as part of the recently introduced and totally cringeworthy ‘Spurs tweets’ feature that is run on the Jumbotron during games.

Surely he cannot have thought that it was going to put enough pressure on Sherwood that Tim would change his plans and include him in the squad – he would’ve known by the time he pressed send that there would be no need for him to change out of his karate pyjamas on Saturday. Surely too he would’ve known that his manager is not the tweeting kind. Something that got the Spurs section of the twittersphere all excited pre kick-off was unknown and unacknowledged by the vast majority of those in WHL for the game, probably including the manager, and would’ve remained so had it not been for a question from a BBC reporter and Sherwood’s typical engage mouth before brain response. It’s no doubt exactly what the reporter was hoping for; I hope he sent Sandro a private message later to thank him, on Twitter of course.

So if he didn’t expect to force his way on to the bench by this action, what was the point? He’s a popular man and was perhaps hoping that his army of Twitter followers would arise in the virtual world and demand that he be given a run out. Perhaps there’s a Second Life scenario somewhere where he patrolled in front of the back four against Fulham to the sound of keyboards in the crowd tapping out likes and thumbs up. It’s possible that he just wanted to send his best wishes to the team and something got lost in translation and it’s possible that he’s angling for a move and so wanted to cause a bit of trouble but all he has done is publicise what he already knew, and I’m surprised that he’d want the rest of the world to know, that Sherwood doesn’t currently believe that what he brings to the side is different or good enough to earn him a place.

And playing the Devil’s Advocate, is he right? We all love Sandro’s enthusiasm and attitude on the field but is it a surprise that Sherwood has decided to, for the moment anyway, see if the more technically gifted and disciplined pairing of Chadli and Paulinho can’t do a better job than a man who barely contributes from an attacking point of view and is just as liable to get himself a silly booking or go down mysteriously injured as he is finish ninety minutes.

This was a big season for Sandro. Not only is he trying to get into Brazil’s world cup squad he also needs to prove that he is reliable and committed to the team that pays his wages. He’s definitely not been reliable and if it turns out that his tweet was an attempt to undermine his manager (even if it’s only for the next three games) one would have to question his commitment as well.

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  1. Stupid is about right,the guy is one of the best interceptors in the game ;when on song recently he has been far from on song,at the moment he loses more balls than he gets.Get on with your football and leave the silly hairstyles beards at home.

  2. Describing chadli as technically more gifted and disciplined playing CM than Sandro deserves one response
    Lol lol lol
    Sandro sitting on bench as liverpools midfield rolled over us is the stupidest team selection of the decade.

  3. In January 2003, Sherwood informed the press that he had had a major argument with Spurs manager Glenn Hoddle and that Hoddle had told him that he would never play for the club again. Pot…..kettle…..hypocritical… Sherwood was and still is far too mouthy and is not qualified to do the job. Before turning on a player that has ALWAYS given his heart to the club think, perhaps this crap coach is the cause of all the unrest in the camp with his moronic comments, one of them is calling Adebayor world class and one of his most trusted players, are you kidding me?????

  4. Really , is the author for real , cant be , really ?Sandro is a holding mid fielder he is going to sit and protect the line and yes he iz going pick up card here and there ,he is fearless and wont back out a challenge what he needs is a manager that is going to develop him , and help grow ,clearly dim does not have the ability and know how to get the best out of players, chadli is a talent but yet again we play him out of position , we saw this wiyh avb playing Kyle as a left back against pool? .. hence be gone tim when u mature u may come back … coys ( really)

  5. Sandro has said that his tweet was simply aimed at letting his followers know that he was ok and not injured. Tims rentagob response of saying he

    isnt good enough to get in CM in front

    of Chadli and Bentaleb goes to show how petulant and immature he is. And whilst he was at it……..lets start rumours about Eriksen leaving!!!!

  6. Sandro should know better and keep his own counsel. However when Sherwood was quizzed on the matter instead of just laughing it off and saying he's not interested in player tweets he goes on the attack on live TV and states that Sandro isn't up to it. Talk about disharmony in the ranks! What more scary is by proxy Sherwood's implying that in his opinion he's playing his best 11.
    How there's no place for an out and out ball winner of any kind over Chadli in his reverted 4-4-2 is beyond me. You can get away with it against Sunderland at home but against WBA away we were on the ropes at half time and even the Fulham game, if Sidwell put his penalty away and the ref penalised Rose for his needless barge in the box (which could have gone either way) the game could have ended very differently. Sherwood is just not the man to take us forward.

  7. chadli & paulinho are not fit to tie sandros boots,
    ok he dont score many but how many attempts did fulham have? not to mention west brom & even sunderland?
    case of you score we will try & outscore you…..
    the BEAST is a must.

  8. He’s a bit of a plank ol’ Sandro – probably believing the cult hype we’ve created for him. He sent that photo of him looking hard to Charlie Adam – then had skinny Rosicky out muscle him in every challenge a few days later. A good interceptor but not much else to be honest. No loss if he goes.

  9. Can a player not announce that he is fit and well? Should he keep it a secret? I for one am pleased to hear that he is fit after his long run of injury. Did he say he should be playing? No. That is for others to discuss, now that they are in possession of the facts. All Sherwood had to say was that he is indeed fit but the manager picks the best team for each game as he sees fit, and coming off the back of a win that would leave him wearing the clever trousers. What he did instead was blurt out a stupid response which just adds yet more weight to the argument that he is not fit to be our manager.

  10. Sometimes I think our fans are absolutely ridiculous, yet I could never not defend them, I only wish they would actually adopt a more 'common sense' approach to Football and view it properly, just because Sandro sings and plays the Guitar and does a few Karate kicks and has a stupid beard does not make him a legend or a hard man, he has been wasteful at best and this latest outburst is madness in the extreme, I watched Naismith of Everton sweating blood last weekend, up and down, bloody everywhere, yet sign him in place of sandro and our fans would go apeshit, … please start seeing Footballers for what they do and not what they say and look like. ..another absolutely liability beyond doubt has been on loan at QPR this season, yes we have missed him but Benny is not the legend some like to call him, another fans favourite who is a bloody liability, there is a pattern forming here and sometimes I do wonder how much of it is down to our fans… I am convinced if I nutmegged someone on my debut and tore my shirt off whilst gritting my teeth I could be a legend in 5 minutes… get a life and work out that footballers like Kevin Richardson retire with numerous titles and remain forgotten, but I bet their team mates don't ever forget them.. spurs need a Naismith not a bruce lee impersonator. and certainly not slow as arse holes Paulinho either.

  11. I am sick to death of hearing Sherwood spouting shit day in day out. Telling us how good he is, under handed comments about our players, tantrums on the touch line. 3 more games to go, then we can at last piss the dick head off and get someone worthy of the post. The Manager of Tottenham Hotspur.

  12. Now Sherwood is an absolute disaster as a coach and getting rid of him is a win for us, but i am no fan of sandro either, he may be a good interceptor but not much more, if we want to asspire to become a CL club we cant have players who are so one dimensional. When it comes to Paulinho we need to learn to use him right, he dosent play in the best national side there is because he isnt good. Since we sold bale we sold the player to build around, but we do have eriksen, paulinho, verthongen and we should build around these


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