Will last season’s rejects be this season’s conquerors?

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We sold Elvis and bought the Beatles, as the story goes. Bale went and 7 new international players came in; Paulinho, Christian Eriksen, Roberto Soldado, Nacer Chadli, Etienne Capoue, Vlad Chiriches and Erik Lamela. They were regarded as flops with Lamela and Soldado at the top. They didn’t live up to their potential and because of it the papers and fans screamed, Levy jumped and two managers ended up being fired within a season. Just over one hundred million was spent. But I don’t believe that we should point the finger at those players or even the managers. To embed 7 new players within a season is an almost impossible task. The previous season Spurs would have been a poor side if it wasn’t for Bale. In his last season he had scored 21 goals. Then bringing in 7 new players to replace one without no coordination and familiarity with each other was bound to fail. Buying 7 new players should have meant a time to build, not a time to talk about a top 4 spot.

I have no doubt that the new manager will want some new players in for his first season at Spurs. But the bulk of last season’s new boys should be still here. Mauricio Pochettino is supposed to be good at man-management so his first real test will be to blend in the old, new and newish players into a fighting team. Southampton’s Rickie Lambert, now Liverpool’s new boy can’t speak highly enough of Mauricio Pochettino, his former manager. Lambert said, and I quote “Everything went my way at Southampton and each manager that came in improved me massively and especially Mauricio. He taught me how to be a different kind of player and I think that’s helping now.

 “I never really got taught to be a striker in the first place and then I never got taught how to be a lone striker. He taught me how to be the lone striker and the thing that I was doing wrong most was the fact I thought I had to show for everyone on the pitch.

“Whoever had the ball, I felt I had to run over and show for the ball, get on the ball. He was saying ‘take your time’ and ‘wait until the right people have got on to the ball’ like Adam Lallana and others further up the pitch. After that, I had an understanding of how to play that position a lot better.”

Well, if he can do that for Lallana I am sure a seasoned pro like Soldado will be a piece of cake.

Mauricio Pochettino was a former Argentine footballer and played as a central defender. He was 17 years as a player; 10 of these years were at La Liga with Espanyol. He scored 13 goals in 275 games. He also played in France for Paris Saint-Germain and Bordeaux. He started his career at Newell’s Old Boys. On top of that he was an International for four years between 1999 and 2002 for Argentina. He also played in the World Cup for his country in 2002 and the 1999 Copa America Cup. So with his experience on the field and his experience managing Espanyol and Southampton (two different styles of football) he has enough experience (I hope) to put our misfits into some sort of organisation and challenge for fourth spot.

My thoughts on Soldado is that he was played out of position. He is more of a Jimmy Greaves sort of player (a box man); instead he was running around like a headless chicken at times. As for Erik Lamela he hasn’t been really tested as he has spent most of the season injured. Lamela is an Argentinian football player so should be on the same wavelengths as his new boss and compatriot. He should feel more at home and then there was the language he was struggling with. So not really a problem with the manager speaking in the same tongue.

I think the other players played reasonably well for their first season with Christian Eriksen the best and no doubt will improve even more. I thought the criticism against Paulinho by some was unfair. I thought he had a reasonable season and again will improve. He is obviously good otherwise Chelsea wouldn’t have made enquires about him. As for Nacer Chadli, Etienne Capoue, and Vlad Chiriches, they will get better as well. I was however, surprised that Holtby was allowed to go on loan to Fulham. He was a battler and did a good job for us when he played and did well for Fulham so why he was allowed to go on loan is anybody’s guess. I imagine he wasn’t Sherwood’s cup of tea. But now he is back so we shall see what the new manager will make of him and others and whether he can run his magic fingers over them all.

So I am looking on the positive side (even though I have my own reservations). With a new manager coming into the fold I am sure all the players will be out to impress their new boss.


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  1. I agree. And in fact we had to integrate 10 new players with Rose and Townsend back from loans and Kabul from injury. We need a new left back and maybe a centre back and keeper depending on who

    leaves but I dont want a repeat of last years upheaval. Lets see what a new coach can get from a talented but under-performing squad.

  2. Don’t really rate Rose. He lacks height and also seem to have lapses of concentration. Kinda like Ekotto. Bring in replacement for Dawson and Rose, and backup for Walker and maybe a striker and we should be all good.

    Let Pochettino work his magic, and yeah he may transform our squad of individual talents to a proper team.

    • Agree about Rose, Dawson etc, Walker is Toilet, I think it depends if you want a right back / wing back who can defend or not, how many of our team would get into a top 4 side ? in truth only 1 and that is Lloris, Eriksen would get in a top 4 squad, and sulky Jan would too, I think we need more than the few players you mentioned don't we ..

  3. In all honesty does it matter ? I admit I am being petulant but I am 42 years old, I have followed Spurs all over Europe and I have had enough, it doesn't matter what this Football Club does it will always fail in it's task and the lads brought in last season could turn into world beaters (they won't) but they still won't be better than Aguero, Dzeko, Suarez, Sterling, Sturridge, Van Persie, Ramires, Oscar, etc etc and we won't spend the money United will this summer, we won't ever compete with Chelsea, or City, so basically Levy and his tight wad ship can sail on into the sunset without me on it for once, I know now we will finish somewhere between 5th and 9th and we won't win a trophy, so what is the point ? the first 20 years of my life I saw relative success, the last 22 have been shit sandwich time with the occasional sprinkle of sugar, I am assuming all you who still think our beloved club will transform itself into a super power in 8 weeks are all under the age of 25 because we all have faith then, until that day any chance we can have someone write on this site about how it all went wrong rather than talking about our second rate players every day ? for those who don't believe it has gone wrong, ask yourself where Eriksen would have got in with Bale, VDV, Modric in the side.. Thanks Levy !!! and now Caulker is Liverpool bound, what a club we are… up the Spurs ! you lot may be happy starting the seaon knowing where we will finish but it sorts of defeats the object of turning up each week for me, we can't even say we do it for the quality Football, them days are long gone, so we do it to sing and have banter,. pretty bloody expensive hobby that one, .. Daniel will be perched in his usual seat come August telling us all how he tried to sign Messi but he slipped through the net and the whole time he will be looking at you lot in the crowd giggling to himself as his coffers grow bigger, you are all addicts and he has the heroin, I for one hurt like hell, I ache with pain and I am tearful the days of going to Spurs are over, I wear my Spurs tattoo with pride I love the club, but will no longer stand there on the street corner waiting for Levy to turn up in his Range Rover to give me my Wrap of Heroin.. I am no longer a Fool,

  4. Can I correct you on one thing, 100 million was not spent !!!!!!, we sold a Range Rover worth 75k and bought a load of Corsas, nowhere did we spend 100 million, we spread our assets, Man City, Chelsea, Man United, and Liverpool will spend, Spurs won't they will do their normal and give the manager some money from what players they sell, ENIC do not spend money they invest it in buildings and training grounds they can recoup when they sell out, they do not spend money, our 4.2 billion pound owner has a net spend of 700k a season SPEND on the team, this is why no F*cker wants to join us, we are light years behind SPENDING to get to the promised land, all the teams who currently occupy those spaces spend money, WE DON'T !!!! , Suarez was paid mega money to stay by Liverpool, we sold Bale !!!! please do not tell us all we spent 100 million, If i sell my Guitars for 5k and spend that on the Garden I have not SPENT money,I have moved it around… there is a huge difference… United will spend money this summer after a shambles, we most certainly will not !!! we will sell , dibble dabble and scrimp and scrape our way to the prem lge 2nd tier dross… Enic have taken us as far as THEY ARE PREPARED TO, on 2nd tier salaries !!!! think about that !!!!! as Levy cons the fans every season claiming to have spent money, he spends F*ck All !



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