Should Spurs fans be concerned about the club’s lack of ambition?

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Before the closing of the transfer window I wrote about how I felt it was ‘now or never’ for Spurs in relation to finally becoming one of the truly big teams in Europe and regularly challenging for the title in England.  I felt we were so close.  We had a manager who played exciting, high-pressing front-foot football, the best out-and-out number nine in the world (who actually wears a 10), a genius number 10 (who actually wears a 23), the best left-footed centre-back in the league, a class right-back, class left-back, class keeper, and a potential world-class goal-scoring midfielder in Dele Ali.  The only thing I felt we were missing was a deep-lying playmaker to dictate possession like Luka Modric (I suggested Ruben Neves), and a wide player with flair and pace who can make things happen when we are struggling for inspiration (I suggested Wilfred Zaha).

At the time of writing there was still a week or so left of the transfer window, and I (naively, foolishly) truly believed that Levy had learned from his previous mistake of not improving the team from a position of strength (the Harry Redknapp/Gareth Bale/Luka Modric team of a few seasons back), and this time we would make the necessary moves to sign the two big players that we needed (or at least one of them).  

And then it got to deadline day, and the only player we were signing was Jack Grealish.  And then we didn’t even do that.

Now I would just like to clarify at this point that I am not one of the Daniel Levy ‘haters’, as for the past few seasons I believe he has done a decent, (I’ll ignore the new stadium problems here as I’ve got no idea what’s going on) steadily progressive job to get the squad to the quality it is now, with seemingly less money at his disposal than all the other top clubs.  But it just seems like deja-vu.  

Just competing near the top and hopefully qualifying for the champions league every season appears to be the height of the club’s ambitions, instead of genuinely attempting to actually win something.  Actions will always speak louder than words, and when that transfer window shut without a big-game player coming in, the writing was on the wall as far as our ambitions go.  

After the United game I started to believe that all my fears were unfounded.  That we would be fine.  That Eric Dier was coming into the prime age of his career and would develop into the English Roy Keane.  That Harry Winks would announce himself as the English Modric.  That Erik Lamela might finally become the left-footed match-winner to replace Gareth Bale he was always intended to be… But the Watford game worried me.  And the Inter game really worried me.

If I was pressed I would guess that we will finish fourth this season, which will ultimately be seen as successful if we qualify for the champions league.  But I can’t help but wonder if yet again we have missed a moment in time, where with a more ambitious, aggressive approach to transfers, we could have achieved something tangible this season.  I also worry that in the long run, this lack of genuine ambition might again leave us vulnerable to losing star players, who may feel that in order to win something they need to join one of European football’s ‘true’ elite.’

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  1. As Spurs is a club mainly focusing on making profit for their owners, I think it is better and cheaper for the club owners, Spurs not to be concerned by the luck of ambition to win titles and trophies.
    Let the owners of other clubs spend money to help their clubs win glory on the field.
    The owners of the club have proved that they are intelligent businessmen who can take advantage of the big number of “naive” and unambitious supporters of THFC and increase their fortunes.
    That is their main target and only ambition with their involvement with the club.

  2. As you say nearly. It’s the same every season ‘maybe next year’ I really thought, just a few tweaks, and we’d be there – maybe next year! Stadium has turned into a complete débâcle too. Supporting Tottenham is never easy.

  3. You are probably right when you say the owners have no great ambitions and as long as they produce some yearly profit they are happy . However the fans have ambitions and I agree the players and the manager must be very disappointed at the clubs lack of ambition. I’m not sure whether the tiredness of a majority of players the stadium debacle the lack of signings or Potchs tactics are causing this present dip but Potch is really in a very tight spot because of a very small squad he has to work with . I think he is trying to rotate as much as he can due to his small playing staff which is dictating his tactics . In my opinion the blame really lies with our billionaire owner not making funds available to strengthen the team as did all the other teams around us . The effect of this is that the manager players and fans are disappointed and frustrated at our lack of progress . Whilst I have supported spurs for over 60 years and want them to do well I cannot see anything but another mediocre season . Keeping in the top 4 will take a tremendous amount of effort but are we capable of that . Not on the evidence so far

  4. You just knew it would all go ‘Pete Tong’, it’s in our make up. Everything was looking rosy then bang! The stadium debacle and awful performances on the pitch. It’s as if there’s a magic door that says ‘Big clubs enter to win’ We never seem to have a key.

  5. Idiotic article.Idiotic comments.How the fukc is building a training ground like ours and a billion pound Stadium seen as in ambitious.You plonkers think we should take the easy and very unimaginative option of buying worldwide off other clubs!!
    Nah..forget the aspirations of keeping quality long term management
    in place.Training from the kids up.
    And who do we sign that good who is prepared to play 2nd fiddle to a 1st class 1st 11?
    Remember what happened with Soldado?
    That approach is far from guaranteed…
    U lot make me sick.U have no clue about my club.


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