Should Spurs fans be worried about the ‘nearly’ attitude?

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I’m sad. Mauricio Pochettino is a ‘nearly’ manager & Spurs have become
a ‘nearly’ team, with, ‘nearly’ ambitions. That is, we are, and continue to be, (that dreaded adjective) ‘Spursy’.

Pochettino has bought into this attitude. He now worries me; quite badly.

This game doesn’t matter, in the ‘grand scheme of things’. Sorry, every game
matters, ‘in the grand scheme of things’. Pochettino’s psychology is suspect.

He has, no doubt, taken Tottenham to a new level, but the level has already
levelled off. God forbid, that Chelski will overtake us, for fourth place. He could well be manager for many years to come, but, has Mauricio himself, become

The team won’t have the ‘killer’ instinct, if the head-boy’s psychology doesn’t ‘match-up’. Also, we lack ‘class’ players. We have some great, average, or slightly above average players. Against MANU, we were up against players who are a class above. We were up against a rival manager, who is a class above our own. Sadly, this is the case, at this time.

There is such a thing as, ‘a winning-mentality’. The teams that win things, know how to win. They expect to win. Fans expect them to win. Poch gives the impression, that he expects, ‘a winning-mentality’, but, he goes on to undermine this, by ‘down-playing’ the expectations of his players. We did great, but, we lost: ‘Spursy’. It DOES matter, to win the FA Cup/other. It adds to the mentality, necessary to win.

The psychology is WRONG! The press, pundits, etc, poke fun, because we have pretty much become a joke: nearly men. The FA, the professional body that runs football in this country, poked fun at Harry Kane. The jumped on the proverbial band-wagon. They effectively sold-out and joined in the ‘Spursy’ comments that other clubs and their players, have made recently, particularly against Harry Kane. That’s how you boost the confidence of one of the main men who will play for the national team, when the season finishes. It has become fashionable, to ‘troll’ Harry Kane. It has become a national sport. It undermines his confidence. Ergo: it has an effect on the team.

Tottenham may finish the season as the highest-placed London team, but, don’t be kidded, we are, in part, in this lofty position, due to the fact, that both Chelski & Arsenal, have fallen on hard times. The ‘Conte’ effect, has worn off & he may be off, to pastures new, very

Wenger, too, has stagnated, & has called time, before time called him. He grossly overstayed his welcome & his team has become a shadow of their former selves. He has lived off his high reputation, for two decades. Arsene has become ‘Spursy’. 2003-2004 season, was never matched again: amazing as it was.

It seemed that beating Tottenham every season, was success enough. The mustard wasn’t cut.

Yes, they’ve won 3 FA cups. For Arsenal, it’s not enough. For Tottenham, it would have been more than enough. it would have been amazing! We do not expect, so we aren’t disappointed. We play great football, but, we win FA.

Periods of change, will, no doubt, take place in Highbury & at Stamford Bridge. Tottenham has overtaken Arsenal, this last two seasons. I’m not kidded. We are fourth, but, actually we are still sixth, really.

However, a period of change needs to happen in Tottenham. There is a lot of dead-wood. Pruning should take place at the end of the growing-season. However, we won’t get class players, because we won’t pay class wages. Yes, we have a great coach. Yes, we have a great training ground. Yes, we have a brand new
stadium. NO, we don’t have class players. We accept mediocrity.

Janssen – didn’t cut the mustard.
NKoudo – ditto
N’jie – ditto
Sissoko – ditto
Llorente – ditto
Aurier – ditto

Walker wanted out & went
Rose wants out…………….
Alderweireld wants out……….
Dier wanted out……………….

Remember Paulinho – OMG!
Remember Roberto the soldier?
He could score goals all over the
planet, but, not for us?? WHY?

Moura looks like a player, but doesn’t play

Pochettino may………………………………?

All this said, apparently, Eriksen, Vertonghen, Lloris & one or two others, want to stay. WHY?

Because they want to play for the manager.

Is that enough? COYS! I’m still in love with you.

Article by egaitch

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  1. I can see a lot of parallels with us and the England team tbh: Can beat most teams on most days but choke in knockout competitions and don’t handle expectation well.

  2. Leaving aside the fact that this is really badly written you make some decent points. However, how you can say that we lack class players is beyond me. Harry, the league’s top scorer last season and prior to that? Eriksen? Dele? Not class?? Wanyama Alderweireld Vertonghen not class?? Just because they didn’t cost much doesn’t mean they’re not class. And just because the likes of Pogba cost an absolute fortune doesn’t mean he’s any better. He can be brilliant but he’s also lazy as hell!

  3. Four years at Spurs and about ten years altogether in management have shown pretty clearly that Pochettino is an organiser, and a generally effective coach, but he isn’t a winner. What makes a winner? Well, winning things, obviously, and the SAFs, Wengers, Mourinhos, Guardiolas and a very few others have made a career of it, while the likes of Pochettino huff and puff, but ultimately flatter to deceive. If things don’t fall apart in the next year or two, perhaps he’ll succeed in laying the foundations for the ‘other manager’ that he referred-to in his press conference to finish the job – a reference to John the Baptist here would probably be lost on most football fans, especially since the only Jesus they know anything about plays for City!

  4. Blaming the team for a lack of mental strength has worn thin at this stage . Belief eminates from the top down – our manager undermines the team every time he dismisses the importance of trophies. If the manager shows contempt for the Europa , FA and league cups – it taints players and provides excuses. It also exposes a lack of mental strength from the management. Love or hate Jose Mourihno , he is never weak mentally – like Ferguson he knows the importance of achievement as a catalist to lever teams to the next level. Poch needs to change his attitude – he is the one that sets the agenda that the team follows. Mourihno set his laser on an FA cup final , our manager made his excuses before hand , blinked and left his players to pick up the tab.

  5. I must say that I was very disappointed at Poch’s downplaying of the importance of that match, that really undermines the player’s incentives to put everything on the line; what happened to ‘every match is a cup final’ attitude? From what I’ve seen over the years is that what seperates great teams from good teams is that they hate to lose. Their belief in themselves and their reputation are on the line in every match. The odd cup upset happens but for Spurs to draw and struggle against the Newport’s and Rochdale’s showed that they have no pride or belief in themselves, no matter that they declare it to the contrary. Unfortunately, the salaries that modern players receive means that even though it “hurts”, the hurt doesn’t last until they get to their parking lot and jump into their super expensive cars. The exception is Ronaldo, and you know how rare he is!

  6. This article is ridiculous! Yes we have fallen short again, in terms of silverware but think people forget where we have come from, we have been absolutely brilliant at times this season and have WORLD class players! The article sais utd players are a higher class of players to ours and the manger is… rubbish! We schooled them in the league at Wembley! This semi final has just coincided with a late blip in the season, we have looked off since the Chelsea game! top 4 again this season, which they will nail, all this whilst playing away from all season! Give them a break, I certainly wouldn’t want to go back to pre Pochetinno days!

  7. This article generally sums up Spurs position. A club with all its resources should be expected to produce far more success than just qualifying for the CL. Tottenham need a manager with navy blue blood in his veins, who understands the passions of this club, and a chairman who is prepared to pay realistic wages.

  8. haha. Maybe after a few years of being in new stadium. We are spurs not utd or Madrid, how can people talk like achieving champions league every season isn’t a massive step forward, people have short memories, we have hardly spent any money, we are massively over achieving. well done Levy and Poch. God knows what we would achieve if we had the finances some clubs have


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