Sod the critics

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

They – the critics – said we couldn’t do it. Barcelona had gone 29 games without defeat in the Champions League. After all, they had beaten us 4-2 at Wembley. But what do they know? Somebody somewhere was going to beat them and why couldn’t that somebody be us? We had improved since our Barcelona game at Wembley, and in that game there were spells where we were on top. So, of course, we could do it (that is beat them on their own ground). On top of that we were better than Inter Milan away (it was our substitutions that did it for us), and as for PSV Eindhoven, well, we were the better side as well. As for the league, we’ve been improving match by match (a slight slip up at Arsenal, but now back on track and in third position).
And I did say we would draw and draw we did.

I went out with the Spurs squad, and I can say everybody was fully confident. Because of other duties, I had to miss out on the Under 19’s match (Barcelona U19’s V Spurs U19’s); a game in which we won by 2-0. A brilliant endeavour on our part by all accounts.

I’ve been many times with Spurs to the Nou Camp stadium over the years and it is always a pleasure to return. In fact, you can say that about most European stadiums.

I was lucky as I was near the dugout. The match kicked off, and I thought we were jittery. I wasn’t surprised that they scored after 7 minutes, a goal by Dembélé. But after that set back we got back in it, in fact, we were mostly on top as we fired everything at them. We had 51% of the possession.

It is no good critics criticising and saying that they expect such-and-such to win as football doesn’t work like that. Look at some of the pundits, most of the time they talk out of their Arse-nals. Their opinions are as good as any other roadside supporter. Luck plays a critical part in everything, and we certainly have had our share of luck this season.

Anyway, they went ahead, and we continued wave after wave bombarding their goalmouth. The break came, and Pochettino gave his tactical talk and out they came with the same vigour as they did in the first half. But they/ we had to wait until the 85th minute for substitute Moura to score his goal and equalise. But that goal didn’t slow us down and with now Messi on the pitch (which didn’t change anything) we were still pressurising them. Finally, the whistle went and the Barcelona fans started to go, but we could hear the roar go up from the Tottenham away end and smatterings around the ground from Tottenham supporters in the Barcelona seats. Another few minutes wait – for the Inter Milan game – and when that was confirmed that they had blown it (they could only get a draw against PSV Eindhoven) another even greater roar from the Spurs supporters went up again. I swear I could feel the old stadium shake… or maybe it was just my imagination. Who cares, we stamped our intent on Barcelona’s walls, and now we were in the last 16.

Our fans were locked in for over half an hour, so Pochettino came out to give the waiting supporters a cheer. In return and to show their appreciation they sung his name, applauded and shouted until they were horse. Don’t you just love our supporters?

We came and might not have actually conquered, but we got what we set out to achieve, qualifying for the knockout stages and no Europa football for us. We’ll leave that to the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea (they deserve it more than we do).

After the game and showers, we all celebrated with the Under 19s and had a great time. Back slapping was endemic all around.

After the game, a few of us had a walk around our hotel and talked to many of our fans who were in tears, but tears with happiness. Not quite knowing who we were, and to be fair we didn’t know who they were, other than we shared a cock together (yes, the mighty cockerel hangs over all our heads… men and women alike… no discrimination at our club), we all chatted about the great day and result it was and what it meant for everybody. Then back to our hotel.

We have qualified for the last 16 of the Champions League for the third time in four participations in the competition, failing only to do so in 2016-17.

Kane has had a hand in 16 goals in 16 Champions League appearances (13 goals, three assists), no wonder other clubs want him desperately. Well, they can’t have him. He will be part of our squad/ team that will bring us much-needed silverware. We are building, not dismantling.

Whatever we do in this transfer window I am confident, after a shaky start (and yes, I have been critical myself) that we can go on with confidence.

I hope Arsenal are watching. After joking about our exit, along with Theresa May’s, Piers Morgan and Arsenal now have egg on their faces… along with Cockerel shit. I must say that they are well suited together… Both have Arses in them… so much so that he ends up always talking out of his.

But we are Spurs, we are magic, and we keep rolling along. Next up is a trip back to Wembley, with Burnley being our opponents. Never underestimate, but standing strong to show the world that it is North London that is blue and we are here to light up the world. COYS!

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