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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

If you take our first three games, and so far, only games, we came, we saw, and we conquered. Unfortunately, they (Watford) also came, saw and conquered their opponents. Which achieved identical points. The only thing separating us is goal difference. Not too painful, especially at this stage of the league season. If we were having this discussion nearer the end of the season.  I suspect a few “WTF’s” would be thrown in.

We beat Newcastle United (away) 1-2, Fulham (home) 3-1 and United (away) 0-3. Only two games where we conceded. Two games were we scored 3. The first home game we were sleepwalking and showed it. In simple English, we were knackered. In fact, I was just as knackered watching them being knackered. That either tells you something about my build up to the match or it tells you nothing at all other than being knackered. But it was the beginning of the season. By the time we reached the other two matches, knackeredness was a dwindling dot in my mind’s eye.

The Fulham game at Wembley was a strong performance, but we missed a lot of chances, that is until Moura scored in the first half. We had to wait until the second half for Fulham to equalise, then we were really mad, which prompted us to score two more. There is nothing like a fright to get your mojo working. And there is nothing like working your mojo… unless you are in the wrong place, probably in a dark alley and then “who knows” (as Tom Baker said when reprising his role as the Doctor. Tapping his nose at the same time when confronted with his future Doctor self… Of course, just plummeting that in the middle of a sentence about Tottenham can be a bit confusing, more so when you haven’t watched the programme and thinking WTF has this got to do with this article, but then again, even if you are in the know about Dr. Who and Spurs, you probably will be thinking WTF! Anyway…). So, swiftly moving on.

The first two Spurs games were considered must-win games, or be in the mushroom patch. But the third match was a whole different kettle of fish. We faced the mighty José Mourinho army, the team that will challenge for everything and probably win nothing. And we were going to the home of the Red Devils (to some, especially this season, the Grim Reaper manager’s territory).

The Bolsheviks didn’t even give us a fight (OK, maybe in the first half), but once the second half came and we scored our first goal, it was all over bar the shouting. What was that all about? Did they hate Mourinho that much? Or were they just crap, confused or in the Twilight zone where losing is an honour (if that is the case, then it must be the same league that has Arsenal and West Ham as joint-twins)? But let us not dwell on a good result (ok, lets!). We beat a tired and outdated Mourinho with an outdated and tired team who don’t really know what they were doing, in fact, they didn’t know what they were doing when they faced Brighton (who also beat them convincingly, as they did the previous season). Yes, 3-2, a resounding victory (is that enough dwelling?). No, well you could say that their first game, against Leicester City, was a close run-thing, even though United won… and don’t forget Mourinho got the sack for winning the league title the previous, previous season (what was that all about? I ask for a second time). Let us leave it there, the man is digging his own grave, he doesn’t want us to dig faster and more extensively and then fill the ditch with water before he submerges himself.

So there you have it, we’ve gradually and methodically been building / moulding a psychological and physical team into one working article. And going by the first three matches, that is precisely what it is. No hindrance from trying to fit in new recruits, just the squad working as one.

So, the second comments in my thoughts of the Watford game (that being Watford, as it says on the tin).

Watford finished 36 pts below us (14th). We finished 3rd. At one time it was thought that they might get relegated but missed that opportunity by 8 pts. This season they started with a bang. Well, if you could call beating fellow last season strugglers a bang. Their first match saw them beat Brighton 2-0, That is the Brighton that finished below Watford last season. That is a 3 pts difference and under them in 15thplace. Their second victory was a 3-1 win over Burnley, who finished impressively in 7thplace and getting themselves a Europa league placing for their hard work. Their last league win was against Crystal Palace (2-1). Palace finished in 11thplace but did struggle and at one point were considered fellow relegation fodder. So, even though one might think their start to the new season is impressive, it is nothing like beating one of the big guns. Of course that all could change when they face us (let us not tempt fate).

Last season we drew against them (at Vicarage Road), at the same time Sanchez was sent off for a foul. Again we face them at Vicarage Road.

I must confess, I consider those that are below the predicted top 6 the more dangerous as they can be full of surprises. Just look at WBA last season, who went down but took the scalps of Spurs and United, to name but two on their travels downwards. Nevertheless, this time around I we are more confident, more so after taking the scalp of Manchester United, without any comebacks. And to boot on their sacred turf, also known as the grave of past Glories.

My score: 4-0. That is my humble prediction.  But then again you know what the legendary Poo Bear said about being Humble. “Being genuinely humble and being myself has helped me succeed in my career.” Yeah, he was a faking animation. God help us all when one is quoting Yogi Bear’s companion.


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