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Dom Le Roy

Would you believe me if I told you that Eddie Howe’s Bournemouth have a higher spend that Tottenham over the past five years? No? Well it’s true. The Cherries have a net spend of £156m compared to our paltry £60.27m (Transfermarkt).

More bizarrely, Burnley … yes, Burnley have a net spend of £60.12m also over the past five years including this current season.

Here’s where it really gets interesting – of all the teams mentioned so far, only one of these sides were in the top 10 of the Football Money League (Deloitte) with a recorded revenue of €428.3m, guess who? So why do we continuously spend so little in comparison to the struggling sides in the Premier League let alone their top 6 rivals?

One key fact springs to when we talk about Spurs and money – STADIUM. This word has been an almost ever-present over the past few years and has been prioritised significantly higher than the actual personnel that turn out on the pitch, week in week out. Over the years, we have watched on as player spend has shrunk whilst costs to build our state of the art stadium soared month after month to a grand total of £850m (Talksport). Add the unwanted record of being the only club in Premier League history not to spend during a summer transfer window back in 2018 and it makes you question whether this stadium was worth the hassle after all.

Mauricio Pochettino himself has cut a frustrating figure recently and angrily suggested: “the club need to change his title and description” further adding that his “job now is to coach the team” in response to a question about his influence in our transfers.

Worrying words from a man who took our club to a Champions League final without spending a penny last season and yet, you can’t help but sympathise with him. He can’t surely be expected to continue working miracles with his hands tied behind his back. He’s earned the right for heavy investment into this team yet with nine days to go, Spurs have a net spend of only £36m and two players acquired (one of which being a 19-year-old that has been loaned out for the duration of the season ahead).

This simply will not do. Ndombele was a power move and statement. We must continue with this aggression in the window. We were told the stadium wouldn’t affect transfers and the finances back up this claim. Matchday revenue has been estimated at £100m per season which is half of what we’d actually pay back each year.

We earned over £88m thanks to the club’s Champions League campaign alone last year Talksport). Add that to the Premier League money, sponsorships and 18 months without spending and we have the perfect opportunity to break the mould. It’s a crucial 9 days left for Daniel Levy to walk the walk to “continue wherever he came to improve the team” after a new 8-year £320m shirt deal with AIA was struck.

An £80 – £100m net spend this summer should be the bare minimum with no major outgoings and it may just appease our beloved manager … for now. Over to you Levy.

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  1. I am waiting for the torrent of abuse that you will receive from the Levy Luvvies.The new stadium,training facilities cheese room mean nothing if you have do not have the quality of squad to challenge for top honours,not just competing for the scraps.Lewis has now achieved the real estate portfolio he wanted so please sell up THFC to those who have footballing ambitions

  2. Its all sorry for MoPo but the reality is he knew when he put pen to paper what he’s job was, and he agreed when he signed he’s contract . If he dith he’s job right we would have won the cl. I think its all bullshit to just come out now with the claim that Levi should change he’s title, again he new from the start what he’s job is. COYS

  3. We all share his frustrations and the club simply must step up right now or derail progress and set the club back years. I think expecting 100m investment on the field right now is not at all unreaosnable and if Levy is not willing to sanction this to be honest, he, his stadium, and everything he stands for can go to hell

  4. sell up to those that have ambitions….

    You do realize, you as a supporter don`t get to choose who the new owners are? why do you think anyone who buys the club would automatically start spending money on players….it really doesn`t work like that, you may end up with someone even worse. ManU are spending loads, their fans don`t like the owners, who`s to say we will not end up with another Mike Ashley?

    Poch was ranting yesterday at the press constantly asking him about transfers. He recently signed a long term contract, he is one of 3 people recommending players we want to sign. Levy does the negotiating, same as it has been for the last few seasons, our manager would not have signed a long term contract if was not happy with that.

    Here is what has happened so far: we have made a record signing, we have sold our worst performing player from last season, eriksen, toby & rose look like they will be with us next season……oh, and within the last 6 months we`ve moved into the best stadium in the world & reached the champions league final

    if you are one of the people posting this morning that everything within our club has turned to S*!^ please have a word with yourself and reflect on the facts. Arsenal & Man U are not closing the gap on us because the season hasn`t even started yet. For the last 3 seasons they have spent more money than us and we have finished above them, why do you think it`s different this season?

    have some faith, don`t read and believe the constant transfer drivel in the media (a lot of which is anti-spurs) sit back and enjoy the new season

  5. Spurs find them themselves in a challenging situation. The reality is improve the first 11 or even the squad we now have to buy top players – and those come with big fees and big salaries. There is no point in buying some new player when they are no better then what we have (and we have some decent young players coming through too). At the same time we seem to struggle to get rid of players so you end up with a bloated squad. Levy does look like he needs an Arneson type character who can quickly move things. Whether Levy tries to get too much for the likes of Nkoudu and Wanyama, I don’t know.. Almost everything we do seems to have dependencies – eg only get Sessegnon if Rose leaves etc


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