Spurs appoint new Chief Scout – What’s the point?

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Poch has led us into the CL only to prematurely lead us out of it (In order to, bizarrely, focus on getting us back in it) so what is the point?
Why is Top 4 good enough? Do we want to suffer 12 years of mediocrity until we are forced to turn to Spurs Fan TV and “It’s time to Go” Poch Banners to get our voices heard?
Last year was a great opportunity to win the League, until missing key players and having to replace them with dross (Davies, N’Jie, Mason, Carroll) because we hadn’t bought well enough fatally cost us vital points.
This year we have already lost valuable points because we suffer when our first eleven is broken up, being forced to replace key components of our full strength team with more dross (Davies, N’koudou, Sissoko, Janssen)
Oh well, we’re only Spurs. We were never aiming to win the League anyway….
“It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.”
Why, year after year, are we turning to bargain basement, unproven potential or last minute panic buys in order to ‘improve’ the squad?
What does the scouting department do exactly in order for us to go through the same ridiculous song and dance on every deadline day and end up with no-one or players that no-one else wanted?
Levy should appoint us, The Fans, as the clubs new Chief Scout.
James in East Lower can finally convince Levy to sell Eriksen. Mod Steve in South Upper will at last be rid of having to watch Kyle Walker. Ricky and Dave in East Upper will get their wish of cashing in on Alli for £100mill. Of course, Sissoko will be sold to the highest bidder. Davies – gone. Janssen, N’koudou, N’jie, all flogged by a majority fan vote. Onomoah, according to Drinking Steve in South Lower, has never showed him glimpses of anything, so he’s out the door too….
However, Oli and Lawrence from North Upper actually like Eriksen, and appreciate that he’s allowed to be anonymous whenever he wants to be, as long as he turns up once every 5 or 6 games, so we will then be buying Eriksen back. Andy and Jim in the Park Lane end love Alli, so they will be bidding £120mil to sign him back once we have sold him too.
Zaha? In.
Barkley? In.
Martial? In.
Rashford? In.
Shaw? In.
Dembele? In.
Isco? In.
Sessengnon? In.
Bruno Peres? In.
Bruma? In.
Kessie? In.
Mbappe? In.
Mahrez ? In.
If only Levy listened to us, the fans, then we would have a squad truly capable of challenging for the The Premier League Title.
Which is the only thing we should be aiming for anyway.

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  1. what a pathetic article. you have literally just named every player the lazy journo’s linked us with over the summer/winter windows. out of that list of players you say “in” to, zaha not bad, couldnt make it at united so went back to the level where he shines. barkley, martial, dembele, isco, are not going to come in and play 2nd fiddle to our starting 11. Sessengnon, as you stated unproven potential (but looks the part), Bruma, kessie, probably not going to set the premier league on fire within first season. so again, unproven potential.. we need players to improve our squad instantly. not in a year or 2 years time.
    tell me 3 players, who ARE available to buy, and would come to a team where the manager has 100% faith in his starting 11, and happily play as and when an opportunity arises. someone like Isco is good enough to play week in week out, so agree, he could replace eriksen. but the rest?? as i say, martial, barkley, mahrez and co will not want to leave 1 bench for another.

  2. It is pathetic and predictable. It shows once again that it doesn’t take much of a reverse in fortunes — including away matches against Manchester City and Liverpool and Wycombe Wanderers who treated their trip to White Hart Lane as their FA Cup Final — for the highly-strung to fire off frustratedly in every direction. As well as great play, team spirit, more character and fight shown, one of the positives of the Pochettino leadership has been the disappearance of the headless-chicken-article. But it goes to show, it doesn’t take much to see it again, combined as ever with proposals for (temporarily) comforting presumed-solutions.

  3. Really don’t understand what this article is trying to achieve apart from show how fickle and shortsighted you are. 12 years of mediocrity? I’d take finishing in the top 4 and winning a few cups, and challenging for titles for 12 years over the crap I’ve watched over the last 20 years.
    You, my friend, are either very young or very stupid.

  4. This has got to be the most pathetic article I have ever read. We win 6 league games in a row and no-one says a word. We have a few games where we pay under par and everyone is talking like it’s the end of the world and all of a sudden everyone in a Spurs shirt is shit. Let’s remember we have a better points total than this point last season (apparently when we were awesome apart from the last handful of games). In my opinion we are getting better every season and we will win this Premier League before not too long, that is unless you want us to win the FA Cup and finish Mid Table like we used to.
    I do want us to win trophies, of course I do. Unfortunately, today’s game is all about the money and playing in the Champions League (even if just the group stages) gets you more money than winning a domestic cup. It’s sad, but true.


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