Spurs Fans Should Be Excited, Especially After Our First Week

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We lost. Plain and simple, we should’ve at least gotten one point, and Man U didn’t even have any real chances. I believe that we played well enough to get a result. Usually, us fans are rather pessimistic, but for one week let’s all try to be optimistic. Let’s look at some things that we can be excited for throughout this upcoming season, that we learned from this first week.

Firstly, we played well. Sure, the game didn’t go well, but that doesn’t mean it was a failure. Those first twenty minutes we dominated, then we scored an own goal, and understandably lost control of the match. At the end, we dominated again, with a few great chances. We were only stopped by a surprisingly good Sergio Romero. We showed a few really bright spots, and we were playing Man U who are actually a pretty good club. We looked good for parts of the match, and should remember that we have an entire season ahead of us to get better.

Our squad has some of the greatest young players in the Premier League. We are a generally young squad, with young stars like Kane and Eriksen, and up and coming starlets like Bentaleb and Dele Alli. The truth is we have to be patient. I truly believe if we can keep our youthful squad together, and add a few pieces, we could qualify to enter the Promised Land, or Champion’s League.

Finally, the true reason to be excited after this week, Scum F.C. lost to West Spam. That’s right, that is why we should be overjoyed. The squad which every pundit was picking to compete for the title lost 2-0 at home. And only to make it better, the lost was Cech’s fault. The man Arsenal has been painting as a saviour, cost them 3 points. Actually, I’m pretty sure some fans started worshipping Cech, because they assumed he clinched them a title. Now, after one match they sit in 19th.

No matter how bad we play I will always be able to laugh at Arsenals misfortune. COYS!

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  1. The title caught my eye while scanning Newsnow. I am not sure I am excited after last week, but I certainly feel a lot less trepidation than a week ago.

    Of the "Big 6", Mancs and ourselves were the only team that showed any significant improvement on last season. If you have been following Wet Sham in the EL, you would see just how dire the Arse result is.

    Changing the subject, does anybody know what Lennon has done to so upset MoPo. I can understand that he may not fit into his plans, but I have read that he has been told to train with the "kids" and has not been given a shirt number this season. This is usually the sort of treatment handed out to players caught sleeping with the managers wife or similar, and yet I have not heard of any misbehaviour by AL. I have to say, that if it's merely a case of MoPo want's him out because he does not fit into his plans, it's a disgraceful way to treat our longest serving player if he has not misbehaved.

  2. 3 reasons why we wont be in the champions league any time soon – imagination,flair,creativity.Remember Modric,Bale and Vandavart , that's the sort of guile and creativity that gets you higher than 5th. Now we've got rid of the excesses of the Bale shopping spree and a few quid in the back in the bank we need to get a game changer from somewhere , I don't know who or from where but we cannot rely on some very good kids to unlock the champions league door – you'll never win anything with kids! Unless your name is scholes,giggs or beckham and our current crop are,I'm afraid, enthusiastic as they maybe , not in that class.


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