Why Spurs Fans Should Be Proud

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

As Spurs fans, we are constantly told to be disappointed in our club. Whether it be another year without Champion’s League, or another disappointing transfer (Paulinho/Capoue/Soldado/Stromboli Just to name a few), us fans are always reminded of our club’s mistakes. We are never told what to be proud of. So, I am here to tell you why you should be proud of our club.

To prove my point, we are going to have to look at the top 6 clubs in the EPL, and how they got to where they are. First, the reigning champions and park-the-bus experts, Chelsea. I could tell you how they got there in one word, or name. Roman. Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea, if you are uneducated, gave them the finances to purchase themselves a nice ole’ EPL Title. Next on the list, the scum of the earth, Arsenal F.C. Very similarly to Chelsea, Arsenal bought themselves enough players to qualify for the CL, but not win the league. Arsenal is just a lesser, failed attempt at buying a title.

The next three clubs would be Man City, Man U, and Liverpool. All who have tried to buy themselves a title recently, with only City succeeding. Oh, and 49 million for St£rling is ridiculous. But that’s none of my business.

That leaves only us, Spurs. Though we tried to buy ourselves a title with that Bale monaaaaaay, we failed. The only thing we’ve done different is actually develop footballers. Remember the good days, when clubs developed players in academies and bought young players. Now all the big clubs just buy developed stars from smaller clubs. We are one of the only big clubs left that develops  players, and we still compete with the clubs that buy titles.

That is why we must be proud of our club, because we fight and win the old- fashioned way. I truly believe we will soon qualify for CL, and we can be even more proud. COYS!


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  1. Great article. You’re so right, we take a lot of crap from the other big clubs but Chelsea and Man City especially were transformed by their billion dollar owners who bought them the title and made them what they are today. Yes we tried to buy needed replacements and it didn’t work after Bale went, you can justify that choice to do so, it just hasn’t worked as you said, at least we have Eriksen and Chadli from it. We are setting up our season very well this year, and I am very proud of our team to develop the younger players and actually give them first team football chances. It’s great to be old school as well as knowing when to buy a skilled higher profile player when needed. We will be a much better team and club through what we have gone through, what we have learnt, and how we are now setup to use our best academy youth players, who desperately want to play first team football. That passion to play, hunger and team spirit is starting to come through more and more. A few more quality signings with solid experience and we will have a very balanced squad, and one to be very proud of challenging for the top 4 continually and beyond.


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